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17 Nov 2009
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Highlights of WR Rueben Randle, #21 on Takkle/Sports Illustrated's Top 200. NCSA Has the speed and size to play in the slot or on the outside. Randle makes the tough catch and will go over the middle without hesitation. His length and ability to catch the ball in traffic will make him a prime target for the quarterback.
14 Oct 2008
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After watching several of the videos others have done for CAP on here, I decided to make one as well. NOTE: Most of the clips are from the videos on here and others are from NCSA videos off the CAP website. Also, for all who are wondering, the music is from the Transformers soundtrack. Steve Jablonsky is a genius.
17 Jul 2008
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A clip from the series 'The Elegent Universe' regarding some aspects of General Relativity and gravity. More info- ******* *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Introduction_to_general_relativity
12 Mar 2010
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SpaceRip This short video describes the contributions of Frank Summers and colleagues from the Space Telescope Science Institute to the new IMAX film "Hubble 3D." The Hubble images are spectacular, as are animations from the Advanced Viz Lab, NCSA/U. of Illinois.
11 Apr 2010
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"Matter tells space how to curve, and space tells matter how to move." -- John Wheeler (physicist) The following webpage was used as the script for this video: *******
24 Jun 2011
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14 Oct 2011
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