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*******www.embroiderytipsandmore**** Embroidery training video with Embroidery tip showing how to avoid most needle breaks while embroidering on 6 panel Flexfit caps and other stiff caps.
16 Jan 2008
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From Lake Washington To Space Needle through a lateral window of an Audi TT.
8 Feb 2008
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Slow motion video of an air ballon which is punctured by a needle.
29 Apr 2008
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SUCKERSTAR is a all girl punk rock band out of Los Angeles and the OC with Wendy Lee on Guitar and Vocals. Punky on Guitar and Vocals. Blare N. Bitch on Guitar. Sharon Needles playing bass and Lanie Fire kickin the Drums. Music video is a live performance in the flashrock studio with an interview from TFG.
28 May 2008
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This video shows you how to find lost contact lenses and other small things very easy. It is a good way if you lose your lenses in the bathroom, on a dark carpet and other dark backgrounds. It saved me a lot of money. Works with hard and soft lenses, nails, needles and so on. Give it a try and let me know what you've found...:-)
3 Sep 2008
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Asian-American comedian and tattoo enthusiast, Margaret Cho, shares her insights on body art, body image, and why tattoos make her feel sexier at Needled**** and on imeem at *******www.imeem****/needledtattoo. Cho is a self-professed fan of Needled and credits the site's blog editor, Marisa DiMattia, with leading her to Nathan Kostechko, the tattoo design artist providing inspiration for the logo and artwork behind the new VH-1 reality series, The Cho Show. "Margaret Cho is an example of how the fine art of tattoo enhances body image and can become an empowering experience," said DiMattia, a veteran tattoo aficionado, bloggist, and tattoo rights activist. "We're thrilled Margaret is a fan of our online community." "Needled is known for creating documentary-style content that provides a rare perspective on tattoo culture." she said. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/needled****/33430/
15 Feb 2010
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killer view of the Space Needle + webcam + telescopic lens +$50 in parts = outdoor webcam featuring the Seattle Space Needle www.JetCityOrange****/
22 Oct 2008
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Sandra Betzina has made her name synonymous with Sewing! Her successful career has spanned over 30 years. Now Sandra is taking the next step by offering a Power Sewing on the Web! Anyone who wants to learn the basics of sewing or veteran sewers will learn step by step methods that work, making a more professional looking garment. Learn the secrets of Ready-to-Wear! Sandra teams up with Canada's Sewing Expert, Ron Collins. As they show their love for the craft and share the techniques they have created to insure the success of any seamstress! Easy ways to make any sewing project unique. There is something for anyone who can thread a needle! Make your own clothes or learn ideas for home decorating. Ron and Sandra show you how much fun it is to sew Join them for their newest endeavor, Power Sewing!
12 Feb 2009
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My experience donating plasma blood at the Edmonton CBS. There is some blood and needle injections in this video, so be mindful if you have a queazy stomach. -Jerry Aulenbach, REALTOR, BEd *******www.ZoomJer**** Edmonton, AB, Canada
9 Feb 2009
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this is of course An omen considering Mount Read out. Lets hope there is no 3D Volcanic Destruction in Your Town Not Seattle in Space needle Pana vision and the following tsunami Hopefully wont kill this area! HA HA!
24 Mar 2009
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A short video showing the incredible views of the Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii. You'll see the Iao Stream, Iao Needle, and the lush valley walls of one of the wettest places on earth.
13 Jun 2009
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Anita has been bitten by a small bee called TULAPO. Her middle finger is swollen, her neck hurts, she has fever...she is a mess at the hospital of Vilcabamba...To terminate her nightmare the nurse made her scream with a nasty needle!...Not her day!... Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Aug 2009
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A breast biopsy may be the next step if you find a suspicious lump. Find out about core needle biopsies at
1 Dec 2009
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Ed Kohler is with "Haystack In a Needle" and also the author of Technology Evangelist and he is joining us today on Friday afternoon Skype. Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Dec 2009
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In this pet care video we are going to learn how prepare a subcutaneous fluids bag. You will need a bag of fluids, a drip-set, and needles. All of these must be sterile. There are different types of fluids and different size needles. Your veterinarian will prescribe the proper setup for your pet. This video is NOT meant to replace the advice of your regular vet.
12 Apr 2010
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Supply of tattoo kits, needles etc.. including tattoo designs
23 Apr 2010
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