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JUSTIN BIEBER POSTED THIS ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK. We went to justin biebers concert and then he brings his sister out at the winnipeg pre show. I took this video on my camera. September 14 2010 Heres the link to justins tweet- *******twitter****/justinbieber/status/24687901595 k, seriously people. if you dont like this video or Justin Bieber in general, dont waste our time with your negative comments. we didnt post this video for people to make fun of/diss Justin and his sister. we put it up so that the real fans could enjoy what a good brother Justin is. Shes a 2 year old girl stop being so harsh, she never did anything wrong so once again, stop wasting our time and yours, no one cares about what rude things that you people come up with, k thanks. another thing, if its that important to you people that you take our video.. JUST ASK. we'll let you take it as long as you give us credit, -Hannah&Alysa TWITTER- hannahh_w
6 Nov 2011
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Look at how fast he's rapping. omg. Baby, last song for the concert.
22 Oct 2011
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3 years ago I sang WITH YOU by Chris Brown in my living room. Since then thanks to the help of the fans we have been on an incredible journey. Thank you because we are just getting started. NEVER SAY NEVER. Look At Me Now! -Justin
2 May 2011
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Justin Bieber Love Me lyrics
25 Apr 2011
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