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The clip Katie's friends recount from Mystic River (2003) Eve, just tell them what they want to know. -Who was she dating? -We already told the Savages. -The Savage brothers? -They were here yesterday. Good, now try us out. Who was she dating? No one special. You guys were having a goodbye dinner, right? -What? -She was leaving town, wasn't she? -Going to Las Vegas? -How do you know? She closed her bank account, she had hotel phone numbers. She wanted out of this dump. She wanted to start a new life. Well, a 19-year-old girl doesn't go to Las Vegas alone. So who was she going with? Come on, girls. Who was she going with? Brendan. Excuse me? -Brendan. -Brendan Harris? Brendan Harris, yeah. You got an address?
12 Nov 2011
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