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This video will show you how to add a video response in the new Youtube.
10 Apr 2010
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How to report YouTube New pages; tell YouTube if you do not happy with the changes. What is the new YouTube page about? Maybe about Saving Server time which is costing YouTube millions a day. YouTube Layout or YouTube Lay Off's, of staff... If it takes more clicks or scoring up and down, it takes longer to do things. With millions of video views YT gets in a day this is years of time saved while the server does not have to actually display videos... Server time saved nothing happening, slowed down use), all part of YouTube losing money? The Cosmic Panda Comes Home to roost Favicons information *******www.acomputerportal****/advertising_methods/favicons_icon.html More Video Tips:- *******www.acomputerportal****
5 Dec 2011
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Your wait is over, Apple fanboys! The official iPhone event happens today! We've got info on preorder dates AND Google's brand new YouTube app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
13 Sep 2012
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afulltimedad Here, Just testing the new camera looking at Kelowna from up above it. Beautiful deer.nice homes,amazing view, Hey guys Im still working on my resolution,and frame rates trying to find the best quality balance from camera to the web, sometimes things get lost in translation. new youtube page will be more focused, ***********/user/okanaganreviews Check out the new page,subscribe friend us and give us feed back, any ideas anything or place you want reviewed let us know we want to be the youtube go to place in the okanagan for real user reviews! we will put videos up much more frequently now. we will be spotlighting okanagan attractions, businesses and places of interest. if you want to be spotlighted let me know! this youtube, ***********/afulltimedad will be more fun and crazy stuff,
11 Nov 2009
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As of yesterday, the NEW YouTube channel design for ALL channels is live? Guess you have to just deal with it!
12 Mar 2012
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film ed altro
In today's show, we talk about the eleventh anniversary of September Eleventh, Yelp's effect on business, the new Youtube app on iPhone, and everything else that mattered to me.
12 Sep 2012
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4 Mar 2010
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This youtube channel was created to document my 30 day sit n go challenge. Where I plan on playing as many sit n goes as I can in a one month period mostly on Pokerstars. I will release a new video daily documenting my many ups and downs of this challenge. Subscribe and follow along. ***********/user/SitnGoChallenge
30 Mar 2010
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In this video, I give you a quick tour of the new changes to YouTube.
3 Dec 2011
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Download Here: ******* Copy the Above Link and Paste in your BROWSER.
19 May 2013
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YouTube Views Booster. Hi Guys. We noticed that now a day’s huge number of users are searching for YouTube Views, So This is the 1st time over the internet we are giving you the 100% working FREE (YouTube View Booster) - Tested and 100% Working Daily Updated. Click The Link Below To Get More Information & Download:- *******boost-views.blogspot****
19 Jun 2013
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In today's show we talk about Stephen Fry addressing the IOC, Johnny Manziel dispute with the NCAA, Chinese media confusing porn with news, and everything else that mattered to me.
8 Aug 2013
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