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Wondering what he just did to have the guts of Superman? This freaking man just destroyed the nest of Yellowjacket with nothing but his bare hands.
22 Nov 2017
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6 Dec 2017
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Nesting swans captured on video.
9 Oct 2006
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A 3-year-old juvenile bald eagle (A32) tries to steal K10's breakfast. When that doesn't succeed, she makes herself at home on the nest for over an hour. Several interesting places to watch for... 1) 0:59 - an eagle flashes by from top middle to the lower left side. 2) 1:24 - when K10 first notices A32. 3) 1:35 - 2 shadows zoom across the canyon. 4) 1:38 - K10 zips across the top left corner. 5) 1:42 - A32 lands on the nest. 6) 2:21 - As A32 is shown in a defensive stance, a wing tip appears for a scant second in the top right corner. K10's or K26's? 7) 3:16 - A32's first departure. 8) 3:20 - K10 returns to the nest. 9) 3:36 - an upset K10 voices an alarm. 10) 3:41 - K10 takes off. 11) 3:44 - A32 lands. 12) 4:29 - A32 looking for nestovers. 13) 5:53 - A32 resting her foot? 14) 6:17 - A32 lightening the load. 15) 6:23 - A32 leaves 16) 6:26 - A32 flies up the canyon behind the nest. QUOTE: "A32 is a Santa Cruz eagle. She was released on the island in 2004, so she is just turning 3 years old this spring, hence the mottled plumage. It is unusual to have another eagle land on the nest. I do not recall ever seeing another eagle land at a nest during the breeding season, but often times there are other eagles in the area. Perhaps Peter has seen other eagles at nests before? As far as we know right now, A32 is not a breeder and is not territorial, so she is just cruising the island looking for food, etc. She may not remain long (although she looks pretty comfortable right now), and I'm sure K-10 and K-26 will return to normal nesting activities. However, it will be interesting to see what happens. She is pretty big (did you see the way the branch lowered under her weight?), so I imagine the adults are perched close, just keeping an eye on her, not wanting to get in a fight with a big, perhaps aggressive, eagle. Not worth it. Interesting goings on nonetheless. Jessica IWS Eagle Crew" To learn more about the Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS), A32, this nest and the bald eagles that made history in 2006 on this nest and what's in store for the coming year go to IWS**** and *******z7.invisionfree****/CHIL_EagleCAM/index.php?act=idx
15 Feb 2007
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A hummingbird nest in my backyard
15 Feb 2007
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A dove bird making a nest for its family and it carries sticks and chips for its nest just outside of my window.
24 May 2007
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Gardemeister slide Kuohu SS18. Neste Rally Finland 2005.
21 May 2007
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birds noisey sound nesting at night
22 Jul 2007
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Neste Oil Rally Finland 2007 - World’s best rally videoclips, ouninpohja 1 & 2, Valkola, Ruuhimäki.
5 Aug 2007
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The Legendary Ouninpohja Stage. Thousand Lakes Rally. Neste Oil Rally. World one difficouldest SS in the WRC season. Video starts few km before where stage starts year 2007. Video is speeded up.
19 Aug 2007
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The Legendary Ouninpohja Stage. Thousand Lakes Rally. Neste Oil Rally. World one difficouldest SS in the WRC season. Video starts few km before where stage starts year 2007. Video is speeded up.
19 Aug 2007
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Wasp or like insect making a nest on the wall. Bad focus and 2 minutes of your life you'll never get back, lol, but you have been warned, dare you to watch till the end.
5 Sep 2007
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