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Amzing Footage of the thing that people do best in new york people loving people
10 Jan 2007
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Let New York be New Amsterdam again!
24 Jan 2007
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Harlequin Studios, New York City
24 Jan 2007
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New York Subway Crazy Musician
24 Jan 2007
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NOT YOUR PARNETS TRAVEL GUIDE! Barbara meets up with native New Yorker, Vitoria, an aspiring actress, and asks her what it’s like to be a young actor trying to make it in a huge city. Vitoria says she gets much of her inspiration from New York’s landscape, and would be happy to show Barb the sites. From the bow of the ferry heading toward the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Museum, Vitoria explains New York is the city where many people come to live their dreams and pursue their passion in the arts. In the Drama Bookshop, the girls flip through books on auditioning techniques and rehearsing. Since Barb is going to try her hand at stage acting later on, Vitoria takes her to Drama Workshop, where they do an improv exercise with a local actor. They stop to refuel in Chinatown and grab dessert in Little Italy before heading across the Brooklyn Bridge and passing by some more famous landmarks, like the towering UN and Empire States buildings. At the P.S. 1 Arts Center in Queen’s, the girls take in a visual art exhibit. Since Barb is feeling a bit nervous about her fast-approaching performance, Vitoria tries to calm her nerves with a cup of java at Luna Park Café, where many celebrities hang out. Vitoria buys some stage makeup and Barb tries on wigs at Ricky’s Chain Store before they head to The Black Box Theatre, where Barb is introduced to some of the actors in the Fringe production. Vitoria impresses Barb with her performance, so much so that Barb presents her co-host with tickets to the Broadway show, Wicked! The girls watch the show at the Gershwin Theatre and are taken on a backstage tour by one of the actors after the show. On the giant stage, Barb performs a unique soliloquy. Now she feels the old adage about New York is true: “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”
28 Jan 2007
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Dutch activists "attack" New York
5 Feb 2007
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New York: New York City's Chinatown New York's Chinatown is the biggest outside of China. It's for tourists seeking a New York experience and perfect for Family Travel to New York. This Travel Video PostCard takes you into great Chinese Restaurants and terrific Chinese Food. How about those aphrodisiacs, the stuff that makes your sex life better? Those dried fish and abalone are thought to enhance your sexual experience. But New York's Chinatown has everything. Chinese musicians on the street. Real Chinese Tea Shops, lots of herbs for sale and lots of shopping in New York's Chinatown The Travel Video PostCard shows you the great fruit and fish markets and shops of knickknacks and sweets on famous winding and overcrowded streets. Buy some flowers for your lover. Try the Dim Sum in all the 200 Chinese restaurants. All in New York's Chinatown It's Mott Street. It's New York. It's Chinatown and it's perfect for family travel in New York and adventure travel and cultural travel in New York City. Love Chinese cooking and Chinese food? Want to try it? Buy authentic Chinese food in Chinatown. Spice up your meals and maybe your sex life too. You'll find authentic, traditional Chinese cuisine like Cantonese and Szechuan. It's New York travel. It's Chinatown. It's your Travel Video PostCard
7 Feb 2007
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street dancer in new york
12 Feb 2007
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New York remains one of the best towns in the world...
13 Feb 2007
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New York City
13 Feb 2007
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New York Fashion Week Sexy Models still not eating enough.
13 Feb 2007
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New York City Subway Street Performer
15 Feb 2007
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A look around New York City's 5th Avenue durring Christmas 2006
21 Feb 2007
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The fourth installment of "Those Little Moments." New York City traffic can be rough especially with how many idiots you find on the road. Here's a video of one such moron and our reactions to his stupidity.
24 Feb 2007
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Amazing Break Dance In New York Subway Guys Doing Their Thing Sumore On my recent trip der
27 Feb 2007
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Flanked by Steve C, Master Po, and Jack, and being directed by Sam and FoundryMusicDanny... Fake Bono, whose real name is Pavel, hit the streets of New York City, and managed to fool almost everyone he came into contact with into thinking he was the real deal. Then of course, there's E Rock in the background screaming like an obsessed fan.
2 Mar 2007
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