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28 May 2018
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David Prager talks to his longtime friend and Diggnation cohort Kevin Rose about his new company, Milk. We also get an exclusive demo of Kevin's brand new app, Oink!
4 Nov 2011
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All app download in google Player store
19 Feb 2018
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App download in google playstore
8 Mar 2018
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New App for iPhone and iPod Touch Includes Live Video, Localization Features and the Ability to Upload iReports. To view the Multimedia News Release see *******www2.prnewswire****/mnr/cnn/40303/
30 Sep 2009
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Here directly from exec. of GM about the new apps for the Iphone, Droid, or Storm Blackberry. • Receive texts or e-mails from the car when the charge is complete. OnStar Mobile allows the owner to start or stop charging using a smartphone. • Find out the miles available on the battery, the gas-powered generator, and updates drivers on how many miles have been driving using each power source Download apps: www.onstarmobiledemo****. This is just the start....
12 Jan 2010
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******* PepCom 2011 First Look At Poynt A New App
8 Jul 2011
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Michael tells Michael about his new app for his A phone that answers all questions whether you wanna know the answer or not.
18 Apr 2012
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Friendly and funky code wizards Plasq showing a neat feature of pending Comic Life Magiq: truly simple tools for cutting someone out of a background. Comic Life Magiq is like Comic Life + Photoshop + Kai Power Tools (if you remember it).
27 Jan 2008
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Turn off those distracting highlights
22 Aug 2009
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New research launched this week by TV property gurus Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer has revealed that UK home hunters overspent their combined budgets by a staggering £3.7 billion* last year, despite falling house prices and what should be a buyers market. In response to the findings, ‘Kirstie & Phil’s House Hunter’ app, available from iTunes, is the first to allow buyers to search across thousands of UK properties while being guided through every stage of the house buying process, from searches and viewings to making an offer and closing the deal. House Hunter is packed with videos and audio tip guides from Kirstie & Phil and contains chapters including a definitive guide to finance, mortgages, dealing with agents, legal processes and exchange and completion.
1 Jul 2011
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Ultimate Chemistry is pleased to annnounce X Sign Here, an app for iOS devices which analyzes a person's signature on the spot revealing behavior and personality traits. Users just write their signature using a finger or stylus on an iPhone or iPad, then answer a few questions and hit submit. The personality profile will be presented on the results page with the signer's strengths, weaknesses, and behavior traits. The X Sign Here App can reveal 275 personality possibilities.
23 Jan 2012
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