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NBC Reporter NEWS Update THERE IS ONE STAR MISSING IN HOLLYWOOD this is the only star that Hollywood just cant have According to News & Mary Klein Family Member to Richard Calvin Klein.Ruben Valentino is HIGH SOCIETY Which means he is the highest star behind the stars of Hollywood and Hollywood is unable to reach the highest star.A Hidden celebrity private icon model that should have been discovered by Hollywood has blossomed.Also as an artist.There is no stopping this Phenomenon from keeping Michael Jackson Alive in his videos & in memory for the New Generation to come.Ruben Valentino is The futures New Element in music,A real model/artist Phenomenon Private mtv's top feed community.mtv****/profile/mtvadmin.
6 Aug 2010
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NBC BREAKING WORLD NEWS More Powerful than Lady Gaga,Justin Bieber,Eminem,Julio Iglesias,Jay-z put together & not to mention more artist added to the list. Ruben Valentino has the hottest MTV VMA video of the year.MTV's Future New Element in music is POWERFUL and know located *******mtvuniversalmusic.flux****
11 Sep 2010
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WORLDS FEATURED ARTIST REPORT 21st Century Artist NBC BREAKING NEWS The future in music has a new name MTVs Future New Element. A powerful music Phenomenon.SHOCKING for an icon model,who's life has been private & Exclusive, Blossom so big, over night,& Blocking all celebrity access,news,magazine's,ect.NO NEED FOR FAME OR INTERVIEWS Artist taking control of the web,Popular in months mtv with his own MTV's Future New Element MTV web site.INCREDIBLE.This Individual is the model of the world,the most valuable celebrity,the no.1 music producer,mixer in the world & has 49 futuristic albums.A bilingual artist in all genres of music & with the no.1 videos all over the web & at MTV. To learn more about this celebrity visit MTV *******mtvuniversalmusic.flux**** access,become more
1 Oct 2010
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NBC BREAKING NEWS On MADONNA and CANDYFACE aka MTVs New Element Ruben Valentino.This Private Individual is Rocking the entire web.Music sales up high *******www.tunrcore****/music/elektra MTV Exclusive Community artist *******mtvuniversalmusic.flux**** Breaking Celebrity news on the world's most Valuable celebrity as well as the worlds most powerful in music PROFACE aka THE NEW ELEMENT *******www.reverbnation****/newartistlabel
1 Nov 2010
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Hollywood Breaking World News again on MTV's Future New Element in music, Ruben Valentino, just keeps getting hotter.Hollywood BREAKING NEWS *******mtvuniversalmusic.flux**** This Individual is the most powerful music producer of all time.An artist who can really rock your world.This icon is all genres & will soon air Radio.
15 Dec 2010
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After many of my songs began to leak into the blogosphere, I decided to go back into the studio and add a few elements to make the album versions of the records special. This clip opens with me playing back an extended instrumental arrangement of I-R-I-N-A with some overdubs by my man Jermaine Parrish on drums and Al Carty on bass. Inspired, I decided to re-visit one of my favorite songs called 'Just Right'. Here's a look at that session. I had to rebuild it from scratch as one of my hard drives had crashed and many sessions had been lost. I love the new elements, and here's to you loving them too... For everyone that's been asking, I'll be releasing the album in February. The main reason why it's been pushed back is very simple: I need more exposure! The two singles that I have released have been very well received. "Addiction" has been my biggest one - it's the first to have broken 1M plays on my myspace page and the 'making of' video has over 800K views... Despite this, I have yet to cross over onto the top songs on Billboard's Hot 100 chart! The additional time will allow me to present another music video (maybe two - I'm fronting the cost) and continue making a few stops around the country and abroad with my band campaigning for my artistry! It also gives you more time to introduce me to your friends and family (and your local radio station). I put these videos up so that you can have something to share! If seeing me go crazy to these songs entertains you, inspires you, or just makes you smile - pass it on!
24 Apr 2011
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From the movie Faster - A veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) and Cicero (Carla Gugino) discuss a new element of the murder case – a second, “beautiful” shooter.
23 Jun 2011
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Visit the blog for the list of music used and FAQ! *******dasboschitt.blogspot****/2009/03/music-used.html Better lit, high quality version at the WeGame account! *******www.wegame****/watch/treat-or-else/ This video originally was intended as a Halloween special, but as shit suddenly went skyward in life, I missed the deadline ... badly. I continued the project however, because it was the most unique one ever done, trying out 4 new elements like ... 1: Use of voice acting 2: Horror 3: Drama 4: A video based around a story for once Obviously the inspiration for this video is from my love for good horror games. Penumbra was the biggest inspiration, as much of the audio from the games were used in this video. Silent Hill was also another factor, as audio and characters from the game were also used. There's even a bit of F.E.A.R audio in there as well. Having seen that Frictional Games actually favorited this video, (Fanboy spazzing ensued) thinking back, I really wish I gave them a spot in the end credits, as well as Team Silent. I didn't honestly think they'd come across, or even like the video, but unfortunately I projected my irritation with long credit sequences in YouTube videos onto this one and didn't really think to credit outside of the people directly involved in the making of this video. But thankfully, video descriptions can at least be edited! Thanks Frictional, Team Silent and Monolith for the inspiration and for not wishing destruction of this video for using so much of your game audio! Another special thanks to Anthony Fantano at The Needle Drop for voicing the main antagonist, Mr. Goldblum. Check out his channel at ***********/user/theneedledrop And finally, a thanks to Sn1pe for the faceposer work and his forgiveness for me being a forgetful asshole about putting him in the end credits of the video
7 Jul 2011
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Damn, does it feel good to go back to Mario's roots. Don't get me wrong - Super Mario 64 was an important and integral step for Nintendo's plumber hero to take, what with the company essentially being the trailblazer in the world of 3D platforming. But in moving forward, rising expectations pretty much dictated that Nintendo shouldn't look back, so the classic sidescrolling formula was simply relegated to "classic" status, only returning in retro repeats of existing games on current systems and, occasionally, as spin-off franchises for other Nintendo characters. An official Super Mario game would have to be something special for it to exist on a current Nintendo system, which is why the release of New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS is so significant: it absolutely is something special. This game marks a brilliant return to Mario's side-scrolling environments, with a look, feel, and play that feels unbelievably classic, with new elements that do a fantastic job advancing the design. The timeline's a little scattered, but while Super Mario Sunshine was the latest game in the Super Mario series on paper, New Super Mario Bros. marks the first time in 15 years that Nintendo's created a classically-designed Super Mario game - Super Mario World ended the plumber's starring role in the 2D platformer series. Yoshi may have picked up the gauntlet in a labeled sequel a couple years later, but outside of a few nods here and there in spinoffs like Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, Mario hasn't starred in this Plumber Saves the Princess role in a side-scrolling platformer since the Super NES launch title. With this new game, the more things change, the more they stay the same: the basis for New Super Mario Bros. is, surprise, to save the princess. In this design, Bowser Jr. has snagged Peach right out from Mario's nose, and taken her to the closest fortress possible. This game won't win any awards in storytelling because there is none - Mario will simply have to bounce from level to level getting to each challenge's castle while collecting coins and stomping Koopas, Goombas, and any other oddly-named inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. Anyone who's played the original Super Mario Bros. - and at this point, if you haven't, stop reading and find the nearest NES for a refresher course - will recognize the early nods to the original game design, from hopping on the flagpole to finish a round to Bowser protecting the end of the first castle. So New Super Mario Bros. is a game that's been a long time coming. It's clear that a Super Mario game is a really big deal for Nintendo, and a game bearing the Super Mario namesake needs to be significant. It took the company more than a decade to advance the Mario mechanics in the side-scrolling design, but how much further can the company go without straying from the existing run/jump/bounce formula and becoming something not-so-Mario?
4 Aug 2011
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The clip Everest Development from Fletch Lives (1989) with Chevy Chase There was a new element I hadn't anticipated: A second suspect. Becky's client was not the ministry, but some secret entity called Everest Development. She never knew who they were. Becky was a good girl, and wouldn't have to be spanked. Damn it.
17 Nov 2011
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From the video game to real life, DC & Ken Block took a level out of DiRT3 (the DC Compound), and put on an event at the Battersea Power Station in London for Media and VIP's. Ken took many special guests on ride a longs around this Gymkhana-styled course. As part of this course, a new element was introduced with moving front-end loader donuts.
20 Jun 2012
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[Android] SHADOWGUN: The Leftover TRAILER SHADOWGUN: The Leftover, the huge update of the one of the best third-person shooter ever, is finally also on Android devices! Going back into the skin of John Slade, the most feared intergalactic bounty hunter. There's a new threat. Enemies are back and John Slade must take an another dangerous mission. And what's the best? It is free for all original SHADOWGUN's owners. EXPANSION DETAILS - Datadisc Content: the story directly follows the events of original SHADOWGUN free for all original SHADOWGUN owners 4 new levels new enemy creature new gun new type of gamimg interaction new soundtrack lot of new graphics, animations and cutscenes New or improved content in general (with impact also on original Shadowgun version) new effects such as camera shakes or bullet trails new element in the control - Roll (player can now do rolls) tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies better, more intensive gaming experience
14 Aug 2012
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COMMENT and RATE the video please! • Be sure to check out Nak3d Eli over on Nak3dHalo: *******www.YouTube****/Nak3dHalo • Follow Elamite on Twitter here: *******www.Twitter****/Elamite I had the opportunity to hook up with Nak3dHalo and MLG Pro Elamite for a 3-way commentary on a Halo 4 Multiplayer game of Infinity Slayer on Adrift that was recorded during an MLG Event during E3 a couple of weeks ago. Halo 4 looks fantastic and we discuss many of the game's elements, particularly many of the new elements that Halo 4 and 343 Indusctries is bringing to the table this time around. • FREE NetFlix Trial: *******www****flix****/NGT • Twitter: *******www.Twitter****/NextGenTactics • Facebook: *******www.Facebook****/NextGenTactics • NGT on G2PO: *******www.G2PO****/NextGenTactics • NGTZombies: *******www.G2PO****/NGTZombies
31 Aug 2012
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Check out the new elements, improvements, and game types featured in Halo 4's Infinity Multiplayer.
15 Oct 2012
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Bonobo, the stage name of Simon Green is a British musician, producer and DJ. Bonobo uses a wide variety of samples in his music combined with heavy, often complex basslines. His music generally develops linearly - with new elements such as basslines or percussion coming in one after the other. In Days to Come, he mixes this sonic background with the clean yet distinctive vocals of Bajka, who often uses harmony to build up a multifaceted sound.
5 Feb 2013
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Rocket and Matt provide a quick overview of some new elements of the DayZ Standalone project. Includes the new engine support for clothing, the revised loot spawning mechanics, and some new areas on the map. Visit www.dayzgame**** for more information. Follow DayZ on twitter ********twitter****/dayzdevteam DayZ is a trademark of Bohemia Interactive.
6 Feb 2013
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