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The homphobic neighbours really hated the 6 gay boys form The Gay Real World that moved into the house across from them, they tried the city the county the courts and no one woudl do anything, so they turned to the news media and gurilla warfare
21 Jan 2008
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CP Rail. Bad News. Bad Neighbours. A field guide to help identify improper culverts... and check out the other vids for environmental habitat transgressions. Support the cause. Report KILLER CULVERTS -- send detailed info and pics to onelittlesalmongmail****
7 Mar 2008
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This guy catches his neighbour's dog doing some pretty impressive tricks
29 Mar 2008
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Man awoken by noisy neighbours, gets angrier and angrier until he finds something to calm him down.
5 May 2008
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n "ACME This Week" a sketch show in Los Angeles, Neighbours star Ben Lawson claims that in Australia he's more famous than Jesus. His friend and ACME member Richard Keith helped him put this theory to the test...
6 Jun 2008
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A dark dramatic short film from the Crestfallen Productions team telling the blackly comic tale of a film obsessed young man, his dog hating neighbour and the strange relationship that develops between them both. Combining classic indie short filmmaking with genre horror, film noir and a whole bunch of other influences this is an exciting debut from a team that had only just left university when it was shot.
26 Nov 2009
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Finally a new product to shut up your noisy neighbours.
4 Jan 2009
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Adults play with fireworks! You will be burns Why you adults never grow up? Playing with fireworks, it will burn oneself badly and it never be heals! I really don't understand, Why adults playing with fireworks and firing at their neighbour's? Have they thought of what Consequence will costly to themselves and their own? They both sign's agreement time after time, no more play ground staff's! Untied nation body help to make this agreement. Stop playing with firework and stop the invention! But how long did it last? A week? A day? A minute? Firework's firing into neighbours a seconds of bright yellow' light with the horrible sounds that no one like to heard it over again and again! Maybe a life's been token or more, and the lights of the fireworks blinded all, maker blindness retaliation to protect themselves, whatever means necessary! The aggressions it not the making it they created the maker!!! I really don't understand. The whole mid-east and throughout those world, ongoing is attacking on this small minority people? In a tiny country! What fear has in them? What hatred really in those? To the smallest minority race's living on mother earth? Peace? No such a thing human or prays can give you Peace!!! Peace is in oneself hand making and maker children must teach to love their neighbour. Peace to oneself and the peace will be with you all With peace to oneself: SEE
10 Jan 2009
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ONESELF doing Who right or wrong, I'm not here to judge! I love writing I write what I feel good and bad, sadness and pain. You die you lost nothing to do with me. I cannot make a difference Surely I cannot bring the dead back to life's This mid-east thing been ongoing 50 years, before I was born, bring me feeling sadness and shallow to see and heard a fellows human being killing each other daily by hatred! Surprise, they all look the same, tongues and sounds. I really don't know who is who! Who is the other? Which your preference! and why, they picking a fights. You do me first! to my people. I'll do you even worst! they do this to your people. Killing at each other never ending? You kill my children, we kill your children. If there any difference children and any human life's token by hatred oneself hand cover with human bloods, can it be ever watch away? I really don't give a damn to you both, which right or wrong. But I do give my hearted, my love to see you both living in Peace! If a country infested by this horrible thing Maybe we think this infested thing is your only answer retaliation? Ask again oneself do you think this can ever being Peace? Or it bring more bloods and tears If a country government don’t have the power or don't have the courage to terminated those infested desire! Who can and who let them in? Who let them grown? And who shelters them? I really don't know, any word can be said and done. To clear both mind and thought from fearing of each other! away from hatred for both side living in Peace! Side by side and I do want you to ask oneself, do you want Peace? Can you stop playing fire and can you stop aggressiveness with retaliation? And can you both just try. Take your mind away from hatred and see give a thought I love my neighbour's Amongst neighbours and more important is amongst oneself? The answer is in your heart. In you and feel the bottoms heart No human or prays can make Peace for you ONESELF doing Oneself: SEE
11 Jan 2009
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We got an email from one of our viewers about a town councillor in Wales, Mark Easton, who had a beautiful view of the mountains, until a new neighbour purchased the land below his house and built a new home. This is true apparently. The new house blocked part of Mr Easton’s view, so he went to the council and the neighbour had to lower the roof, at great expense. Later, Mr Easton called the council again, complaining that his new neighbour had installed some vents on his house. Council said the vents can stay. There’s no law on shutter design. And this one from America – apparently by law you are obliged to disclose anything that might be wrong with a house for sale. And special thanks to Erick, a Life On Line viewer in Australia, for sending those in.
3 May 2009
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Farm animals and 90s Neighbours favourite sing out for planet-friendly farming.
11 Sep 2009
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26 Apr 2011
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7 May 2011
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This film now looks at nine services helping residents of West Sussex to live independently in their own homes. They are: Home from Hospital, Good Neighbours, My Network and My Network Plus, Frame of Mind, Prevention Assessment, Carewise, Telecare and Specialist Daycare. These new community services help to overcome problems of age or disability
5 Apr 2013
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Could Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Be Neighbours? Taylor Swift reportedly views homes very close to Harry Styles' new pad on London.
18 Nov 2013
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Ah, those night's out with the period of life for any man.
26 Sep 2007
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