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Colleges are starting to view Facebook and Myspace profiles for inappropriate information to reject or revoke student admission offers. Colleges are revoking acceptance of high school slackers for a decrease in GPA and can then share this senioritis information with other universities.For more College Acceptance Tips, visit: *******www.usnews****/blogs/collegeknowledge/2008/10/2/6-top-tips-from-college-admissions-experts.html
15 Jun 2010
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Best use of techniques such as interactive graphics, Flash and slideshows to report on international news CFR.ORG Council on Foreign Relations "Crisis Guide: Pakistan" This piece stood out for its flawless graphics and videos, clear organization of content, and features for social-network sharing. Its unique strength is that it strikes a smart balance between telling a compelling linear story & embracing the modern practice of consuming small chunks of information in a non-linear manner. The presentation uses numbered tabs to guide the reader through a detailed history of the region. For the casual reader it is easy to drop in and sample bits and pieces of the content without feeling lost or dependent on knowing a previous section's contents. The real key is the prominent inclusion of embed code and social network sharing links. Finally, of all the entries, this Flash piece has the best technical performance — graphics transition gracefully, videos play flawlessly and the interface reacts quickly to user action. CITATION STAFF OF CNN.COM "Home and Away: Iraq and Afghanistan Casualities"
27 May 2011
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Some of your favorite personalities from around the Polaris network share their stories about how games have brought them closer to the people around them. Enjoy! ******* Subscribe! ******* --- FEATURING: Dodger ***********/presshearttocontinue Spooky ***********/user/teamspooky YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon ***********/yogscast Day[9] ***********/day9tv Markiplier ***********/markipliergame Egoraptor ***********/egoraptor Chuggaaconroy ***********/chuggaaconroy --- Who is Polaris? ******* Twitter: ******* Facebook: ******* Google+: ******* Instagram: ******* Tumblr: ******* Polaris is a new collaborative home for amazing personalities and original content. We love comics, we love movies, and most of all we love games. Thanks for watching!
9 Aug 2013
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The social network shares details on its finances and users for the first time, Instagram will begin to show ads, and hackers steal data on 3 million Adobe customers.
4 Oct 2013
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Watch it here and watch it now, the story of how a common young lad reaches to the pinnacle of his fame with the help of his friends via the Airtel Network. Share the video if you have friends who can do the same for you.
29 Nov 2013
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Using the new Edge® 810 and 510 touchscreen GPS bike computers, which offer advanced performance metrics and connected features through your smartphone, including LiveTrack, auto upload, social network sharing and weather our riders can now share their activities live from the road or when they get back home. Coaches, friends and family can follow live, comment at Garmin Connect and then be in your tyre tracks tomorrow. Watch Ryder Hesjedal, David Millar, Dan Martin and Andrew Talansky as they prepare for the upcoming pro cycling season! Are you ready for the new season?
5 Jan 2015
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