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A stupid Kid runs naked when it is really cold.That kid is me.A second part will come in 1 month only that it will be really hot outside...
25 May 2007
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4 Jun 2010
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In memory of Lis' Kristof For those who have asked about charitable donations in her memory, Lis' was very concerned with canine health and believed in the AKC Canine Health Foundation, *******www.akcchf****/ She was also a supporter of and recipient from Take the Lead, *******www.takethelead****/ Take the Lead provides direct services, support and care for people in the sport of purebred dogs who suffer the devastation of life-threatening and terminal illnesses. On the evening of May 6,2008, Lis' Kristof left this "wonderful earth". Surrounded by her mother, dearest friends, and beloved chinese cresteds; she departed in peace. Thank you to everyone who has commented on this video. She was uplifted by your positive comments and it continues to give solace to those of us who will miss her dearly. Update: May 6, 2008 Lis' is having more bad days than good now & grows weaker every day, but everything is being done to make her as comfortable as possible. She's home & her 2 Chinese Cresteds are keeping vigil by her side. Diva, especially, is very protective of her & only leaves her for potty breaks & meals. Lis's mom, dogs & friends are all caring for her. Lis' is at peace and is ready to be done with this part of her journey. Please pray for a quick & peaceful release. Thank you! Sherree Update: April 27, 2008 With the help of a friend, Lis' was able to make it out to watch a USDAA trial from the car. She continues to live life to the fullest possible, each day, one at a time. Congratulations, to Terry & Wicket (Lis' rescue border collie) for getting their ADCH-Bronze and Lifetime Achievement Award - Bronze this weekend. Update: April 21, 2008 Lis' mum arrived safely from New Zealand over the weekend. We are cherishing one day at a time. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. From Lis', her friends and family. Lis' & Diva's ADCH Run. It is with great emotion that I made this video to celebrate a great team and an outstanding competitor. It is for Lis' friends, who I know are going to deseperately miss seeing this team out on the agility field together. I have trained with; traveled with; argued with; cried with; laughed with; and learned from Lis' since the day I started in agility. Now I will go on to begin again with a new pup and hopefully I will take with me all the life lessons I've learned from her. Lis', God Bless you and your naked kids.
25 May 2009
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A collection of pre-bath-time faces of my 6 year old. No naked kids!
4 Jun 2010
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aeroDIANAmic fractaldreams ***** Presents, pasths, fut-yours: While I lay under your magnolia spell. in the attic: lunatics you and me. A flower will sun my day-to-day. an apple falls and we bite, then reek of the guilt of falling. did your monitor explode? do you spite my Buddha-touch? badly is how one deserves a spare wing or more, for lift connotes burden... mestinks, May-bee quiet not theres this number 41378 that we came to know with no apparent add-ons nor tricks to show. you ooze with taboo from head to toe. any word about it will be an overkill Catharsis Momentary, Bubble breaks. [BeMineOr Easy,Ven(ice)]: a kiss in a million ways's I please; raspberry lips, raspberry ice cream, n'is it true? ... the Yogi is breathless again: the right to never let her be lonely again with a name to her given rightfully, so verily: pays-tree hangs from the chandelier 'fore tee-her-tea long years... twoo buoyed at the trough, wingedbee water on a spring die-aye ∞ reeks of passion pretty (you/i are/am) bad; forever involved, forever lame, wild and tame, thee. when all ellipses coincide... eagerly early for yet another session with the Lady with a pungent Heart. bearable hugs -- they, locked within: hunney supine. seasons' fame fluctuates in rainbow hues; dreamy petals ride the wind ever so lightly for lack of shelter, not needing it like the child in you. ribbed urn: testament to my Nth attempt; too yours too long aisle 'waits. we've been [t]here twice, we've grown twice as much; the.distance.we.draw when.our.lips.part... till hue brake with boo-duh laughed-err denature. clouds float light after a night of a fright that's never been. ♥∞ .. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..- we're stacked up turtles reaching for the doves; each other's wish, spittle, we should, must have. wear boo-duh sat flat on satori and spat ether-nah-tea tricks... wee are naked kids again, as ewe-so-will. well exchange eskimo kisses, polar bear hugs; near, ne'er gone... inside of me: e'er one. way more childish and mature than any certainty's eventual overture on its own behalf; spleen green, brown yogurt, souldirt. summit the stone-heart on subverted wings for EVER means 'more than eve' -- imps, aorta, ants -- kindred. eternity is so beautiful it sucks! ***** written 3/21/20 *******poetrycritical****/read/62103/ a menagerie of lines taken from all of the pieces i've so far written for and about Diana Jiganie, my nisetru, bestest friend and soulmate. ---{ ♥∞ .. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..- ____ __/__ /\ / \ fractalcore : ) poem narrated by fractalcore at the beginning: iv: 'in vivo' ***** in vitriol, virulent, the violence of the infamous quark -- succulent heroine, break the leaking juice of the jaws in shrubs: nostalgic green in quirky spirals, learning curves from a distant burp: eternity is so beautiful it sucks! common turf, it lurks frozen: a shadow of the moment of the now.that.eye.know -- limbs stretch like quantum waves never knowing a-due. ***** written 3/18/10 as part iv of "play dough or doughn't:" *******poetrycritical****/read/62064/ for Diana Jiganie with all the love in the Universe ---{ this is a peace of heART 12 years in the making needs a lot of work to do my muse enough justice all original work copyright 2010 fractalcor & nisetru
15 Jul 2010
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Things are lookin' up! Share on Facebook: ******* Share on Twitter: ******* Based (loosely) on this post: *******www.buzzfeed****/annanorth/10-facts-that-prove-the-world-isnt-all-bad Music: *******soundcloud****/ixdude/ Footage: Duck and Cover: *******archive****/details/DuckandC1951 Atomic Bomb Blast Effect (1959) *******archive****/details/0707_Atomic_Bomb_Blast_Effects Gags and Gals: *******archive****/details/gags_and_gals Naked Kids ********vimeo****/71739500 (used under CC Attribution license) Three Days of Sky ********vimeo****/61709874 (used under CC Attribution license) Tai Chi ********vimeo****/30263062 (used under CC Attribution license) The Miracle of Reproduction (1963) *******archive****/details/0745_Miracle_of_Reproduction_The_04_01_12_00 Don't Get Angry: *******archive****/details/dont_get_angry Black Widow Spider: Her Life Cucle and Her Enemies (1960) *******archive****/details/0769_Black_Widow_Spider_Her_Life_Cycle_and_Her_Enemies_18_04_42_00 The Prom: It's A Pleasure! (1961) *******archive****/details/PromItsA1961 Soundie -- Jiveroo *******archive****/details/soundie_11 Unid. Soundie "Boogie-Woogie Man" (Juvenile Jubilee) (1940s) *******archive****/details/0810_Unid_Soundie_BoogieWoogie_Man_Juvenile_Jubilee_04_09_57_18 Jackson The Cat ********vimeo****/63065181 (used under CC Attribution license) TWINKIES: ***********/photos/67287915N00/4577789974/in/photolist-7Ywntm-du77gU-9iJAin-9iMJ1Y-brkXer-brkWRT-atq7sg-e1Tc32-dvE6pt-ccED9L-87XfZN-87SWYv-bz6GQZ-bz6H5z-9Ff8uS-8onqG4-axS9Kz-bmbPB3-bz6GyK-bN9Xxk-9rp4J5-9rm6rR-9rm6Ag-7BqoXM-8zn5ck-eNpeQv-bz6GkV-bmbPph-9a3jre-cG47K1-af9M5U-bz6Hcv-7GRzn1-dtPieH-9FcCh7-e3kkbk-8p919q-dtX3Lg-9kGk4Z-dtNxBf-8CKBGM-9rC1Tx-fa1g1a-948mAu-9RJgEC-btUKEu (used under cc license) Swing Wing Toy Commercial: *******archive****/details/swing_wing Shutterstock Film Footage Courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission Facts: Peaceful Times: *******articles.timesofindia.indiatimes****/2012-01-22/india/30652668_1_steven-pinker-wmds-violence Bald Eagle: *******www.cnn****/2007/TECH/science/06/28/bald.eagle.delisting/ Generosity: *******www.psychalive****/2012/11/why-generosity-is-good-for-you/ *******;jsessionid=ACA9FCAD912096C6742D8187311FF8AA?sequence=1 *******www.livescience****/36024-generous-marriage-happy-marriage-study-suggests.html Laughter: *******www.sciencedaily****/releases/2009/04/090417084115.htm *******www.helpguide****/life/humor_laughter_health.htm *******www.webmd****/balance/features/give-your-body-boost-with-laughter Spider: *******coed****/2013/06/07/good-news-humans-apparantly-we-dont-swallow-spiders-in-our-sleep/ Dancing Plague: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Dancing_Plague_of_1518 *******www.prevention****/health/emotional-health/dancing-shown-help-boost-happiness-and-mental-health Kitteos: *******www.plosone****/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0046362?imageURI=info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0046362.g003 Asteroid: *******www.foxnews****/science/2013/01/11/asteroid-that-wont-hit-earth-in-2036/ ******* Twinkies: Go to your local store Smiling: *******www.npr****/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97848789
30 Sep 2013
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