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Me and some Friends performing a piece of Beijing Opera, at the Nanning Full Moon International Carneval in Nanning, Guangxi.
22 Oct 2009
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Recently dumped by his girlfriend and his band, perpetual underachiever Alex (Ryan O'Nan) toils away at a comically depressing real estate office, picking up solo gigs wherever he can. After an altercation with a colleague (Wilmer Valderrama), he also finds himself jobless and without purpose. When hearing one of Alex's sets, eccentric and self-proclaimed musical revolutionist Jim (Michael Weston) comes up with a plan for the two of them to tour the country as a musical duo. Realizing the state of his existential dilemma, Alex reluctantly joins Jim on the road. Despite gracelessly fumbling their way between bizarre shows and touring pitfalls, Alex and Jim manage to play off one another and create a strangely alluring sound. When Cassidy (Arielle Kebbel), an inexperienced tour manager, abruptly leaves them in a tight spot, Alex abandons the tour and shows up at his older brother's (Andrew McCarthy) house, looking for a place to stay. What follows is a crash course in self-actualization, as Alex comes to terms with who he is in relation to what others expect of him.
20 Jul 2012
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You can learn more about the film and the continuing campaign by visiting the website: *******appareltruth****/ Nan Kuang Garments produces clothes for Nygard and Reebok amongst others. On 4th August 2011 500 workers at the factory went on strike in protest of the company's ill-treatment of its employees The factory employs under-aged girls, a claim substantiated by the admission of a 15 year old worker we met outside the factory. They illegally take these girls on in exchange for cheaper labour costs. The grateful teenagers forego their transport allowance, work long hours of overtime and accept a pitiful wage. The factory reportedly forces workers to do overtime, typically demanding between ten and twelve hours a day, six days a week The factory does not provide any paid sick leave. They demand that sick workers continue to come to work. This obviously hinders the recovery of the afflicted worker and encourages the spread of disease The factory reportedly discriminates against pregnant workers. It recently dismissed two women for becoming pregnant to avoid paying for their maternity leave. These women now have no source of income with which to support themselves through pregnancy and provide for their children. This grave injustice represents more than a breach in labour law: it is a gross violation of the human rights of both the mothers and the unborn children To see the full film about abuses in the clothing trade please watch the full film: The Apparel Truth
6 Apr 2013
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Enfin l'explication dithyrambique et veritable pour laquelle le « Number one » du TOP 50 a bien raison de se retrouver a cette position etant donne la conjoncture actuelle de la musique.
4 Jun 2006
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Edited by Jaime Colon, of Furious Force Song: "I don't need no *effin* muzik!!" Length: 5 minutes, 36 seconds
7 Feb 2007
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the new video from *******
10 Mar 2007
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Endelig Summer is a sampler filmed early summer 2006, before the Bergen Gathering, the music is from Machinae Supremacy's new album "Redeemer".
11 May 2007
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Ah Nam's Char Kuay Tiao
9 Jul 2007
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This sampler was filmed from 2006 - 2007. It contains much more "tricking" than my previous samplers so I hope you'll enjoy my new style.
11 Aug 2007
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If you miss Section 04, just be patient. It is the Shanghai Acrobatic Show, File too large and I will re-do them to smaller section before uploading. This swcript 05 is a continuation from 03 and our group visited Huai Hai Road for Shopping, Xin Tian Di which is the bar square to look at the old architecture.
29 Nov 2007
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A young boy spends the day at his grandmothers and comes up with a great idea.
10 Jan 2008
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Wushu Champion Xu Xiang Dong performing one of the best Eagle claw sets I've ever seen! Eagle Claw(Ying Zaho Quan) is a Northern Shaolin style that emphasizes the use of Chin-na (locking) techniques. The hand in the shape of the claw is used to apply pressure to an opponent's joints, veins, and pressure points, thus controlling and immobilizing him. Eagle Claw is ideal for both men and women of any size because great body strength is not required to be effective in a defensive situation. Using various hand strengthening exercises the claw is developed to have a vice-like grip and a burning sensation as if hot coals were being pressed into the opponent. Eagle Claw strength is based on finger power, finger joint power, and wrist power. Without all three the claw is ineffective. A well developed claw can control an opponent without injury, causing damage only when unavoidable. In this way Eagle Claw is a highly moral system that provides very effective self-defense without unnecessary injury to an opponent. At the core of all Eagle Claw techniques are the principles of yin and yang. Punches and palm strikes are executed relaxed, but firm, until the end when the hand and the arm are hardened. This gives the technique a snapping action that adds power without a great need for strength. Movements are fast then slow, yielding then advancing, depending on the need of the situation and the technique to be employed. The student learns to at once be strong as a mountain, and then as yielding as a blade of grass in the wind. The Eagle Claw system includes: 25 fist forms over 25 weapon forms over 25 partner forms and the 108 locking techniques. Forms must be practiced diligently until the movements and techniques are perfected. It's in the forms that the student unlocks the secrets of Eagle Claw. Every step and hand technique in the forms have a self-defense application. Practicing the forms also develops discipline and focus in the student, advantages that become invaluable in everyday life. Three of the forms are considered Master forms and contain the most intricate techniques of the Eagle Claw system. These forms are: Lin Kuen (Connected Fist) Jui Lao Tong (Eagle Claw Drunken Set) Fuk Fu Kuen (Control the Tiger) The Northern Eagle Claw system is ideal for both men and women of various age groups, body types, and athletic ability. Because the system relies upon subtle re-direction of an attacker's own aggressive energy, it can be used effectively regardless of the practitioner's size or strength. The cornerstone of Northern Eagle Claw kung fu is the set of "108 fighting techniques" adapted by General Ngok Fei from a Shaolin monk named Jow Tong. These techniques make effective use of the hand fashioned as a grasping eagle's claw (Ying Jow) to deliver devastating locks and traps (often referred to broadly as "chin na" or grappling techniques). During the time of the Ming Dynasty, a monk named Lai Chin incorporated General Ngok Fei's fighting techniques with elements of the Faan Tzi system. Faan Tzi techniques are based upon swift, open and often acrobatic movements designed to out-maneuver and dominate an opponent. The combination of Ying Jow (eagle claw) with Faan Tzi techniques yielded the system known today as Northern Eagle Claw kung fu (Ying Jow Faan Tzi Pai).
16 Apr 2008
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