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That's right! It's the news you've been waiting for!! The NBA lockout is over and Dave & Audley will give you their thoughts! They'll discuss what to expect in the upcoming month before the 66-game season starts on Christmas Day. Also, on the show, Golden State Warriors forward, Dorell Wright will stop by! He'll discuss his Miami Heat days, what he truly thinks of the new boys of South Beach and what he was up to during the NBA lockout. Also on the show, we'll speak with our favorite Australian hoops fan, Brad Graham of BUCKETS Magazine. It's good times GUARANTEED! The Breakdown -- For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!
29 Nov 2011
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Daily National Sports Editor Mike Bako appears on Al Jazeera TV to discuss the latest news on the NBA lockout. What are the chances that the owners and players will reach an agreement before any more games and fan interest is lost.
18 Jan 2012
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SUBSCRIBE HERE: *******tinyurl****/885ntzj Worried there won't be a season in the NBA this year? Well then check out this white boy NBA Lockout Rap. Check out our other comedy videos! Follow us on TWITTER: *******tinyurl****/c6c2rx6 Like us on FACEBOOK: *******tinyurl****/ckqz6ql www.badweatherfilms**** Written by: Sam Milman, Nick Vass, and Peter Vass Directed by: Antonino Buzzone Starring: Peter Vass, Sam Milman, and Chelsey Reynolds Director of Photography: Ryan Mooney Crane Operator: Antonino Buzzone Alright in case you didn't know there may or may not be a season We might be stuck watching hockey, and here's the reason There's a lockout in the NBA and that's bad It puts a sour note on the memories we had But like I was sayin', now there's a lockout in effect And it comes down to money man, what else do you expect? The players are upset because they want more millions And the owners are too because they want more billions They think there should be a limit, on how much a player can make Therefore they won't be responsible, for their mistakes Like an overpriced contract, Joe Johnson HUH Or causing players to go, overseas NAH I like the old rivalries like the Lakers and the Celtics And watching 'Melo and Amare try to save, the Knicks Wondering what's hidden in Kevin Durant's backpack Maybe it's the Miami Heat's 4th quarter attack Derrick Rose blooming into, a bonafide star Getting drunk and watching Blake Griffin jump, over a car Dwight's the new big man cuz Shaq, and Yao Ming are gone Skip Bayless knows as much as the guy who seent the Leprechaun Kobe's about to experience life without Phil Jackson David Stern's about to experience life without black men Congrats to Dirk and the Mavs, for getting their first ring It must be hard when the whole world, wants you to win Chris Bosh, looks like a dinosaur - DINOSAUR Like the raptor from Jurassic Park - JURASSIC PARK Mettaworldpeace - Yup Jordan's Hitler stache - Yup Birdman - Yup Chris Broussard - AH-HA Samaki Walker ate a whole bag of weed F-ck you Lebron
12 May 2013
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BY MOLLY HULSEY You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. A Twitter account is free-- but the tweets just got really expensive for one NBA owner. Here’s HLN. “The NBA just hammered Miami Heat owner Micky Arison for a tweet that he just sent out. They hammered him with a $500,000 fine. He recently engaged in a back-and-forth with some of his Twitter followers about the NBA lockout, and the problem is the NBA has a zero tolerance policy. Owners are not allowed to discuss anything related with the current labor dispute.” So just what was the offending tweet, and how much will the fine really hurt Arison? WFOR breaks it down. “A fan took him and other owners to task, saying on Twitter that they were being ‘greedy pigs.’ Arison’s response was ‘You are barking at the wrong owner.’... In case you’re wondering and counting, his brief tweet is costing him more than $15,000 per character. But he’s worth $4 billion so it won’t sting too much.” Arison only had 140 characters to work with-- but a writer for CNET says there was a lot of meaning in that short message. “With these few words, he pointed his tweeting fingers at small-market and, some might say, small-minded owners, such as Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen, who are gritting their teeth for an extra few pounds of freshly bitten flesh.” But NBA commissioner David Stern tells The New York Times-- the fine was more about when the tweet was sent than what it said. “‘Stern [noted] that the message appeared on the very night that negotiations collapsed. ‘We’re trying very hard to get a deal done with the players, or we were, and we don’t need any external distractions to that focus.’” So is Arison’s tweet a sign of a growing rift between the owners? ESPN’s Marc Stein doesn’t think so. “He’s not as desperate as an owner in Indiana or Memphis or Atlanta who’s looking at a half-empty building all the time. We’ve known all along that there’s no way all 30 owners are going to be on the same page, but I don’t see this having a dramatic impact on the talks from here.” NBA games are now canceled through November 30th, and no new talks between owners and the Players’ Association have been scheduled. Transcript by Newsy.
5 Nov 2011
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July 18, 2011 (2:08) As an ugly lockout looms, Dwight Howard considers joining the Far East movement.
19 Jul 2011
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Multi-dimentional Video and Communications come together and are celebrated in this easy to understand discussion on employment within the Sports Industy in the general and specific.
18 Sep 2011
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BY MADISON MACK ANCHOR CHRISTY LEWIS Ever had the desire to spend an afternoon running for your life while being pursued by 1000-pound bulls? Well you may be in luck, the Spanish tradition of running with the bulls has made it stateside. The small town of Cave Creek, Arizona held the fourth-ever running of the bulls in the United States, the first in almost a decade. But unlike the original in Spain where gorings and tramplings are common -- organizers of the Arizona counterpart say their version is safer because the track is much shorter . And, as one Pamplona veteran tells ABC, the bulls are much tamer as well. “They’re different animals too. So in Spain you have El Toro Bravo. The bull that’s been bread for hundreds of years for the bull fight. These rodeo bulls don’t want anything to do with you unless you’re in their way. But that’s the whole idea of this thing isn’t it?” No one was injured during the run and The New York Times went as far as calling the event quote, “The Stroll of the Bulls.” A professional bull rider and participant told The Arizona Republic the runs just aren’t as dangerous as some people think… “The traditional theory of running with the bulls has to do with running with them and alongside them. It’s when you start tormenting them that they start to get aggressive. … This is a good thing. And it’s entertaining.” Dangerous or not an SB Nation blogger says – the whole thing is a bit silly. “This is an amazing example to pull out the next time you want to argue against the NBA lockout, or perhaps if you want to suggest that the baseball season is too short, or that NFL teams should play twice a week. Just look what people can get up to without sports to distract them.” The event’s organizer already has plans to bring similar events to six major markets throughout the United States. (The Huffington Post) “‘This is the beginning stages to the newest extreme sport in the United States,’ he said. He thinks the danger will attract runners and an audience. ‘Why is NASCAR so popular? … It's not because people want to see a car drive around in circles. It's because they're waiting for that accident.’"
18 Oct 2011
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That's right!! Dave & Audley are speaking with the wives of former NBA players, Mitch Richmond and Bryon Russell! Basketball Wives reality TV stars, Juli Richmond and Kimberli Russell will dispel some myths about what it's truly like being married to an ex-NBA player. Also, the always fun Jackie Taylor from ThatSportsBabe**** will give us her take on the NBA lockout. The ladies are in the house, so WATCH OUT! The Breakdown -- For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!!!
17 Nov 2011
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The Breakdown with Dave & Audley are back at it again and this time they've gathered some of the members of the family together to talk some NBA lockout. The show took place in the midst of the American Music Awards and let's just say that Jennifer Lopez slightly got the boys off track. The Breakdown with Dave & Audley is your home for hoops talk, the way it should be!
22 Nov 2011
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When the NBA lockout ended, we knew that the free agency period was going to be bananas but we had no idea things would get this crazy. From Chis Paul to the Clippers, a possible Dwight Howard trade, to Tyson Chandler, Lamar Odom, Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups all changing zip codes. Plus Sports Illustrated writer, Lee Jenkins also stops by to help us make sense of all the nonsense. The Breakdown with Dave & Audley - For Hoops Talk, The Way It Should Be!
20 Dec 2011
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