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Midge Ure of Scottish soft rock band Spotty Dogg, in duet with female vocalist of German electronica band X-Perience; short comedy film "Elevator Music" by UK director Serdar Ferit; Trasharama A Go-Go film entry from Australia "Chicks From Hell," by Director Christos Mouroukis; Larry Martinelli on acoustic guitar sings a poetic love song. Above featured on video set to the audio narration of June Entertainment Industry Networking Events
6 Jun 2007
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Susan Sarandon narrates this new documentary based on the book of the same name.
7 Jun 2007
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I dedicate this to my son, Aidan "Little-bo" Hunter O'Donnell. This recording is from a young boy on the Big Island of Hawaii. The footage is from Southcentral, Alaska. Here is what Girdwood Television Channel 6 director had to say about it... "Here is a child's vast wisdom capturing with eloquence beyond age the essence of our very existence." - Chris Flynn Credits: The Music to this piece was done by Ray Lynch. The Words are from The Book called, "What to Remember to be Happy," by Da Free John. The boy narrating is named Jonah whose audio was recorded more then 20 years ago. The words were written first by The Ruchira Buddha. Footage and editing by David Lakota from the ARTwork Company as part of Spritual Warrior Training with the Alaska Airborne Rangers.
10 Jun 2007
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Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation has completed production on a new television Public Service Announcement entitled "In My World." The spot features children talking about what living with serious illness is like, and how Starlight Starbright makes a difference. Jamie Lee Curtis provides the spot's narration.
18 Jun 2007
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My name is David Marino but friends call me Dave. I'm a student at JMU in Harrisonburg, Va and to introduce myself I decided to narrate my most recent piece of writing. It's about the anger you feel when you get overlooked. I'll try to upload some more stuff soon so that you guys can have more reasons to vote for me...but for now: enjoy and happy voting!
19 Jun 2007
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For full index of Shivbaba’s Murli Clarifications see – ******* Shivbaba narrated Gyan Murlis (flute of knowledge) through Brahma Baba and is now clarifying the true meaning of those Murlis (the true Gita), the advanced knowledge, to the Prajapita Brahma Kumar/Kumaris (i.e. Advance Party). The Advance Party and the Brahma Kumaris Organization (BKWSU) form the two halves of the alokik (other-worldly) Brahmin family who will eventually re-unite to transform this hell into heaven.
4 Jul 2007
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Narration, clips and music have absolutely nothing in common. Every connection happens in your head
5 Jul 2007
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The Stations of the Cross also called Via Dolorosa or the Way of Sorrows is a pilgrimage of prayer along the path that led to the crucifixion. Narrated by Clive Thomas, we follow along the final footsteps of Our Lord and visit all Biblical sites in the holy land.
5 Jul 2007
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Henry Ellis narrates the history of British Aikido with old film footage and video, there are many old photos givin the nterested viewer an insight into British Aikido.
22 Jul 2007
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An old man narrates a story told to him by his father. The story is a coming of age based on an experience crossing the U.S. by train during the 1880s. Mark Malmberg
23 Jul 2007
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The Lover CD is a fantasy based life experience CD designed especially for women, aged 25 to 54, who crave a romantic interlude with their fantasy man. The Lover CD is a soft, erotic, romantic escape into a world of discreet pleasure for women. The CD was first released in 1996 and sold 10,000 copies without targeted marketing. It literally flew off the shelves. Re-launched in 2007 by popular demand, The Lover CD includes a romantic scenario narrated by a man whose voice was nominated to be "The sexiest voice alive" by women.
24 Jul 2007
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A Sample Video Tour (without narration)
24 Jul 2007
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This is a tutorial of how to "draganize" your pictures...u might be familiar with the great photographer Dragan...well...this is how i get my pictures to sort of look like took me a lot of work to figure out some of the steps...and like i said on the video...sometimes it takes me over an hour to get where i want....and not a good narrator...and english is not my first bare with me...thank you...and vote please...look for my work at renderosity**** ..look for "fabxp80"..
25 Jul 2007
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A tutorial on burning ability of high power green lasers at different power levels. Narration & live demonstrations included. Laser is from www.dragonlasers****
1 Aug 2007
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This is Bible video 1 of 8, Psalms 1-44, part 1 of 5 - A made for TV series video, the Psalms and Proverbs narrated by Alexander Scourby are combined with beautiful scenic wonders from around the world. This is ten hours of video in several section for easy listening. This collection is part of the ultimate audio Bible media Suite at bible-media****
8 Aug 2007
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One of a kind documentary follows an Algerian reporter Mohammed Sifaoui over a period of four months as he infiltrated an Islamic AL-Qaeda network in France. Passing himself as a religious fundamentalist, who believes in the theories of Osama Bin Laden, he wins the confidence of the network members, who suggest that he do propaganda work, reconnaissance and information gathering for them on potential targets for terrorist attack. His inquiries led him to various mosques in Paris, and London, where he meets with leaders of the network, and then on to Madrid, where he is in contact with petty crooks dealing in false papers and credit cards whose job it is supply Islamic networks with fake documents. Members of the network, filmed by hidden camera, talk of their future plans for terrorist attacks. Another of this networks activities is the indoctrination of the young, teaching them an extremist dogma that advocates "holy war." One of the men we meet was an Al-Qaeda trainer, who trained and sent several young fighters to Afghanistan, many who were later discovered in Bin Laden's hideouts or among the prisoners at the American base of Guantanamo. This unique and powerful program produced in French and Arabic with English narration and English subtitles.
9 Aug 2007
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