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Accumulate strong monsters of all shapes and size to uncover rare skills to bosst your strategy in this action pack game. Dominate the world and build an utopia for your monsters to live in, fill it with creatures of all kinds and breed and make your own new species! Bring your monsters on an adventure with you to clear and complete quest while battling through the game with special strategy gain through exploiting your monsters skills, to become a Monster Master.
13 Jun 2018
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A strange bug was found on our friends arm, it appears to have 4 suction type cups in the back and six legs in the front. Very Very Strange
23 Jul 2007
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a friendly Erik describes the new species of tree in portland
4 Dec 2006
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Lear more: *******www.greenpeace****/international/news/new-sponge-Aaptos-kanuux280408 Greenpeace discovered a new species of sponge in the submarine canyons of the Bering Sea. See the new species for yourself! Dive into our "Aaptos Kanuux - Heart of the Bering Sea" video of the new sponge and other species living in the depths of the Bering Sea.
6 Jul 2008
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ZHANG: And also in Australia... scientists have discovered hundreds of new coral and marine species on the Great Barrier and Ningaloo Reefs. They say the discovery will help scientists understand more about global warming and over-fishing. STORY: Three expeditions to the reefs over four years to collect the first inventory of soft corals, found 300 soft corals of which 130 are new species. Dozens of new marine species were found, including shrimp-like animals with claws longer than their bodies. They also found less-commonly known animals like a tongue-eating isopod parasite... which eats a fish's tongue and then lives in its mouth. Australian Institute of Marine Science research scientist Julian Caley, says researchers never expected to find so many new species. It'll take years just to name them. [Julian Caley, Research Scientist]: "These new species, some are new species which people were, have never seen before because they're cryptic, they live in environments that people don't tend to look at." The marine inventory will allow better understanding of reef biodiversity and climate change. Corals face threats ranging from ocean acidification, pollution, and warming, to over-fishing and starfish outbreaks. The Australian expeditions are part of the global Census of Marine Life, which will release its first global census in the year 2010.
11 Jul 2010
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species movie in my blog:
Found this in my backyard in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). This speder looks like a new species.
26 Feb 2009
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The deepest place on earth & some of its inhabitants, the Mariana Trench. At the depth of 10,000 meters from the sea level the new species found in different atmosphere.
15 Jul 2017
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six new species discovered
11 Sep 2017
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*******www.numaga****/ No joke guys, u have to see this amazing spectacle of light created by mother nature itself... Filmed thousands of meters deep were there is no sunlight at all.
2 Oct 2007
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BY STEVEN SPARKMAN You're watching multisource science news analysis from Newsy How do you name a new dinosaur species? Look for something weird about it. Researchers announced the discovery of a new species from fossils overlooked for more than a decade. Oklahoma City’s KWTV shows how the animal finally got noticed. “It wasn’t until 2007 when a British scholar was visiting Norman that it was realized this was in fact a new species of dinosaur. Mike Taylor uncovered the never-before-seen hip bone structure, indicating hyper-development of the thigh muscles, and Brontomerus mcintoshi, or ‘thunder thighs’ was born.” Thunder Thighs isn’t a whole skeleton. It’s a small collection of bones from an adult and a juvenile animal, and those don’t include any leg bones. KFOR TV explains how scientists know this sauropod had great legs. “The reason why researchers believe these bones don’t belong to, well, any of the other dinosaurs here, is this bone right down here. It’s the hip bone. Specifically, this projection right here at the end of the hip bone. It’s much, much wider than anything else you’ll find in any other long-necked dinosaur.” That hip bone is where the thigh muscles attached. Along with a shoulder bone they’ve recovered, the researchers believe these bones show Thunder Thighs had unusually powerful muscles for moving the legs forward. Now, it could be those muscles were for moving long legs like a giraffe. But they could instead have been used for kicking, as in this illustration showing Thunder Thighs fending off a raptor attack. (Video source: University College London) The lead researcher leans toward a kicking dinosaur, telling the Guardian other ways its kick might have been used. “Brontomerus mcintoshi could deliver a kick nearly three times as powerful as that from similar-sized sauropods, a weapon that males may also have unleashed on each other when fighting over females... ‘It may be that males lined up next to each other, side by side, and kicked the crap out of each other...’ ” Paleontologists previously thought long-necked dinosaurs died out after the Jurassic period. But recent finds including Thunder Thighs show sauropods kept kicking for another 50 million years. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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Our return to the Foja Mountains revealed even more fascinating species. Listen here as Bruce Beehler recalls the expedition. For more, visit: *******www.Conservation****/Foja
29 Feb 2008
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a sighting of the martybear a werewolf like creature thought to live wild in wellington city
19 Oct 2008
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