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Palm is releasing their phone right before the supposedly new iPhone coming out. Are they going to steal Apple's thunder?
31 Aug 2009
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Happy Memorial Day weekend my moxie mo show fans! I hope this weekend was safe and pleasurable for all of you. That said, we're welcoming a brand new sponsor, Avis, to the Moxie Mo Show and all you need to do is go to *******avis****/moxie to make your reservation and you will get 10% off your order OR $30 off for a weekly rental. Can't beat that! Lenovo just launched their IdeaPad S12 which is the most powerful netbook under $500 on the market. It will retail for $449 on June 12th and we have all the deets inside! By now, any Apple fan has already heard the rumors begin for next week's WWDC event (June 8th) at Apple. Will there be a new iPhone that comes out with the new 3.0 iPhone OS? What about a tablet? Well, believe it or not, the Moxie Mo sorts out the rumors and tells you what's been confirmed... and what has not. Last, but not least, Twitter, oh Twitter. Guess what they're doing for their next big thing? No, it's not improving the site or finally making revenue by selling ads. It has NOTHING to do with their site, sort of, but has more to do with a REALITY TV show... and I will tell you all about it. Thanks for supporting the show by always checking out our sponsors and using OUR promo codes for some sweet deals! It means the world to me!
4 Jul 2009
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Attention all humans, Romulans, Vulcans, and well, Trekkies: The new iPhone Conversational Klingon app released by Simon & Schuster has landed, bringing you all the tools you need to communicate during your next trip to Kronos (as well as to impress your girlfriend at the new Star Trek Movie).
28 May 2009
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The new iPhone Conversational Klingon app has landed, bringing you all the tools you need to communicate during your next trip to Kronos (as well as to impress your girlfriend at the new Star Trek Movie).
9 Jun 2009
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There are a bajillion podcasts out there that will give you every single detail on today's huge Apple WWDC 09 event. The Moxie Mo Show is designed to give you the moxie details YOU need to know and leave the geek talk to the rest. So what really was announced today? First, a new iPhone - the iPhone 3GS. There's a BIG KICKER though if you already own an iPhone 3G - you have to pay an extra $200 or wait until your 2 yr contract expires. That said, you have to take a look at this beauty - it will definitely kick Palm Pre's butt. So what if you're not in the market for a new iPhone 3GS? Well, if you have an iPhone, you don't have to wait much longer for the iPhone 3.0 OS that EVERYONE gets for a free upgrade (June 17th). The Moxie Mo gives you all the details. Also, the least talked about (but coolest) is Snow Leopard. If you own a Mac, you will want to see the latest operating system that is blowing experts away - it will make Windows 7 look like Vista. Who knew tech could be so moxie? We sure did. Make sure you register ANY and ALL website domains at Go Daddy with the following codes: GoDaddy MOXI5 Code - GoDaddy coupon codes 10% off any order MOXI6 Code -GoDaddy coupons $5 off $30 or more MOXI7 Code - GoDaddy codes $7.49 **** domains
9 Jun 2009
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Guided Tour of the new iPhone 3Gs Part1
10 Jun 2009
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In this butterscotch**** video tutorial we show off Apple's new iPhone 3G S and the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade.
20 Jun 2009
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The brand new iPhone 3gs 100% Free just 10 referrals and 1 offer Sign up now *******www.iphones4free****/default.aspx?r=1379363
20 Jun 2009
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In this Father's Day edition of NerdBoyTV, Ryan Yee interviews Christian White of Cris2****, graphic designer for a new iPhone game app called "Help A Honey Bee." 10% of the proceeds will go to U.C. Davis Honey Bee Research.
22 Jun 2009
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LIVE CHAT TONIGHT AT 8:00 PM EST! CHECK THE BLOG OR OUR TWITTER FOR THE LINK! - *******www.twitter****/bytejacker This week we’re checking out some great new iPhone games, finding out what your favorite fighting games are, and continuing our ever-quicker descent into madness. Join us, won’t you? On the Radar: Diabolika - iPhone, Puzzle, Derek Yu/Jonathan Perry, $1.99: *******www.diabolika-game****/ Zenonia - iPhone, RPG, Gamevil, $5.99: *******tinyurl****/getzenonia Diorama - iPhone, Arcade, Dromsynt, $0.99: *******www.dromsynt****/diorama/ Free Indie Rapid Fire: Being Struck By Lightning is Probably the Best Way That You Could Die On Account of All of Its Awesomeness - Windows, Platformer, lokiji: *******tinyurl****/struckbylightning Creator’s playthrough on Gamerdrome: *******www.gamerdrome****/video/7tcmG54E Use Boxmen - Flash, Platformer, Greg Sergeant: *******tinyurl****/useboxmen Suggested by stezton Raider: Episode 1 - Flash, Platformer, Pseudolonewolf: *******tinyurl****/raider1
26 Jun 2009
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There might be news like Windows 7 and Snow Leopard getting launch timings, and the new iPhone 3GS. But what we really want to know is whether you've changed your password during E-Security Awareness Week?
6 Jul 2009
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In this video, Scott Spiro talks about two new iPhone 3.0 features that enhance Exchange connectivity. Visit *******blog.scottspiro**** for more details, or *******www.csgsupport**** for Harmony Hosted Exchange.
8 Jul 2009
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iPhone Spy (*******www.iphonespy****) is now available for the iPhone 3GS. Mobile Spy announced today that now anyone can purchase spy phone software for the new iPhone 3Gs.
22 Dec 2009
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Complete the FREE offer page - *******youriphone3g.blogspot****/- Simple as that , Check your door , someone is knocking ( Not that fast ) . Give it a few days your new iPhone 3G will be at your doorstep . I got mine in 3 days
25 Jan 2010
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Danny Gonzalez and Cooper Wilt are playing the Game of Skate with the new iPhone App GOSK8. www.gosk8app****
17 Jul 2009
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Danny Gonzalez and Cooper Wilt are playing the Game of Skate on transition with the new iPhone App GOSK8. www.gosk8app****
17 Jul 2009
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