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Nataliya Volkova-Gde ti
1 Jan 2009
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Видео клип на песню "Расстаемся" Videoclip for track "Rasstaemsya" myspace****/lyubchevskaya
5 Oct 2009
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Видеть тебя всегда Хочется мне сейчас Мысли твои читать В каждом движеньи глаз. А ещё иногда Слышать дыханья так, Чтобы был каждый вздох в такт. Я у твоих ног Спасибо не говори В этом тебе помог бог Его и благодари. Только своей рукой Вылепила тебя, Как ветер бархан песка С ним я сравню себя. Знаю, что получу Всё, что ни захочу Лишь бы мне всё успеть спеть. Я у твоих ног Спасибо не говори В этом тебе помог бог Его и благодари. Я у твоих ног Спасибо не говори В этом тебе помог бог Его и благодари.Автор текста (слов): Vlasova Nataliya Композитор (музыка): Vlasova Nataliya *******
7 Oct 2010
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2008.08.06 歌は5:28 から 5m28s Song "Always With Me" from movie "Spirited Away" こちらもSee also ***********/watch?v=HYadrsOdwoc ナターシャ・グジーさんが演奏しているのはバンドゥーラというウクライナの楽器です。 作詞の覚さん→ *******www.1101****/dakarakarada/ 木村弓が歌う「いつも何度でも」 Original song "Always With Me (Theme Song of Spirited Away)" by Yumi Kimura ***********/watch?v=vQFl3i0RbBE Nataliya Gudziy is a Singer & Bandura Player from Ukraine.Now,she stays & sings in Japan. User "jpfrlinguaphile" give us translation of Nataliya's talk.Please see also comment of "Saigon256".Thank you for your great contribution, jpfrlinguaphile & Saigon256!! Translation: Over 60 years ago on this day, August 6 a tragedy occurred in Hiroshima. Like the tragedy that occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the tragedy which struck in Chernobyl over 20 years ago is still not over. The nuclear power plant at Chernobyl experienced a meltdown 22 years ago. I was 6 years old at the time. Since my father worked at the plant, all of us family lived a mere 3.5 km from the plant. The accident happened in the middle of the night so most people were unaware that anything serious had occurred. For that reason, life went on as normal the following day. Children went to school and mothers took their young children out to play outside the whole day. As a result, they were exposed all day to invisible radiation. We werent informed of the accident until the next day. We were told not to worry as it was not a serious accident, but that to be on the safe side, evacuate. No need to take your suitcases, we were told, just evacuate the city for 3 days. So we did as we were told and left the city without packing our bags. Nonetheless, we didnt return in 3 days, a month, or 20 years. The forests we children had played in every day as well as the houses full of memories were destroyed by the radiation and buried in the dirt. Today nothing remains. What was once a vibrant city is now dead. We didnt just lose our beautiful hometown in that horrific accident, but many people also died. Many of my friends have died. Just kids at the time, many of us have grown up, married, and have kids of our own, some of whose health has been adversely affected. Mankind has forgotten and is making the same mistakes over again. Dont forget these tragedies. Dont make the same mistakes. With this hope in mind, I will sing this lovely and meaningful song for you. "Itsumo, nando-demo(Always With Me)" Transcription of the lyrics → *******www.nausicaa****/miyazaki/sen/song.html
10 Sep 2011
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Песня Власовой Наталии (Наталья) "Может быть" муз./сл.: Н.Власовой съемка с канала ТВц программа "Настроение"
3 Dec 2008
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Самая лучшая песня о любви!Best song love! Наталия Власова "Я у твоих ног" клип музыка и слова Наташа Власова Natasha Vlasova
7 Oct 2010
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28 Oct 2011
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ナターシャ・グジー いつも何度でも
19 Sep 2013
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unter ******* finden Sie die neue Videos von Natalya Natalia Netselya, eine der besten Sandmalerin Europas, präsentiert von Sacharow Entertainment! Sie wurde in der Stadt Ekaterinburg in Russland geboren. In 2006 absolvierte Natalia sehr erfolgreich die Akademie der Künste in Minsk, Hauptfach Design. Natalia´s Leben ist sehr facettenreich- so nahm sie im Jahre 2007 an dem Schönheitswettbewerb unter der Hochschulen in Minsk teil und wurde Siegerin. Auch 2008 gewann sie Titel "Königin der Frühling" und "Publikumspreis" bei dem internationalen Wettbewerb. Im Jahre 2009 gründete Natalia als erste Künstlerin ihrer Art in Weißrussland das Theater der Sandminiatüren und arbeitet an verschiedenen Kunstprojekten, unter anderem TV- Animationen und Werbespots. Sie ist unser Kandidat für das "SUPERTALENT 2010" und wurde von demn Zuschauern für die Finale nominiert! Buchungsanfragen bitte an: Sacharow Entertainment Friedrichstrasse 171 10117 Berlin tel 030 817 99 410 mail P.S. unter ******* finden Sie die neue Videos von Natalya
27 Jun 2012
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The latest Allods Online developer diary gives an inside look at the motion capture and voice-over process performed by Nataliya Zemtsova.
17 Oct 2012
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Director - Harvey B-Brown Music - Sean Hoisen Lyrics - Nataliya Pavlova , Dane Deviller Producing Company - Nox Music Executive Producer - Iosif Prigojin Music Producer - Sergio Galoyan
21 Aug 2013
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Your BiDiPi: ******* BiDiPi Radio: ******* ****** CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR LINKS TO EVERYTHING ****** BUILD IT Colin Furze YouTube Channel (0:12) ***********/user/colinfurze Jet-Powered Bicycle ***********/watch?v=bKHz7wOjb9w 70MPH Mobility Scooter In Snow ***********/watch?v=zy5rkw4SeP4 Jet Engine BBQ ***********/watch?v=QxpHJipB67g Cake-o-matic ***********/watch?v=Lft51kJdDxc Build a Jet Engine ***********/watch?v=InvF9e5kyjo Bike Sculptures by Victor Sonna (0:42) *******www.victorsonna****/ Sandpaper Sculptures by Mandy Smith (1:01) *******www.mandysmithwork****/sandpaper.html DRAW IT Aging Super Hero by Andreas Englund (1:18) *******andreasenglund****/ "I Fought The Law" Photo Series by Olivia Locher (1:32) *******olivialocher****/ifoughtthelaw.html "The Last Supper" Platonova Nataliya (1:57) *******www.behance****/gallery/The-Last-Supper/4773353 Money Art by Mark Wagner (2:15) *******vimeo****/79148964 *******markwagnerinc****/currency-portraits/ PLAY IT Heavy Metal Clarinet by Caleb Canatheviphth (2:32) ***********/watch?v=audPDLAMRI0 Rapping Without The Letter E by Andrew Huang (2:52) ***********/watch?v=Z8-WtH4ujps Breaking Bad Theme Remix by MetroGnome (3:10) ***********/watch?v=nsYg1uXgdug#t=42 "Life is music" by SOUR (3:34) *******vimeo****/78226433# USER BiDiPi 41 Pocket-Sized Multicolored Flamethrowers by TheAlphaPyro (3:57) ***********/watch?v=y67ikMkF1bM Xbox 360 Case Mods by C.J. Powers (4:00) ********scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn****/hphotos-prn1/65727_489850511220_1292078_n.jpg ********scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn****/hphotos-ash3/188227_10150326211781221_5444716_n.jpg ********scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn****/hphotos-frc3/215083_10150326211811221_5181207_n.jpg ********scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn****/hphotos-prn1/283503_10150326212711221_3964643_n.jpg ********scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn****/hphotos-ash4/285498_10150326213436221_1785988_n.jpg ********scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn****/hphotos-prn1/189197_10150326213801221_4343149_n.jpg Bolide - Voyage (4:05) ***********/watch?v=fvyvQYoQkgk Art of Thomas Golunski (4:10) *******thomasgolunski.deviantart****/gallery/ Cheshire Cat Makeup by Jamie W. (4:18) ***********/watch?v=4Xrv6jpTImE Blume by Hikarian Animations (4:48) ***********/watch?v=o3n7qtPlgTw ****************************************­** Vsauce Links Secret Vsauce Forum: *******vsauce.vanillaforums****/ Kevin's Personal Instagram: *******instagram****/kevlieber T-Shirts: *******www.districtlines****/vsauce Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Vsauce: ***********/Vsauce Vsauce2: ***********/Vsauce2 Vsauce3: ***********/Vsauce3 WEsauce: ***********/WEsauce
9 Dec 2013
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Ukraine June 1 marks Children's Day. However, an alarming number of teenage girls, many escaping problems at home, have turned to prostitution. Around 11-15 thousand according to UNICEF. The country is also suffering from one of the worst AIDS epidemics in Europe. Teen prostitutes are extremely vulnerable to HIV due to lack of knowledge or access to methods of prevention. In the Mykolaiv region of Southern Ukraine, the death rate from HIV infection in the 15-24 age group is one of the highest in the country. Seventeen-year-old Nataliya explains how she first got involved in sex work. "My friend has been doing it for 7 years, she told me I could do it too. At first I didn't want to. Now I have enough money. I can help my mom. She doesn't know what I do, not even my friends know," she confides. Nataliya hopes to go on to study medicine, but Yuliya has no plans to quit. "There aren't so many opportunities to make money in our city. What I do really helps me and I'm OK with it. I also like the fact that now I have someone to ask for advice, to talk to and even listen to that advice in certain situations. But one of the most important things is that I can check my health regularly and talk to a psychologist," she notes. In Mykolaiv, the UNITUS charity works alongside UNICEF to provide healthcare, social services and psychological help to young people at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Out of 350 female clients, most have been tested. Up to 10 per cent have the virus. "One of the biggest problems is an extremely low level of knowledge and understanding of how HIV is transmitted. And even if people know it, they still do not regard this risk important," says Olena Sakovych from UNICEF. This mobile HIV testing unit can find women most at risk on the streets and provide them with advice and access to a psychologist. Studies show that use of mobile units can reduce the numbers infected. A nurse carrying out an HIV test tells the teenage prostitute: "When accidents happen and the condom breaks, you have to get a check-up." What is in the news today? Click to watch: ************/playlist?list=PLSyY1udCyYqBeLGPTLVZMp8kczDH7_5Ni euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=euronews euronews is available in 14 languages: ************/user/euronewsnetwork/channels In English: Website: *******www.euronews****/news Facebook: ********www.facebook****/euronews Twitter: *******twitter****/euronews Google+: *******google****/+euronews VKontakte: *******vk****/en.euronews
27 Oct 2014
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