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Thanks for the encouragement on quitting the day job. Here, on my first day of "retirement" we visited Charlie's cherry tree. And heard from the inlaws' reaction to my big move. For more details, see: *******newteevee****/2009/05/21/nalts-youtube-stardom-and-day-job-no-longer-compatible/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 May 2009
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******* The biggest challenges to brands finding success with online video is not money or ideas; it’s lining up all the various departments within a company. That’s what Kevin Nalty, a YouTube star, told me during an interview at the Digitas New Front event in New York last week. Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer
13 Jun 2009
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Fox's Glee has different effects on people, based on their high school memories. For Nalts, it's a torturous reminder of the abuse he took. But Wifeofnalts celebrates Glee by recalling her cheerleading, prom and musical solos. Thanks to Glee for allowing us to satire the show. And thanks to ChurchOfBlow for the instrumental! Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Sep 2009
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Watch the amazing kitten as she climbs walls and the ceiling, poops on the toilet, sings and rides the skateboard. But how will Nalts convince his family he's not hallucinating? The Logitech Video Security System. Comment on this video by Oct. 30, 2009 to win one of 10 systems! Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Oct 2009
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My friend Brad (who came up with "Farting in Public" idea) offered his baby, Jack, to be "Farting Baby in Public." The sequel is never as good as the original, but we had fun watching people try to be polite as the baby appeared to be gassing wildly... especially the one that thought he was snoring. :) Music by Paul Soniat *******www.paulsoniat**** by Nalts *******www.kevinnalts**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Oct 2009
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Want to terrify your neighbors? Try some of these decoration tips and how-to horror projects by such terror masters as Iggy35 and DavideoDesign! Oh, and Nalts. ***********/iggy35 ***********/davideodesign Thanks to wifeofnalts for subtitles and slatersgarage for tunes! Happy Halloween Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Oct 2009
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His name is nalts yeah
5 Nov 2009
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Brittany and Brianna, their dad, and some friends visit Yo'Tube 2008 Gathering at Independence Park in Philadelphia PA. Channels of those featured in this video are below: ***********/sillykairi4 ***********/TheEricaAndLilyShow ***********/pipistrello ***********/princessdiana161 ***********/nalts ***********/wifeofnalts ***********/maryann712 ***********/user/bnessel1973 Others we ran into: *******YouTube****/Urgo6667 *******YouTube****/swimmer631 *******YouTube****/xlntads *******YouTube****/tktseller *******YouTube****/hippygram *******YouTube****/mattlaw25 *******YouTube****/kyleyankan *******YouTube****/charlestrippy *******YouTube****/violetkitty411 *******YouTube****/maryann712 *******YouTube****/jenluvspage *******YouTube****/bnessel1973 *******YouTube****/geneticblend *******YouTube****/nbwulf *******YouTube****/xgobobeanx *******YouTube****/themightythor1212 *******YouTube****/AnthroVlog *******YouTube****/thebigfatlamp *******YouTube****/geogodley *******YouTube****/CousinoMacul *******youtube****/TheLilRedheadedGirl We also met CreativityTv while we were there and we spent a few hours with them. Would you like to become an actor / actress and get paid for acting, modeling or singing? Check our auditions website if you want more information on how to audition to be on TV. *******www.all4tubekids****/audition Please comment and rate our videos. All comments are screened by Brittany and Brianna's father before they are approved for public display. This is part of our procedures to help keep our channel clean and safe for all ages. To help keep our channel safe we screen all subscribers and remove them as needed on a daily basis. Please check your subscriptions and favorites to see if your channel is acceptable for children before subscribing to us or making friends requests with all4tubekids. We have consent from all those shown in this video. © by All4tubekids. All rights reserved
25 Nov 2009
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Check out: *******livinginhd.ofnalts**** or *******www.livinginhd****/nalts. Learn video & tech tips, joinz fellow enthusiasts and get better at this HD thang. The kids say it's here to stay. Thanx Panasonic for the gear (look- a disclaimer: ******* Only my children stoled it all. Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Dec 2009
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Jessica Kirson and Nalts pull pranks on tourists in New York City's Times Square. Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Mar 2010
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What does it take to feed your kids vegetables? Find out as Nalts buys really weird veggies. Part 2 here: ***********/watch?v=0qhjf44Bx_Q Thanks to Howcast & GE for this challenge: ***********/howcast Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Feb 2010
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Children rejoice for their Pet Hobo. He pay live in a tree and pee in a can, but he's their best friend... So the story behind this ear worm music video… Patrick Nalts came up with the first lyrics and we couldn't get them out our head. Then Jessica Frech kindly continued them, arranged the song, and performed and sang it. Check her out at ***********/jessicafrech. Katie did the camera work, and I'm not even sure who the kids are. :)
10 Oct 2011
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*******guardreview****/giveaways/monkeywish.html Clink the link above and register or connect through facebook to have your MonkeyWish List. (For US Residents only at the moment) monkeywish, ACPA, Malan Flower, Myana, Spunky Monkey, Gift (Art Acquisition Method), Free, Christmas, Presents, Get, GiFT (Software), Thanksgiving, Holiday, Crazy, Funny, Laugh, Death, Awesome, Incredible, Daxflame, Lisanova, Blunty3000, Renetto, Khayav, Mrpregnant, Nalts, monkey, wish, gift, registry, list, online, share ***********/watch?v=rY-uVBA5ph0
7 Dec 2012
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Hi. I'm Nalts. I'm such a moron... here are my best/worst wipe outs, pratfalls, accidents and spills. They're now all annotated, so you can click gray title below image to see full video. The doctor said I have spondylolisthesis and a fractured sacrum. Not sure why- I never really played sports as a kid. I get the MRI results on Wednesday. What a moron. *******www.kevinnalts****
20 Aug 2008
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*******www.buckhollywood****/buckblog/2008/01/01/buck-vs-nalts-no-harm-no-foul-lol Thank you all for your support! I really thought it was obvious I was joking! I was never upset! I really think the video is funny- watch it again! Rather- it was FUN for me to make and do something different- which often doesn't go over well. OH WELL! LOL I will turn comments back on and hope people are 100 percent clear now! LOL Also- I hadn't planned to meet Nalts and he said he would be in NY on Friday so I went and we hand so much fun and YES he really did PUNK ME! LOL ***********/watch?v=LJOVNA1QdTs Happy New Year!! I really vow to be less STRESSED! Have fun tonight! Love and Hugs! Michael "BUCK" PS: Nalts IS NOT MY WRITER! LOL
10 Nov 2008
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CAPITAL T ft 2po2 Duffye Shum Nalt (Funny Version)hahahhahahahhaha nerashti
12 May 2010
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