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Just trying out this page for the first time.... and I forced to make this video by my neighbour so everything you see there is not my choice.
20 Mar 2008
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I picked up singing again after a few months break. I didn't intend to get a tinny cheap reverb sound on the recording, I left it raw but the WMV shitty video format added one mysteriously. The Dope Show is one of the most polished songs off of Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals. Co-incidentally it rips off (in a creative way) from a whole ton of other songs. This is the song that got me into Marilyn Manson almost 10 years ago. I feel inspired again to start singing after my long-break which started 'cause I went to jail. People are assholes in jail so you can't sing, exercise, make jokes, be yourself or basically have any fun there. I got out and just, I felt like taking a break, but now I feel like doing it again, and stupid neighbours above ain't gunna stop me now. I don't give a fuck what they think anymore. Everyone's an asshole, including me, so I'm just going to do whatever I want. Remember the story of The father, son, and the donkey. One thing I forgot to add, if you like me then fuck you too.
31 Mar 2008
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Woodridge Country Hotel Video. Visit: On approaching the entrance to Woodridge Country Hotel, visitors are greeted by the spectacle of Nguni cattle, indigenous to Africa, and are afforded the opportunity to get up close to these regal animals as well as be regaled with the intriguing folk tales that surround them. Affording the opportunity to partake of the tranquil art of fly-fishing on neighbouring Woodlands estate, Woodridge Country Hotel invites you. Contact Details Telephone +27 33 234 4423 Email aimicon***.za Website www.woodridge-estate****
17 Apr 2008
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Internet access free open 24H and updated Air Conditionning system Disabled access rooms. With its flamboyant facade and elegant decor, the Hotel Claude Bernard welcomes you in the very heart of cultural and artistic Paris. Among its famous neighbours, the Hotel Claude Bernard counts the Pantheon, the Sorbonne University, and Notre-Dame. Unique walks around Saint-Germain-des-Pres and the hot Latin Quarter will charm you beyond expectations. The hotel has a warm and friendly atmosphere, the rooms are adorned with flowery balconies and are all very well decorated with soft touches of nice fabrics and antique furniture. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning. Set in an historical quarter, the Hotel Claude Bernard does its best to offer its guests comfort in style. Fully equipped meeting rooms available. 2 min by walk from Metro Line 10 (Maubert-Mutualité Station) : direct to Parc des Princes stadium (20 minutes) - 5 min by walk from RER line B (Saint Michel Station) : direct to Saint-Denis stadium (30 minutes)
12 Apr 2008
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From the PROPHET MOHAMED recommendations: Inform about me even a verse. From the persons allah will not look at or purify: A liar prince, haughty poor, adulterer old man,those who swore 2 give something but did not,those who don't give workers 4 them their wages. Hoarding brings curse of allah. If u r in a country with an epidemuc, don't leave it. Two eyes hell doesn't touch : a crying eye for fear of Allah and a guarding eye for allah sake. Fear Allah whenever u r, follow the sin with good deed to delete it and treat people with good manner. Dice(stone in backgammon..) players disobeyed Allah and his messenger. Those who raised weapons against us r not from us. This who raises an iron bar against his brother, angels will curse him till leaving it. Once a man knocked at prophet Mohamed door, the prophet asked: who s at the door? The man said; it s me, the prophet said: me? Me ? .it means that he hated this way of replying so the man should have mentioned his name. You should knock three times at door and mention your name as prophet Mohamed recommended. From the instinct cutting your nails,moustache and unnecessary body hair. Only the clean will enter paradise. Avoid black dye in coloring hair. Hypocrisy s minor polytheism and the first people to start hell r martyr, generous and scholar as their good deeds were to get reputation(hypocrisy) not to satisfy Allah.hypocrisy s like a creeping black ant on black rock on a dark night. The devil comes to u asking who created the tree, the stone. then who created Allah .so seek Allah protection from devil three times and spit on the left and read chapter of ekhlas. Don't make your homes like graves, read surat al baqarah(chapter of cow in Quran). Before sleeping u should move your bed cover to dismiss the devil. U should also read the final two verses of surat al baqarah. When eating,entering mosque and wearing your clothes or shoes: begin with the right but when cleaning your genitals use the left hand and enter the bathroom with left leg. As Prophet recommended. Days will come when some of my nation will consider as halal(not banned) adultery,silk ,wine and playing musical instruments. The drink that much of it makes u drunk, the little of it is haram( banned). When washing your body , begin with the higher and the right parts of your body and rub hair well as prophet recommended. u should eat in groups and eat and drink sitting,drinking should be on 3 stages. We r people who eat only when we r hungry and don't fill our stomach greatly. Allah says in hadith: I am with my slave as long as he mentions me and I mention him in my soul or in a group if he mentions me in his soul or in group. Those who lie to the prophet deliberately should wait for their hellish seat.And so do those who wanna others stand up for them. No one should occupy his brother seat without his permission and u shouldnot be the prayer leader (imam) of anyone at his home. The worst sin after polytheism s the illegal sperm in a woman womb. The sessions of mentioning Allah and learning his religion makes your misdeeds turn into good deeds. From Prophet Mohamed supplications; Allah, I seek your protection from infidelity, poverty, grave torment,cares, sadeness,debt,disability and laziness. Surat al-molk(ownership) prevents grave torment. Yassin Chapter s the heart of quran and reading it in the morning then asking allah for your need makes allah respond to u. Never Flatter me like what christians did with jesus but say allah worshipper and messenger. The religion s advice. From the muslim rights on muslim : following his funeral ,visiting him when being ill,saying 2 him: allah guide u and rest your minds after sneezing and offering advice in need. Allah hates yawning and likes sneezing. it s great evil 2 despise your muslim brother. Those who help others,allah will help them and they will cross like lightning on Judgement day. The prophet ordered not to waste money,repeat what others say(rumours) and many requests. The believer honour s night praying and his self-respect s when he does without people.Dream s from the devil.those who harm their neighbours r not believers.those who believe in allah and judgement day should honour their guests,treat their neighbours well,join their relatives and say good words or shut up.Those who die with polytheism willnot enter paradise and vice versa.from the greatest sins: magic and adultery with your neighbour wife.say I believed in allah and continue in good deeds.All of adam son organs r adulterers.Forty traits top of which s giving your goat to your neighbour to milk it then give it back to u,those who do any of these traits to get reward from allah,allah will make them enter paradise
30 May 2010
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20 Apr 2008
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CP RAIL tells lies to neighbouring property owners and leaves a partially collapsed culvert unstabilized on an elevated curve of a busy rail line for over 18 months. Who's in charge?
6 Feb 2010
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CP RAIL - DANGEROUS NEIGHBOURS! Is this why trains derail? CP Rail tells lies to neighbouring property owners and leave a partially collapsed culvert on an elevated curve of a busy rail line for over 18 months. CP Rail - BAD, BAD, BAD! See CP RAIL KILLER CULVERT vids to see the environmental distress caused by CP Rail engineering incompetence. A derailment here would be disastrous to all lifeforms and ecosystems downstream. CP Rail Profits trump safety and environmental concerns.
29 Apr 2008
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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, Ms.Meg Munn , calls for more concerted international pressure- particularly from neighbouring African countries- on Zimbabwe to try to sort out the present situation.
1 May 2008
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Man scores lame goal against team of kids. Joy! Then neighbours intervene.
5 May 2008
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With 7,107 islands, and a coastline twice the length of that of the United States, the Philippines can claim to be Asia's Beach Capital. Enjoy the warm crystal blue waters of both the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Mention the Philippines and images of long, white sand beaches and bodies of water blessed with a variety of marine life come to mind. Benalmadena beaches in Spain. In Costa del Sol in the south of Spain is 150 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches. Here is my presentation for you of the beaches of the city Benalmadena. Benalmadena is 10 kilometers from Malaga Airport. Relax & Enjoy. Some of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao the neighbour island of Aruba, an island paradise in the Caribbean, part of a DVD about the island which I have made
23 Mar 2009
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Inflation surges further to 7.61 percent, More convergence in India-US Doha round talks, Pakistan wants good neighbourly relations with India, Paes and Bhupathi out of Rome Masters, Bangalore Royal Challengers and Kolkata Knight Riders fined, BCCI final hearing on Harbhajan-Sreesanth slapping episode finalised. For more news, information, and updates log on to www.headlinesindia****.
10 May 2008
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Does the test of the Ten Commandments really stand today? When the Lord Jesus Christ said to love God, and to love thy neighbour, was He not in fact summarising the first four & last six of the Ten Commandments? Jesus is and always has been of the Father Almighty - and His Law is of the Father's Law. Anything else does not come from Scripture and is of the tradition of man. A must see video for all!
14 Mar 2009
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*******health****e-and-read****/ A number of studies have shown that breastfed children are healthier and smarter (higher IQ) than their formula drinking neighbours. This and more health related topics at *******health****e-and-read****/
1 Jun 2008
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IT’S A BOY GIRL THING is a hilarious body-swap comedy in the style of BIG and 13 GOING ON 30 and is the story of Nell and Woody; teen rivals that love nothing more than to hate one another. Enemies in school, and next-door neighbours at home, the pair inexplicably wake one morning to find they have swapped bodies. At first, they’re disturbed by the occurrence, but with a little thought, it’s not long before they’re in school and tarnishing each others’ reputations. Devoting so much time and attention to each other has never been as much fun for Nell and Woody, and they soon discover that love can stem from the strangest of plantings.
27 Jun 2008
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here's a simple to execute phone prank to annoy ur family members,frnds or neighbours........ dun take it too far..........!!
11 Jul 2008
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