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Sometimes relatioships just go stale.
21 May 2007
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25 Dec 2008
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20 May 2009
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2 Nov 2011
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25 Jun 2007
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They say that a women’s look illumine with flowers, chocolates and kisses. But there is one more thing that makes her complete and fuller. It is the beloved abode of her heart. A plump front with ample curves makes a woman content and satisfied with her looks and feel confident and special from within.
Rick Hilton, Paris Hilton's father, heir to the Hilton Hotel Fortune, gave the maximum campaign contribution to John McCain on July 4, 2008. That fact in no way stopped "Maverick McCain" from slamming Rick Hilton's daughter, Paris, in his now infamous, "Celeb" attack ad. Simply put, neither McCain nor his campaign staff knew about Rick Hilton's money, because using Paris Hilton while being aware of Rick Hilton's money given to McCain would have been callous brutality and insensitivity, at best. (Paris Hilton later made John McCain her bi****ch, slamming him in her famous counterattack ad, calling him an old wrinkled white-haired guy and proposing a much more comprehensive energy plan than McCain and his top advisers had come up with) Next "Maverick McCain" offered his wife Cindy to a mob of bikers for the Miss Buffalo Chip beauty contest. As we all know, this contest involves nudity, bare breasts, and female exploitation by horny male bikers. Again, McCain had not the slightest clue as to the magnitude of his offering up Cindy to be a biker babe. (Apparently Cindy didn't either, judging by her smiling face and appreciative wave to the howling males in the mob at Sturgis, even though Cindy and John had seen a woman's naked breasts on a T-shirt before the event - go figure). Are conservatives willing to "hold their nose" and vote for John McCain? Are conservatives willing to "get drunk" and vote for McCain? To suggest the massive embrace of Candidate McCain by conservatives due to alcohol and drugs and lack of olfactory sense appears to be a delusional deception for anyone who would call him/herself a "true consevative"... McCain is counting on conservatives to be delusional and out of touch with reality, drunk and dumb, in order to get the votes from conservatives that he hasn't earned from conservatives...
17 Jan 2009
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Warning! This extreme video contains naked breast's.
18 Sep 2008
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