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Edit: Wow! 100,000 views hit! Once again, thank you all for enjoying this parody! This is a MUST-SEE for all Bleach fans! I did not made this video. The credit belongs to shin0bu from Newgrounds. The video is about the 1st opening theme of bleach "Asterisk" in chibi mobe. Very Cute! Thank you everyone for watching this!
24 Apr 2009
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Two rivals face each other along with an army of cloned soldiers. (maybe confederates.idk) The battle shall get intense and only one shall live. Watch this entire epic battle with incredible music by GoreBastard on newgrounds. Who gave me permission to use his awesome song.
30 Jul 2008
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Girlfriend Episode 1 = *******www.newgrounds****/portal/view/332173
11 Aug 2008
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~*~ keep tha SLene alive ~*~ This demo features a lot of awesome things in the cyberspace of Second Life, including: - Dynamic realtime shadows & per-pixel lighting (3xp3r1m3ntl in Aug-08) - Havok 4 physics - WindLight atmospheric rendering - Sculpted prims I HAIL THE LINDENS WHO MADE THEM POSSIBLE! ~*~ Pr0ps (literally) ~*~ * Achamo Paine - rockass cat head, so many in the pile * Starax Statosky - magic wand which rezzeth schtuff (buffalo, penguins, balloons, bastard Santa, etc.) * Detox Watanabe - Facelight 3000 (by way of BigPapi Linden, y0) * Perefim Cao - Slop Chopper aka big sword * Vooner Voom - giant fried eggs, lots of 'em ~*~ FiLMeD ~*~ *******slurl****/secondlife/Apollo/128/128/41 *******slurl****/secondlife/Lasiocampa/167/196/30 *******slurl****/secondlife/Leykis/76/166/33 *******slurl****/secondlife/Geektopia/124/111/90 *******slurl****/secondlife/Fame/120/180/18 *******slurl****/secondlife/Here/44/123/25 *******slurl****/secondlife/Linden%20Estate%20Services/128/128/2 *******slurl****/secondlife/Marni/218/210/23 ... and a couple other places. Praise/credits be to each & all magnificentz creator! IS GOOD TO EXPLORE SECONDLIFE. ~*~ mUsics ~*~ Under Creative Commons frum Newgrounds & Jamendo, respektively. * ParagonX9 - "ChaoZ Fantasy" * Topology - "Knee Play IV" (originally bai Philip Glass) ~*~ w3rdd ~*~ "Tru 8-bit wonders! Glory be to the couriers. Distro this to yer mates, N you shalt amplify thy awesome." Assembled lovingly circa 2008 AD by Torley, feat. Ravenelle as dancing-kitty. PLURR. VISIT TORLEY.COM FOR MORE GREATNESS Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Aug 2008
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I'm MAD AS HELL Collaboration. The truth and reality of life in this world lies here. I'd like to thank all of you for participating in this video collaboration with me. Based off of and inspired by the movie Network (1976), and Mad Prophet Howard Beale. Cast: (in Alphabetical order) Vs. Dollar News by: zooming out video by news used fairly for educational purposes and was from: songs by Darkness (David Bates) - Darkness Album 1 song by Newgrounds user Cycerin - In A Pursuit Of Justice used with permission, the other news clips were used fairly for educational purposes. Aron's Websites:
29 Aug 2008
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12 things that piss us off about driving. This is better than road rage, this is The 12 Fuck You's of Driving! Send this to shitty drivers that you know or people you know who BREAK THE 12 FUCK YOU's! This is Episode #7 of The 12 Fuck You Series Music: Connor Pelkey (CyriltheWolf) - Progessive Morphology *******cyrilthewolf.newgrounds**** Salin Cheewapansri - Drummer Girl's Live Solo ***********/salin08
25 Sep 2008
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In this episode: Dyson: *******www.dyson-game**** Grey Matter: *******www.newgrounds****/portal/view/467236 Treasure Hunter Man: *******www.origamihero**** Mr. Bounce: *******www.kongregate****/games/pixelate/mr-bounce Vote for your favorite on our site: *******www.bytejacker**** Call and leave a comment: (845) 704-7158
10 Nov 2008
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*I put this on Newgrounds awhile ago and then forgot to put it on here aswell.* I made this with my friend AJ (AddictiveFrog) because he wanted to know how I made my stopmotion videos, so I showed him by making one as he watched. Anyways... Holy crap its GODZILLA!! *******www.ughanation****
9 Dec 2009
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I finally got some of my old videos back so here's the original Stick Figures On Crack 2. No, this is not a remake, however an intro, credits, and a copyright were added. Enjoy! :) Created On: October 15, 2006 ---------------------------------------- Here's a link to the original unedited version. #8 and #13 were inspired by Dumbass Doom, a Newgrounds animation created by Jeremy Simms (BigFoot3290). Dumbass Doom
29 Nov 2009
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Anthony and Ian embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. Watch this video in high quality & download at music by MadBoss can be found on newgrounds****
4 Jan 2009
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*******www.newgrounds****/portal/view/464442 shot in 24 fps.
1 Mar 2009
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Thanks for dropping by and viewing my latest trailer. I bring to you, Slayer: The beginning. I will be releasing this over the next few days/week. For now… here’s a trailer. See if it holds interest. If you use Metacafe, check out *******www.metacafe****/f/channels/DanielRutterFilms. I’ll be releasing my videos here as well. I’m releasing on both sites to try and increase viewers of my films. Please rate/comment/send to your friends. : ) Music: Challenged Fight – Melody (HalcyonicFalconX) You can find more of HFX’s tracks, and this track available for free download at *******www.newgrounds****/audio and *******www.newgrounds****/audio/listen/186749 Further info can be found, as usual on the blog. *******danielrutterfilms.blogspot****. Peace; Daniel Rutter.
22 Apr 2009
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POR FAVOR HAZ CLICK AQUÍ PARA LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: *******www.metacafe****/watch/2865844// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made this video for a course in education, where we had to pick a topic from our career and choose a group to the one the video will be focused, with a motivation objective. Well, being a psychologist, I chose the "Emotional Intelligence" topic, and decided to focus it to students of psychology and senior students, as a way to show the pleasure of psychology that many could have, and to show some interesting topics in the work of a psychologist. The music I used if from very talented people, to the ones I am very thankful for their permission to use their pieces in the video. Here I give you the links for their web pages so you can give them a visit, highly recommended: [oove] Heartbeats - broove broove.newgrounds**** HOT Fiery Anger - JinNJuice jinnjuice.newgrounds**** I Envisioned You - Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX) halcyonicfalconx.newgrounds**** Kriz: ReMotion - Kr1z kr1z.newgrounds****
21 Apr 2010
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READ BELOW. IMPORTANT INFORMATION. ----------------------------------- Introducing my third Dofus video: 'Story of a Strength Sacrier' It's been a long five days and much of my time has been put into this video. Infact, none of my other 15 videos have consumed so much of my time.That said, this video can be considered one of my best and most long-awaited for video. The original idea and concept of my video came from a short video clip I took of a friend fighting a mob of monsters in Fungus Cavern. It was originally supposed to be a video of my her fighting, but I didn't get the kind of footage that I needed and instead made a video telling the story of a Strength Sacrier. My video started off with the words "In this World of Twelve" and I built onto that. Many of the original clips were replaced repeatedly to what you see now. This video has come a long way in just five days. ----------------------------------- The main point I am trying to get to viewers through my video is that I am a power-hungry machine. Well, not really, but I am a Dofus player who started off in Incarnam and has strived to become a stronger player. ----------------------------------- Dialogue: "From my days in Incarnam" "To my days on Otomai Island ..." "I have been thinking ..." "In this ..." "World of Twelve ..." "There are the strong," "and the weak ..." "The lucky," "and the unfortunate ..." "The kind," "and the cruel ..." "But ..." "In this World of Twelve ..." "There can only be one," "and only one ..." "who rules ..." "over all .." "A story by Ralfeh" "Ever since" "my first day in Incarnam ..." "I have searched ..." "for that one ..." "That one ..." "who rules over all ..." "I searched ..." "day in, day out ..." "On, and on," "day, after day ..." "Until I stopped" "and thought ..." "Could I be the one" "... The one who rules over all?" "From that day onward," "I have explored Dofus ..." "Met new people ..." "and strived ..." "to become the one ..." "who rules over all ..." "Video directed, edited, and produced by RalfyRalfy" "Special thanks to King-Feka" "Special thanks to Fire-Samaruk" "Special thanks to Reji" "Special thanks to everyone" "First song: Requiem For A Dream By: The Kronos Quartet" "Second song: Edge of Faith By: NemesisTheory" "Third song: Rayman By: InfinityVas" ----------------------------------- Credit: Recorded, Edited, and produced by - RalfyRalfy (Ralfeh) Video Recording Software - Camtasia Studio (Link : *******www.techsmith****/) Video Editing Software - Pinnacle Studio 12 (Link : *******www.pinnaclesys****/PublicSite... Music - First song: Requim For a Dream by The Kronos Quartet Second song: Edge of Faith by NemesisTheory on NewGrounds**** Third song: Rayman by InfinityVas on NewGrounds**** ----------------------------------- Rate, favorite, subscribe, and most importantly, enjoy.
28 Nov 2009
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Pjosenka pod tytułem "Narwhals" w Lego. The song "Narwhals" Lego style!!! Original version: *******www.newgrounds****/portal/view/484667 made by "TheWeebl" from newgrounds. Special thanks to Sam
6 Sep 2009
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Runescape 99 Prayer & Corp Mass Party Invite My Games Portal - *******www.epicninja**** Join The Forums For More Events - *******s7.zetaboards****/rsmdb/index/ An invitation to my 99 prayer party, and you're invited, so I invite you to come to my party, in this video you may or may not be watching. -Music- Dummeh - Ridiculously happy nonsense *******dummeh.newgrounds**** --------------------------------------------- ============== ==LOCATIONS== ============== 99 Prayer - Monastery, World 84 Corporeal Beast - Outside Its' Lair, See worlds below You can come to both, just 99 prayer, just the Corp or neither, it's up to you. ========= ==TIMES== ========= Date: Saturday 28th November These times are for me LEVELLING, the Corporeal Beast event will be 1 hour after this (so just add 1 hour to your timezone listed below). -USA/Canada- EST - 15:00 (3pm) CST - 14:00 (2pm) MST - 13:00 (1pm) PST - 12:00 (midday) -Europe- GMT - 20:00 (8pm) (UK/Portugal) CET - 21:00 (9pm) (Netherlands/Sweden/Belguim/Norway/Germany) EET - 22:00 (10pm) (Finland/Greece) Everywhere else (you'll have to convert your own) - *******www.timezoneconverter****/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc =============== ==CLAN CHATS== =============== I would suggest adding one of the clan chats to your friends list, that way you will be less likely to forget about the Corporeal beast trip. Up to 100 people can be added to each of the following chats, please join one of the chats during the time between me getting 99 prayer and the Corporeal Beast event. Corpor_Beast - World 84 Corp_100k - World 64 Rsmdb_Event - World 28 CB_50k - World 76 Try the chats from top to bottom, if one is full join the next one down. Once I have filled up the friends list of an account, the chat will be locked to friends only, so if you end up being kicked from this, just join the next chat. If needed I will add additional clan chats on the night of the event. All the chats will be coinshare, so everyone has a fair chance at getting a share of good drops, regardless of their lsp. ----------------------------------------------- You can play Runescape at *******www.runescape**** -----------------------------------------------
6 Dec 2009
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