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Play records with a piece of paper and a needle. Amazingly easy to make! I don't recommend using your good records for this.
15 Jan 2007
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Play a trick on your friends! The sound of dropping water. You'll need a pencil and a needle (pin). Create device. And listen the sound of dropping water
17 Jan 2007
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How to make compass from water and a pin (or needle). aka. Floating Compass - Science of The Impossible series #4
18 Jan 2007
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Jon Hammond Band with the most diverse age group quartet: from age 20 (Brett Ryan) to 60+ (Tootsie Bean) with guitarist Matt Smith and Jon in between! Veteran drummer Tootsie Bean kicking the group playing an organ blues with Texan guitar wiz Matt Smith and young talented Brett Ryan on alto sax at New York jazz club/restaurant Cleopatra's Needle. Camera: Jennifer Enjoy! Jon's site: *******www.HammondCast**** c)2006
30 Jan 2007
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REDEFINING DIABETES MANAGEMENT: FIRST FDA-APPROVED INHALED INSULIN, EXUBERA® (insulin human [rDNA origin]) Inhalation Powder, REDUCES BARRIERS FOR DIABETES PATIENTS TO ACHIEVE GOOD BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL CONTROL Diabetes is a growing health crisis, affecting nearly 21 million Americans. Most have type 2 diabetes – a progressive disease – and ultimately many will require insulin therapy. Despite the availability of insulin, a proven and effective treatment for diabetes, average blood sugar levels have continued to rise over the last 10 years. Approximately two out of three people with type 2 diabetes have uncontrolled blood sugar levels even if they are currently on treatment. Many patients are reluctant to start or increase insulin treatment because of injections. Some delay insulin use for as long as 10 years. For the first time, there is now an insulin that does not need to be injected. EXUBERA, the first and only FDA-approved inhaled insulin, is now available in pharmacies to help treat adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Taking EXUBERA doesn't require needles.
27 Jan 2007
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Get rid of your depression in a simple and effective way with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. No needles, no shrink's couch, no pills, no medication.
15 Feb 2007
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The second way to get rid of pain for blood tests or what I had done before, a Glucometer Blood Sugar Test, is with Mentos! (Yeah, I'm not really afraid of needles, but pretending I am. Enjoy!)
7 Mar 2007
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gulp some needles
8 Mar 2007
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Stick a needle in a balloon without it exploding!
15 Mar 2007
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First flight with Dragonfly,I am going to say, now I know what it is like to balance a golf ball on a needle.Not bad for couch flying when it is -20 outside.
25 Mar 2007
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Extremely fun water bomb! Materials: Inflating Needle Cork Bike Pump Tape Knife Cutting Board Scissors Bottle Water
27 Mar 2007
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tiff needle drives a BMW X5 and challenge a bike offroad
1 Apr 2007
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tiff needle goes to where they shoot stunts for movies !!!!!!!!!!! amazing
17 Apr 2007
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tiff needle tests the new jaguar XK
22 Apr 2007
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Debuts Exclusive Martha Stewart Crafts Line Among 4,000 New Products Michaels Stores, Inc., the largest specialty retailer of arts and crafts, today unveiled more than 4,000 new paper-crafting products including an exclusive line of Martha Stewart Crafts items in over 900 locations in the United States and Canada. The expansion of the department capitalizes on the growing $30 billion national craft industry. Michaels' innovative product assortment, customized service and educational classes inspire customers from the novice to the most experienced. The company offers more than 40,000 products throughout its stores, including apparel crafts, bakeware, beading and jewelry making, fine art, floral, framing, general crafts, home decor, kid's crafts, paper crafts, seasonal crafts, wedding, and yarn and needle crafts.
4 May 2007
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UNESCO has named 2007 International Year of Rumi The Merchant and his Clever Parrot There was a merchant who kept a parrot UNESCO has named 2007 International Year of Rumi The Merchant and his Clever Parrot There was a merchant who kept a parrot in a cage. Before going to India for business, he asked the parrot if he had any message to send to other parrots in that country, and the parrot asked him to tell them that he was kept prisoned in a cage. The merchant promised to deliver this message, and on reaching India, told the first group of parrots he saw. On hearing the message a parrot died and fell down . The merchant was angry with his parrot for having sent such a deadly message, and on his return home explained angrily his parrot the situation. But as soon as the parrot heard the merchant's story than he too fell down dead in his cage. The merchant, after crying for his death, took his body out of the cage and threw it away; but, to his surprise, the parrot became alive , and flew away, explaining that the Indian parrot had only imitated death to suggest this way of escaping from the cage. STORY 2 The Man who was Tattooed It was the custom of the men of Qazwin to have tattoos on their bodies. A really coward man went to the artist to have such a tattoo on his back, and desired that it might be the figure of a lion. But when he felt pain by needles he roared to the artist saying , "What part of the lion are you now painting?" The artist replied, "I am doing the tail." Our man said , "Never mind the tail; go on with another part." The artist accordingly began in another part, but our man again cried out to the artist asking , "What part of the lion are you now painting?" The artist said , "I am doing the ears." Our man told him to try somewhere else.The artist was really bored but he could do nothing and began another part again. Of course our man again cried out to the artist asking , "What part of the lion are you now painting?" The artist said , "I am doing the stomach." He again said he did not want the stomach. The artist was very angry and he threw all the needles and paints and said"Who has seen in this worlds a lion without tail,ears and stomach?If you were so coward why did you come here? In this story the lion is the symbol of being a human and the needles are the difficulties we meet in life. So we must be patient to the pains,difficulties and sorrows of life if we want to be real good&mature humans. STORY 3-4 Now we have 2 stories about getting rid of our Egos to be mature. The Lion who Hunted with the Wolf and the Fox. A lion ,a wolf and a fox went to hunting , and they caught a wild ox, a goat , and a rabbit. The lion then told the wolf to divide what they caught. The wolf said the ox should belong to the lion, the goat to himself, and the rabbit to the fox. The lion was angry with the wolf because he had presumed to talk of "I" and "You," and "My share" and "your share" when it all belonged of right to the lion, and he killed the wolf with one blow of his paw. Then, turning to the fox, he ordered him to make the division. The fox, seeing the death of the wolf, replied that everything should belong to the lion. The lion, happy with this , gave it all up to him, saying, "You no longer a fox, but myself." Second story Once a man came and knocked at the door of his friend. His friend said, "who are you ?" He said, "'Tis I." He answered, "Do not not enter.You are not allowed " The poor man went away, and after a time missing his friend he went again and drew near to the house of his friend. He knocked at the door in fear that some careless word might fall from his lips. His friend shouted, -"Who is that at the door?" -"'Tis you who are at the door. O beloved!" -"Since tis I, let me come in, there is not room for two 'I's' in one house." He answered, "'Tis you who are at the door. O beloved!" The friend said, "Since 'tis I, let me come in, there is not room for two 'I's' in one house." This story was written to explain that till man destroys "self or ego " he is no true friend of God. STORY 5 The Travellers who ate the Young Elephant. A group of travellers lost their way in a forest and were very hungry. . While they were thinking what to do, a wise man passing by told them that there were many young elephants in the adjacent woods and he warned them that if they killed one to eat , its parents would do everything to find them and kill them. Soon , the travellers saw a young elephant and could not resist killing and eating it. Only one of them did not eat. Then they lay down to rest. When they were asleep than a huge elephant came and began to smell the breath of each one of the sleepers in turn. Those whom he smelled to have eaten of his child's flesh he killed without mercy, leaving only the one who had not eaten. Here we understand God's care for His children
13 May 2007
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