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New Yorker Salute Finale Cake
19 Dec 2006
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Angry New Yorker
24 Jan 2007
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sexy commercial of fashionstore New Yorker
6 Nov 2007
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*******norshah.blogspot**** New Yorker Dress Exclusive Ads
9 Apr 2008
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The recent, controversial cover of the New Yorker, featuring Barack and Michelle Obama as terrorists, mildly misunderstood for vague comic effect
9 Feb 2009
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(Video courtesy of The New Yorker Hotel *******newyorkerhotel**** ) Among New York hotels, the New Yorker has is being re-imagined for the business traveler who likes to travel in style.
22 Oct 2008
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*******www.zennie62**** -- The NY Post Racist Cartoon Is "New Yorker" Eyeball Strategy. It's a ploy to get web visitors and to sell newspapers and it's working. It was done by the New Yorker last year with that Obama cover and now the NY Post is doing it. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Feb 2009
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"New Yorkers are passionate about two things... real estate, and food" explains Corcoran's Director of Interactive Product & Marketing, Matthew Shadbolt. From sharing information about where to get the best cupcake, to debates about the city's best slice, the specific pairing of these two subjects has been a lot of fun for Corcoran to grow its social media presence with. Hear directly from the person responsible for those posts each day.
5 Apr 2011
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Lena Dunham is the new spokesperson for the New Yorker Magazine app for iOS, and her demo video is getting mixed reviews. Frankly, we think it's hilarious.
9 Aug 2012
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The dispute between New Yorkers and the contractors is going on for years and this dude takes the condition of this ac to explain the answer why.
27 Sep 2017
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Be sure to always dress for the occasion.
30 Mar 2006
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The RGX Girls stop guys on the street and discuss their approach to meeting women. They then challenge the guy to "cold approach" a woman sitting by herself in the park who, unbeknownst to him, is wearing a hidden camera and microphone. We secretly watch his "cold approach" and after she reveals the trick she provides him some feedback on his approach. The results are funny, poignant, personal and ultimately revealing about men and the way they approach women.
23 Apr 2007
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Jackie and Dunlap try their best to wrap their minds around satire. The Red State Update CD "How Freedom Sounds" drops July 22! Pre-Order at *******www.redstateupdate**** and get a free poster!
16 Jul 2008
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The whole package in one pic. A kitchen-sink biography distortion / character assassination. Nuclear, Radioactive, & Nasty. Anybody seen Karl Rove? This looks very Rovian to me... What's up on this blatantly defamatory,obviously offensive cover? Outright, broad-daylight Racism? Bigotry? Fear Mongering? Hate? Repetition of a Rumor? Sheer Stupidity or Pre-Meditated Malice? Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton called it "TASTELESS and OFFENSIVE" and, according to Jake Tapper at ABC, another high-profile Obama supporter called it "as offensive a caricature as any magazine could publish." Let's ask the Artist how he sees this: "Barry Blitt Defends His New Yorker Cover Art Of Obama" The illustration, by Barry Blitt,is called "THE POLITICS OF FEAR" and, according to the NYer press release, "satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama's campaign." Uh-huh. What's that they say about repeating a rumor? So, should we consider the people in this photo-vid who fist bump, ie. Bush father and son, baseball players and tennis players, etc. - terrorists? Of course not. This is the politics of fear and misinformation, catering to the dark side of human nature. And I thought Karl Rove had fled the country....
22 Sep 2008
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"I Love NY" The uniqueness and originality of this ad highlights the Long Island Region for interstate and NYC etc. residents. This film targets both groups, especially during the gas crisis, when NYC folks may not be inclined to travel too far from NYC. However, for those people coming to New York, it highlights the destinations where Real New Yorkers go. Which, if you are coming to NY, is where a traveler would want to visit. This film shows how the island is a place for everyone- young and old and that it is a world class vacation spot. Entry for the "I Love New York Short Film Competition."
16 Jul 2008
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