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Smooth New Tele just had to give it a go.. ooh yes sir indeed!! This Guitar has now moved on and is presently touring with 'Lawson" in the very capable hands of Joel Peat...
18 Nov 2012
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A tutorial on modes that focuses on hearing the sound of each mode and comparing and contrasting the differences between the various modal scales. The usual way people learn modes is to look at how they are constructed. D Dorian is the notes of a C scale from D to D. E Phrygian is the notes of a C Scale from E to E, and so on. This is correct, and useful to know, but often makes it harder to understand how the modes relate tonally and to know how to apply them. Here, I'm comparing modes based on the same root. D Ionian, D Dorian, D, Phrygian, and so on, and demonstrating the differences between each mode based on the same root.
21 Dec 2008
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