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Nick Capaldi – a UK singer/songwriter whose debut single hit the Amazon Hot New Release list within a week of release and remained in the Top 20 Best Selling New Release list for five weeks. With Radio 2’s Bob Harris a big fan, and a track from his debut EP making a highly acclaimed appearance on the MOJO ‘Songs In The Key of Paul’ album, it’s fair to say that Nick Capaldi is one of the UK’s hottest rising musicians. Now for 2017, Nick Capaldi makes an impressive return with the release of his new single ‘Disgrace Face’ on 10 March, with his new album ‘Neon Heart’, hot on its heels on 19 May; proving that when it comes to innovative rock/pop, Capaldi is producing probably the freshest, most relevant sound on our musically creative shores. Punching its musical weight with a vibrant, dynamic, highly polished, Bowie-esque pop/rock vibe, ‘Disgrace Face’ steps up boldly as the first single plucked from the forthcoming album. Depicting a tale of social-awkwardness, ‘Disgrace Face’ paints of vivid picture of a round peg in a square hole. What it’s like to not fully fit in, with the only solution being to move on and start again.
26 Feb 2017
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Arguably one of Manchester’s finest Blues bands right now, the Lol Goodman Band step into 2017 with the announcement of their new single ‘Live My Life With The Blues’ on 3 March, alongside the deluxe edition of their new album, ‘Just Wanna Say…..A Little Bit More’, on the same date. With their last single, ‘Don’t Go Fishing’ boasting strong radio play during the Autumn of 2016 and a live set at The Skegness Blues Festival confirmed for January, Lol Goodman Band are clearly make their mark on the scene. The new single, ‘Live my Life with the Blues’, delivers the gritty essence of true Blues music. It’s an almost autobiographical tale of any bluesman that’s had it tough, been through good and bad times, but lives to tell the tales; still dreaming of happiness and fortune. That’s the blues – you can’t sing it if you aint lived it! Lol Goodman has lived it…..‘Live My Life For The Blues’ about people who come and go, and the fact that we’re not always in charge of our own destiny. The personal impact on Lol’s own life of losing his father at a very young age inspired this song, it’s a melodic reminder of how time and life can slip by very quickly. BUT, overall, how we manage to embrace those challenges and overcome the burdens and tough events in our life. So we live life with the Blues, but we still have hope, love and dreams in our heart.
26 Feb 2017
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This is a teaser for the new album EGO by the Dutch alternative jazz band Tommy Moustache, which will be released in April 2017. Band members: Jasper van Damme - Saxophone Jorn ten Hoopen - Guitar Bas Kloosterman - Bass Mark van Kersbergen - Drums The video is recorded and edited by Sasha Ivantic. All artwork is created by Auke Triesschijn. The songs used in the video are all written by Tommy Moustache except for Un Hombre Verdad, which is written by Tommy Moustache and Jimmi Hueting: Intro: Operation G-Ball 1. Brute Force 2. Bax! BaxBax! Bax! 3. Monacre 4. Hosternokke 5. Un Hombre Verdad
6 Mar 2017
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SDM releases new Lyric video exclusively on KrazeTV from his album 'Electrolized' currently available on Cd Baby & Bandcamp. This song is set to be re-released on Amazon in CD format soon because the cd has been out of print for awhile now. If you like electronic music with pop/dance elements with a unique sound, then check out SDM. A new album is currently in the works.
11 Mar 2017
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Holly from The Sauce interviews Chevelle on their new album "Vena Sera" (traslation: Vein Liquids), on their new video for "Well Enough Alone" and about living at The Palms in Las Vegas. To see more of your favorite artists, go to and tune-in to The Sauce weekdays at 6pm ET, only on fuse.
18 Jul 2007
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Steven chats with The Bravery on The Sauce about their new album The Sun and the Moon and choosing the first single, along with their SXSW performance. To see more of your favorite artists, go to and tune-in to The Sauce weekdays at 6pm ET, only on fuse.
18 Jul 2007
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The new album by Kontour will be released on Some Bizzare Records 04/02/08
29 Dec 2007
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In the lost and found section we have this Singer who was lost and now found releasing a new album. Sheryl Crowe where have you been! Hey everyone I’m amy Paffrath for get the your online video news source with music news. In Music news, Sheryl Crow and Lenny Kravitz are both releasing new music this week. Sheryl’s new disc Detours hits on a personal level. Songs like “Diamond Ring” and “Make it go Away” refernce to Crow’s tumultuous year including her breakup to Lance Armstrong and a bout with breast cancer. However detours doesn’t fail to deliver the pop hits Crow is famous for. Listen to tracks "Now That You're Gone" and "Love Is All There Is. While Sheryl is on a Detour, Lenny Kravitz is starting a Revolution! And its all about love! According to Lenny his latest effort “It is time for a Love Revolution” is all about Life, love and change. It’s a positive record, he says. Just the rocking hippy love fest we expect from the 60s throwback rocker! Detours and Love Revolution are in stores now. You can catch Sheryl performing her latest single on Letterman tonight. This has been Amy Paffrath for
10 May 2009
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New Album 2008 Meri Kahani, New song Meri Khani, High Quality Video
25 May 2008
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Perfume new Album [GAME] MAD CM (60s)
18 Apr 2008
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Coolooloosh will release a much anticipated new album - "Mind and Soul" in August 2008. This is a teaser with a few rough cut tracks from the album. The Album was produced this winter in Philadelphia by the Grammy nominated producer David Ivory , who worked with artists such as The Roots and Erykah Badu...
27 May 2008
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0:39 ***The Game Instrumentals, New Album Lax, Hip Hop Instrumentals
29 May 2008
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jazzy B New album Rambo
3 Jul 2008
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– ONLY ON A&E’S PRIVATE SESSIONS - Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter ALANIS MORISSETTE chats with host Lynn Hoffman and tells all about her immense career from writing her first song at 10 years old to becoming an overnight success to how she approached working on her new album, Flavors of Entanglement, and what it means to her. Plus, don’t miss exclusive performances of her hits “Ironic”, “8 Easy Steps”, “Thank U” and her new songs “Tapes” and “Underneath”.
6 Sep 2008
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Rachel and Grace of talk about the making of Conor Oberst's new album. Conor Mullen Oberst (born February 15, 1980) is an American songwriter, singer, poet, best known for his work in Bright Eyes. He has also played in several other bands, including Desaparecidos, Norman Bailer, Commander Venus, Park Ave., and his newest project Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.
14 Feb 2009
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Hillary Duffs Says No Wedding... Yet. Ashley Tisdale Meets For New Album. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Welcome Baby Zuma. Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox: Back to Work. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: Inseparable.
22 Nov 2008
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