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Speculation increases that Colts GM Chris Polian isn't fit for a position he received with help from his father, Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian. PFW's own father-son duo report the story.
13 Nov 2011
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Visit www.revelinnewyork**** for Ted Rall's cultural recommendations in New York City and beyond. Ted Rall is the president of the Association of American Cartoonists, who's syndicated work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, David Eggers' Might Magazine, Mad Magazine and Time. He is a two-time winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, whose controversies section on Wikipedia is over a page long. During his career he's attacked Art Spiegelman for "lacking talent" and using nepotism to advance his career, he compared US soldiers to the SS, lashed out at 9-11 widows for capitalizing on their personal tragedies and called Pat Tillman (the NFL star who left his career to fight in Iraq and was killed) a "sap" and an "idiot". Ted Rall has authored numerous books, graphic novels, essays, cartoon collections, and anthologies, all of which can be found at Rall****.
28 Aug 2009
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Apollo 20 Legacy Lift off of Apollo 20 saturn 5 from Vandenberg AFB august 16 1976. Note the marks on the rocket, different than the previous apollo launches. "carpent tua poma nepotes" check my account, the big apollo 20 files wil be posted soon, especially the most important
6 Mar 2009
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*******www.matthewbredel**** - In my hunt for a personal assistant, the solution was literally under my roof: My wife. This totally made sense! But how? She took care of the kids. So we did a 180 and decided to outsource the child care to a nanny (3 days per week) while my wife works for me. By hiring my wife, I not only invest in the current growth of the company, but the future of it, as well. Sure, she gets added perks (like hanging out with me all day!), but that is what being married to an internet marketer is all about! (I can't wait until I can hire my kids, too!)
29 Jul 2008
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Huckabee discusses Evangelical nepotism.
4 Dec 2007
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In historic ruling, High Court declares President Musharraf's suspension of Iftikhar Chaudhry was 'illegal' 2007-07-20 Chief Justice Chaudhry had become a symbol for pro-democracy and anti-Musharraf forces since he was ousted from office on March 9 on charges of judicial misconduct and nepotism. Chaudhry opposes President General Musharraf's efforts to run as president while maintaining control of the army. He has criss-crossed Pakistan, making campaign-style speeches against dictatorial rule. Last Tuesday, a suicide bomber attacked a rally he was to address at the Islamabad bar association. More than 15 people were killed. Today's ruling by the 13-member Supreme Court reinstates Chaudhry and drops all charges against him. Musharraf has said he will accept the court's decision. APTN recorded Chaudhry as he celebrated his victory at home with supporters, many of whom later marched in the streets shouting slogans including 'Musharraf is a dog.' --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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Here's a simple socio-conscious track about Africa, Politics, Development, Poverty and Wealth. It is about driving change for Africa and it's people - and....... those who advocate change will not be stopped. ———--LYRICS TO "AFRICA HIGHER HIGHER"———-- ——Chorus—- We go higher higher, higher, higher higher. No lower lower lower lower. Higher higher, higher, higher higher. No lower lower. —--Verse 1:—— Freedom is priceless. Knowledge is wealth. 1 like for your mind. 2 likes for your soul. Africa Oh! The continent that got it all. Who tell you for put yourself upon it's throne? 20 years for power. 30 plus and 40 more! All the worries that my family and my friends they're family they got because of you! How you gon' take wa money and blow it all, or save it all in some Swiss banks? Where the interest di go? No man no know. A few men and their families, living off half of our inheritance! ——--Chorus:——- ——-Verse 2:——- We want trade, fair trade. Democracies not your monarchies or nepotism. Because of your policies the world think sey we be 2nd class citizens! You don't give us our privileges. Everything we own you sign am off to corporates and international thieves! Internationally renowned for tiffing our diamond and gold. Precious metals, oil, they bribe and line your pockets with our cash. Chorus: ——P. Jericho verse:——-- 1 step forward, 2 step backwards. In this movie we play the leading actor. Self-hatred for one another. There'll be no growth till we discover how to eliminate the enemy. We've always been oppressed in captivity let our family use us, county men slave us. Then make deals with white men to trade us. God please save us. Cus we've lost our identity. No sense in who we are, and we're drowning in disloyalty. The leaders that we have so far are money-hungry. Corrupt our minds and keep us struggling. But we can put an end to this if we unify to go....... —Chorus———————————————————— Download 'Africa 'Higher Higher' for free from 14th May 2013 at ********www.soundcloud****/debradebs ********twitter****/debradebs #AfricaHigherHigher ********www.facebook****/debra.debs ********www.debradebs**** WHUMAN EP ALBUM Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby, eMusic *************/Whuman/dp/B00... ************/us/album/whu... For Live PAs and interviews contact managementinvinciblegroup****
29 Sep 2013
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Subscribe Now To Catch All Of The Action! -- *******www.wistv****/story/21572378/suspended-norway-mayor-jim-preacher-dies Jim Preacher dies. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has released a copy of a patrolman's dash camera video showing the trooper ticketing Norway's mayor and then being pulled over himself -- by the mayor. DMV records show Norway Mayor Jim Preacher was driving the town's unmarked Dodge Charger 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on Jan. 18. Preacher was just outside the town's limits when the trooper picked up the speeding on his radar. After the trooper issued Preacher a four-point ticket, the video shows Preacher make a U-turn and turn his lights and sirens on to make a stop on the trooper. "Can I see your driver's license," the Norway mayor asked the trooper. The trooper pulls his license out when Preacher tells him the reason for the stop, "Are you familiar with interfering with a police officer?" Preacher asked. Preacher claims he was acting as the town's chief constable and was investigating an attempted armed robbery at a gas station that night in Norway. Preacher was driving the former chief's patrol car. Norway has been without a police department since August 2011, after former mayor Cindy Williams sent a letter to the state's criminal justice academy, stating that Norway "disbanded" its police force because the town couldn't afford the officers. Preacher took the trooper's license and patrol car registration and spent 23 minutes with it, sitting inside his Charger. The trooper's dash cam audio caught the entire episode. You can hear the trooper complying with Preacher's commands, and then a string of phone calls between the trooper and his supervisors. In the first call, the trooper tells his boss, "I don't know what he pulled me for; he—I don't know. He's back there now, I don't know what he's doing." Seventeen minutes into the stop, the trooper's supervisor tells him to take his phone to Preacher. "I'm going to file a formal complaint, I'm going to take him back to my office and issue him a ticket for interfering with a police officer," Preacher told the unidentified supervisor. Preacher tells the supervisor that he should have gotten a "professional courtesy," since he was a law enforcement officer, and let go without a ticket. "Son, you got a lot to learn," Preacher told the trooper as he handed him his license back and drove away. Preacher did not issue the trooper a ticket for interfering. DPS launched an investigation into the stop the following day. After reviewing the tapes, DPS turned their investigation over to the State Law Enforcement Division to determine whether Preacher violated state law in stopping the trooper. SLED is also investigating whether Preacher had any police powers, since his law enforcement certification records show that his certification is "inactive" with the academy. Preacher claims he is acting as Norway's "chief constable," a title granted to him during a Jan. 9, 2012 council meeting in Norway. Preacher who was sworn in as the town's mayor just days before that, makes $32,000 a year in that position, according to records. SLED turned its investigation over to the State Attorney General's office for an opinion as to whether Preacher has police powers, and the authority to conduct traffic stops. The AG has not issued its opinion as of this report. UPDATE: A grand jury indicted Norway, SC Mayor Jim Preacher and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley suspended him from office. He is accused of impersonating a police officer, drawing pay without council approval, and nepotism when hiring his own son to work for the city. The indictments claim that among other things, Preacher stopped State Trooper Williams "without the authority, justification and certification to do so mandated by S.C. Criminal Justice Academy qualifications *******www.wistv****/story/21572378/suspended-norway-mayor-jim-preacher-dies
20 Aug 2013
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download my EP "Street Poetry" *******limelinx****/bym7w Lauryn Hill sentenced to 3 months in prison: ******* (LYRICS BELOW) Here is a link to a piece that I was 'required' to release immediately, by virtue of the impending legal deadline. I love being able to reach people directly, but in an ideal scenario, I would not have to rush the release of new music... but the message is still there. In light of Wednesday's tragic loss (of former label mate Chris Kelly), I am even more pressed to YELL this to a multitude that may not understand the cost of allowing today's unhealthy paradigms to remain unchecked! - MLH ******* LYRICS: We're living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man Drunken debauchery, old world brutality Cold world kills softly, whole world runs savagely Reading into prior things, program TV screens Quick scam and drag queens, real likely to blast fiends Think twice and past dreams, crime if you ask clean Quick fast, for poison has entered the blood stream Psychological master, consequences of tragedy Mythological characters, men and women is parody Superficial the vanity, borderline the insanity Out of order humanity, crime committed so passively Desperados and casualties, corporations want batteries Explanations of strategies, domination and mastery Own zones and the bankrupt grown people, so corrupt Vice lords and yellow men, junkies and popularity Culture so independent, vultures scavenge reality Past, feel the depravity, decaying social cavity Preying on human ignorance, popular immorality Sympathy, disease head, population misled Self indulgent past dead, absence of the God head Pimps, pushers and, Nepotism, no artistery Despotism and privacy Desperation, dishonesty Physicist is your policy, more money, less equality Inflated global ego, imitating reality Fuel cycle pharaoh, poisonous poison arrows Hypocritics on salary, idle hands that was agency Predisposed to complacency, jealousy, audacity Contagious social gluttony, stages of mass delinquency Effort to make conception, generation in atrophy Glam life in debt, scam life in editors Byproducts of neglect children hiding from creditors Absence of self respect, fully scared of competitors Lifestyle of luxury at someone's expense Sensitive children, used up and sacrificed Blind to the consequence, smoked up on dope pipes Ecstasy, fast life, recklessly past life Narcotics and cash fight in this neurotic society Benefactors turned actors, addictions triple captors Experience manufactures in this neurotic toxic society It's like post-war, they looking for the commenters or who the Marxs is Ten thousand pictures on Facebook, it's like the pot callin' the kettle narcissist Come on really, sayin' it's the devil, but you're the chief arsonist Hypocrites can't even see their own part in it No reflection, vampire paradigm No introspection, break down Three months before pure obsession, picture can't take down Children, this a shake down, they just lookin' for a sacrifice They been doin' this since before Bobby Darin sang Mack the Knife Before James Dean's car did a jack knife Perhaps it's because they lack life or lack guts Never confuse the head with the butt Opinions are like assholes and most of 'em stink I was told by a woman, so rethink, don't ever let them ever lead you to drink Leave you to doubt, lead you to fall Get up, stand us, pass Lucifer out Shake it up baby, watch them twist it and shout Insecure assholes lookin' for a ticket To ride on somebody like the picket, it's fuckin' wicked, shame on 'em This neurotic toxic society Sick cycle psychology in desperate need of psychiatry Exorcism, sobriety, forcin' social lobotomies People stuck in dichotomies, pseudo-sicko anxieties Serial criminals dressed in variety Social transvestisms, subliminal dressed up as piety Transforms projections like Cartesian images Robbing innocence, stealing inheritance Quiet victims with no defense portrayed over dollars and cents Maladjusted ignorant malediction and dissonance Too much addiction, no consciousness Don't trust it, this cosmology is busted Broken returns to the dusted, stems of corruption Oppression, deceit, abuse and repeat They don't feel complete unless they're robbin' the sheep Man is not a product if you call it that then stop it In this neurotic godless society
3 Aug 2013
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Idi Amin Dada (c. 1925[A] -- 16 August 2003) was a military leader and President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. Amin joined the British colonial regiment, the King's African Rifles, in 1946, and eventually held the rank of Major General and Commander of the Ugandan Army before taking power in the military coup of January 1971, deposing Milton Obote. He later promoted himself to Field Marshal while he was the head of state. Amin's rule was characterized by human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is estimated by international observers and human rights groups to range from 100,000[1] to 500,000. During his years in power, Amin was backed by Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi as well as the Soviet Union and East Germany.[2][3][4] In 1975--1976, Amin became the Chairman of the Organisation of African Unity, a pan-Africanist group designed to promote solidarity of the African states.[5] During the 1977--1979 period, Uganda was appointed to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.[6] From 1977 to 1979, Amin titled himself as "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor[B] Idi Amin Dada, VC,[C] DSO, MC, Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular".[7] Dissent within Uganda and Amin's attempt to annex the Kagera province of Tanzania in 1978 led to the Uganda--Tanzania War and the demise of his regime. Amin later fled to exile in Libya and Saudi Arabia until his death on 16 August 2003.
23 Jul 2013
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INTRODUCTION OF MNAKA INTERNATIONAL M N A K A is a political" ORGANISATION OF REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOTIC YOUTH".It has international agenda to serve for the welfare,development and improvement of moral and spiritual values of mankind.It is an association of devoted and dedicated youth engages completely for the welfare of human being without any personal interest.It works to develop understanding among the people regarding mutual friendship,brotherhood,sympathy,love and unity.It serves for the welfare of the people without the distinction of color,race,language,caste,religion and region.It educates and trains the youth for social justice,peace,harmony and welfare. MNAKA is determined to eliminate chronic social evils resulted from capitalism system,like IGNORANCE,ABHORRENCE,BARBARISM,INJUSTICE,SECTIONALISM,EXPLOITATION,NEPOTISM,FANTACISM,BLOODSHED,CRUELTY,SOCIAL UNJUST,ECONOMIC INEQUALITY,EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM. MANIFESTO OF MNAKA INTERNATIONAL MNAKA(MOHIB E WATAN NOUJAWAN INQLABEYUN KI ANJUMAN) AN ORGANISATION OF REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOTIC YOUTH. 1-Fight against ignorance. 2-To establish eastern values. 3-To maintain a matchless institution for the intellectual development of the students and youth and develop in them enviable leadership qualities. 4-To preserve regional languages and cultures from their rapid erosion.... See More 5-To acquaint the young generation with their basic rights. 6-To bring the youth fall in line with mutual co-operation,unity and uniqueness. 7-To get the youth rid of the poisonous seeds of caste,creed and color,and motivate mutual harmony and sympathy in them. 8-To foster familiar contact between the eastern and western youth. 9-To follow the lead of our ancestors and their great hall marks. 10-To actuate the youth not to mourn over their sense of lose and foster in them fortitude courage to contain upheals in each walk of life,thus leading them to their bright future.
1 Nov 2012
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C-Murder is the younger brother of Master P, the founder and president of No Limit Records. That explains his membership in the No Limit family, the label where nepotism rules, but he's actually one of the stronger rappers on the label. He may stick to the predictable gangsta musical blueprint, but as a rapper, he had an original style and interesting wordplay that separated him from the No Limit pack. C-Murder made his first recorded appearance as a member of Tru, a trio that also featured his brothers Master P and Silkk the Shocker. Their first album, True, was released in 1995 and was followed by Tru 2 da Game in 1997. During that year, C-Murder appeared on a number of No Limit releases, including Master P's Ghetto D and the I'm Bout It soundtrack.
15 Dec 2011
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The clip everett finds his daughters from O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) (y:i) The cloud and storm (y:i) will in time pass away (y:i) And the sun again (y:i) will shine bright and clear (y:i) Keep on the sunny side (y:i) Always on the sunny side (y:i) Keep on the sunny side of life (y:i) It will help us every day (y:i) It will brighten all the way (y:i) If we'll keep on (y:i) the sunny side of life (y:i) If we'll keep on (y:i) the sunny side of life That was wonderful. That sure was. Yes. Now, I know The Sunnysiders would agree with me when I say that the great state of Mississippi cannot afford four more years of Pappy O'Daniel! Four more years of cronyism! Nepotism! Rascalism! Of service to the interests! Now, the choice, she's a clear. Pappy O'Daniel, slave of the interests. Homer Stokes, servant of the little man. Right, little fella? He ain't lyin'! And ladies and gentlemen, the little man has admonished me to grasp the broom of reform and sweep this state clean! It's gonna be, "Back to the flour mill, Pappy"! The interests can take care of themselves! Come Tuesday, we're gonna sweep the rascals out! Clean government is yours for the asking! Folks, now the little Wharvey gals! "Wharvey gals"? Did he just say "Little Wharvey gals"? Come here, girls. What y'all gonna sing for us? "In the Highways".
6 Dec 2011
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Shabana Mahmood THE woman who succeeds the popular Birmingham MP Clare Short and who is just as passionate and outspoken as her famous predecessor. says her election is mile stone for other womens to follow suite get involved with the political process. Pakistan-origin Barrister Shabana Mahmood romped home to beat off a Liberal Democrat challenge, taking Birmingham Ladywood for Labour. Shabana Mahmood has barely started her political career in the public eye and already she has come through a difficult and at times heated selection contest to become the Labour candidate for Ladywood at the next General Election. As the 27-year-old daughter of a Labour Party official, she has already had to deal with allegations of nepotism, rumours of a party split on race lines between Asian and Afro-Caribbean factions as well as snipes from those opposed to women only shortlists. But it is clear the barrister is anything but a party automaton and from the outset has set out her stall as a passionate opponent of the Iraq War and the 42 day detention of terror suspects. It was the conduct of the Iraq War which led to Ms Shorts resignation from the Labour Party in 2006, a decision which went down well in her constituency and opened the door for a new candidate to come forward. Shabana, who was born and raised in Small Heath, said: Clare has raised the profile of Ladywood and I aim to build on that. She was also outspoken and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs. I am a Labour Party member and share 99.9 per cent of the partys aims and policies. But there are issues such as the Iraq War and 42 days over which I disagree with the party line. And arriving at a difficult time for the Government, Shabana says the party needs to promote its record on the economy, education and its core values of fairness and social justice and to not fall for short term gimmicks. The polls are volatile, this is not where we will be in two years time, she said. Shabana, is a twin and one of four children family of Pakistani origins. Her father Mahmood Ahmed, a civil engineer, is the chairman of the Birmingham Labour Party. (source birmingham mail)
2 May 2011
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Nigeria Jubilee Music Video for Nigeria 50th Independence Celebration. Nigeria be Free. Nigeria be free, Stand against corruption, nepotism, tribalism, political bigotry, and decadence. Watch out for my up coming Album. Emmanuel Bakare.
13 Dec 2010
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Sexen is one the best Turkish Metal band from Istanbul. This is the 2nd song (after intro) from the debut album '' Censored Inc. '' POLITICAL MASQUERADE (Lyrics) '' Denn ihr seid Fleisch von unserem Fleisch und Blut von unserem Blut, und in Euren Gehirnen brennt der selbe Geist, der uns beherrscht! '' Adolf Hitler (Sep, 1934) Malignant souls, the concentric decay is brought along with the pervasive fray Neglected dreams, the costal path of fate is tainted rapidly by the compulsive gait The heirs of mire conspire against the entire crowd Atavism, Dogmatism, Nativism The heirs of mire conspire against the entire shroud Fascism, Racism, Nepotism System drains the intellectual source of fights Misdirected brains and conceptual oversights '' Today, our nation saw evil, the very worst for human nature. And we responded with the best of America '' G.W.Bush (Sep, 2001) Raging breath, the cries of boundless rein anxiously engender a formless stain Virtuous shame, the fang-silhouetted fright has been the main reason for the rousing proselyte The heirs of mire conspire against the entire crowd Chauvinism, Jingoism, Anarchism The heirs of mire conspire against the entire shroud Communism, Centrism, Capitalism Go ! System drains the intellectual source of fights Misdirected brains and conceptual oversights Individual aims contain regression; possession-centered games ''Now cast your vote! '' by rote As the name implies, some books advise to use common lies An embargo on sovereign action Just another largo election Welcome to the Political Masquerade '' Kendi kendini kontrol edemeyen demokrasiyi, saglam temeller üzerine oturtmak, kaybolan devlet otoritesini, yeniden tesis etmek icin yonetime el koymak zorunda kalmistir. Komutan, subay, astsubay ve erler olarak, hepimiz vatan ve milletin refah ve mutlulugu ugruna, her seyimizi, bu arada hayatimizi dahi seve seve feda etmeye haziriz. '' Kenan Evren (Sep, 1980) System drains the intellectual source of fights Misdirected brains and conceptual oversights Individual aims contain regression; possession-centered games ''Now cast your vote! '' by rote As the name implies, some books advise to use common lies
5 Oct 2010
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