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Another Nejitenten video from me so I hope you enjoy it.'s another tribute... Song is "Everything you want," by Vertical Horizon. I hope you like it *grin* Also I love *tricks* XD No seizure or anything *At least I don't think...* It took me a while to create this so like I said before, I hope you enjoy it XP Neji x Tenten rocks my sox ^^ CREDIT: Naruto does not belong to me. I used screencaps from the Nejiten LJ. They are not mine.
14 Jun 2009
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Neji and TenTen are a good naruto match ^o^
14 Jun 2009
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For Youtube staff: This is a purely fan made video with no association to the anime company or music artist... Before anybody says anything against this couple, I went through HELL to get these pictures so don't go dissing this couple, understand? Because I WILL DELETE IT!! Anyways, the story here is that Neji is married to Tenten, she's been working real hard and he's going to make her night worthwhile. Song: Bed by JHoliday Couple: NejiTen Sources: Deviantart and Photobucket
14 Jun 2009
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How to draw neji..... :P everytime i try to make a how to draw video my drawing keep coming out messed up (maybe cus i usually have more time) anyway, like my itachi video, it was just fun to make so enjoy :D
16 Jun 2009
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Drawing Neji Hyuuga of Naruto... (A new Naruto drawing is on my channel!
16 Jun 2009
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this is a fan base art i did and i wanted to show you guy's & girl's how to draw neji if you think this is bad you can say it is but you have to give me a reason why and explain i wish to become good at art someday so i draw everyday ^^ --------real time: 6mins------------ Enjoy rate and comment
16 Jun 2009
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Pretty cute slideshow of Neji and Tenten; the first pic you see is one that I drew. I'm very happy this video has been favorited alot (for some weird reason). I'm happy people enjoy it. Artist: Rurutia Song: Lost Butterfly *I made another video like this (Except it's a ShikaxTemari one). You can see it here... *******youtube****/watch?v=5L_Ohu_WsVA DISCLAIMER: This is a purely fan made video. I do not own, nor am I in any way affiliated with either the show or the song artist. Full credit goes to their respective owners.
17 Jun 2009
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Es un video, echo por mi misma, jeje... sobre mi pareja favorita del anime Tenten y Neji, con la canción Meikyu Butterfly
17 Jun 2009
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naruto lutando contra neji nas provas junins e sasuke vs gaara lutando tambem nas provas junins
4 Aug 2009
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I made this for Arania so that she could older Neji. Go visit Arania site at: *******arania.kamiki****
29 Aug 2009
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Me Playing As Kidoumaru Fighting Neji. Music: The Offspring - Can't Repeat. Game: Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3. Difficulty: Hard. Handicap: Max For Computer. Rounds: 1
7 Sep 2009
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____________________________________________ The episodes are Naruto Episode 60 (Neji vs. Naruto) and Naruto Episode 116-117 (Neji vs. Kidoumaru) I found these episode at *******www.narutomania**** and *******narutohq**** If you can't read the scrolling white text they are... 1. "This story is a story of a caged bird..." 2. "Who always relied on destiny." 3. "Now, that bird is free" Sorry about that...they go a little fast. ___________________________________________ This is my first AMV EVER!!! I thought it turned out really good! I'm actually watching it many times lol! Hope you enjoy. Neji is one of my favorite characters and I just thought that an AMV about him would be awesome! ____________________________________________ PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT, but all naughty and chain comments will be deleted! THANKS! ____________________________________________ (This is fan-made and has nothing to do with the music or the anime in any way...just for fun) ____________________________________________ -LegendofHyuuga- ____________________________________________
8 Sep 2009
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neji x tenten,naruto x hinata,sasuke x sakura lo mas
15 Sep 2009
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Well, I figure it'd be a nice time to introduce a new game to the channel, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. I've always been a fan of this particular take of the Naruto anime more than any other (although the Clash of Ninja series is beginning to warm up to me). Think Super Smash Bros. Brawl mixed with that anime and you got this game. Anyways, this video will show you how the game is like for different characters, starting with my personal favorite, Neji Hyuga. Hopefully this will be entertaining to you guys. "This is the Hyuga power!" VIDEO INFO Game: Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 (PS2 US) Voice Language: Japanese Difficulty: Hard 1st Battle vs. Ino Yamanaka Stage: Kikyo Castle Tower Ougi (Ultimate Jutsu): Last Resort: 8 Gates Assault (Zesshou: Hachimon Hougeki) Handicap: 3-7 in CPU favor 2nd Battle vs. Tsunade Stage: Forest of Death Ougi: 8 Trigams 64 Palms (Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou) Handicap: 2-8 in CPU favor 3rd Battle Vs. Kimimaro Kaguya Stage: Valley of the End Ougi: 8 Trigrams 361 Style (Hakke Sanbyaku Rokuju Shiki) Handicap: 1-9 in CPU favor
22 Oct 2009
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Uma excelente luta do Neji contra seu próprio clone. Através dessa luta, podemos ver que o elemento do Neji é o Fuuton, ou seja, o Vento. Neji is my caracter favorite from Naruto! He is very very sexy. rs Todos os diereitos reservados a Kishimoto Masashi. Naruto não me pertence, mais se Kishimoto quiser me dar Neji-kun e Itachi-sama, eu aceit.o *-*
6 Nov 2009
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20 Dec 2009
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