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Super Hero "Cube Girl" helps decipher the mystery of Office Politics - from parking spaces to conference lunches and beyond. From the series Cube News 1 - the newscast for cubicle workers.
10 May 2007
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A "Cube News 1" fan discovers the show has been banned from her office...held down by The Man! From the series Cube News 1 - the comical newscast for cubicle workers.
10 May 2007
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Steve Carell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin), reprising his role as the polished, preening newscaster Evan Baxter of Bruce Almighty, is the next one anointed by God to accomplish a holy mission in the hilarious new comedy Evan Almighty. Blockbuster comedy director Tom Shadyac (The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty) returns behind the camera for this next episode of divine intervention. This time, however, his cast grows two-by-two. Newly elected to Congress, Evan leaves Buffalo behind and shepherds his family to suburban northern Virginia. Once there, his life gets turned upside-down when God (Morgan Freeman) appears and mysteriously commands him to build an ark. But his befuddled family just can't decide whether Evan is having an extraordinary mid-life crisis or is truly onto something of Biblical proportions...
13 May 2007
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The Zachary City News is a newscast of fake funny reports.
2 Jun 2007
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Eduardo Quezada y su Comentario. Nos habla sobre las redadas de inmigracion y el debate sobre la reforma a las leyes de inmigracion. "El publico tiene una insaciable curiosidad por saberlo todo. Excepto lo que es mas valioso. El periodista consciente de esto, y fiel a su carrera, cumple sus demandas." Oscar Wilde. "The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing. Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands." Oscar Wilde, Irish poet and playwright. Redadas y Reforma Migratoria Is it just a coincidence that the more we hear about Immigration Reform, the more immigration raids we report in our newscasts.? It seems to me that federal autorities increase operations to arrest undocumented workers the higher the possibilities are, that they will be awarded legal residency. It's like they are thinking: " Ah, well we will give them permanent residency, but the less of them, the better." And that's not all, in the raids they don't just pick up people of anglosaxon features, that could very well be illegals and even terrorists, no, ! it looks like they concentrate their efforts solely on latino people... In such a way that even the Mexican Consulate of Dallas has denounced that Police autorities are using racial profiling, to arrest them. Of course, even though "Race Profiling" is illegal, it is very difficult to prove. We hope this year, once and for all, they approve a just, Immigration Law, so that many families do not have to keep on hiding. Thank you, I am Eduardo Quezada.
27 Jun 2007
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this week zadi is freaking out a bit. along with saul william's new album (niggy tardust co-produced by trent reznor), we have scared newscasters, a zombie wedding, pistolcam, the ipod/iphone hack jailbreakme, and an awesome game called attack of the sprouts. we spotlight the mae shi, and the best part is all the stuff our viewers contributed to the show! rAWk. for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
7 Nov 2007
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Danny Schechter: 'The News Dissector' on television coverage of the Venezuelan referendum Monday December 10th, 2007 Danny Schechter, a former network TV producer and radio newscaster, known as 'The News Dissector' edits Mediachannel****. He has written nine books on media themes. His latest, Squeezed: America As The Bubble Bursts was inspired by his latest film, In Debt We Trust
13 Dec 2007
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Chicago driver faces two citations after a minivan crashed into ABC7's State Street studio Sunday night. About two minutes into ABC7's 10 p.m. newscast Sunday night when a minivan slammed into the southeast corner.
26 Dec 2007
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9 Jan 2009
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A Fox Chicago newscast about a karate instructor who knocks people out without even touching them. Notice that Stephan Bonnar is one of the Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu students who is apparently immune to the deadly technique.
10 Jun 2009
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1989 television interview of Corey Barksdale at age 17 by WSMV Nashville newscaster. The interview features Corey as a up and coming African-American artist carrying on the tradition of great African-American artist from the Harlem Renaissance era. The tradition of artist such as Aaron Douglas, Palmer Hayden, William H. Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Archibald Motley Jr., etc. Nashville connection to Harlem Renaissance:Aaron Douglas, Fisk University, Carl Van Vechten Gallery. When he died in 1946, Alfred Stieglitz, the great photographer and tireless promoter of modern art, left his estate to his wife, the painter Georgia O'Keeffe. His work as a photographer she shrewdly distributed to the large American museums that could be counted on to secure his reputation. But a sizable part of his art collection O'Keeffe deposited in a less predictable place. At the urging of a friend, the Harlem Renaissance writer Carl Van Vechten, she gave 97 works to Fisk University, the historically black school in Nashville. And she threw in a few of her own. One of those was Radiator Building-- Night, New York, 1927, a painting we now recognize as a key moment in her career. Related Articles Years passed, during which Fisk's endowment dwindled while the art market went into warp drive. In 2005 the school's president, Hazel O'Leary, came up with an idea that could not only pay to renovate the frayed campus gallery where the Stieglitz Collection has languished but also pump millions of dollars into Fisk's general budget. Why not sell off just a bit of that famous art? But when the school moved to bring Radiator Building to market, it triggered what became a lawsuit by the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M., which moved to block the sale on the grounds that it violated the terms of the painter's bequest. In February the museum offered Fisk a deal. It could sell Radiator Building, but only to the museum, and for $7 million, a price much below what it would go for in the current art market. If Fisk said yes, the museum promised not to block the sale of another painting from the collection, a Marsden Hartley, on the open market. Fisk said yes.
28 Jun 2009
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Today is High Five Day and there are at least five stories in today's newscast.
17 Apr 2008
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"And that's the way it is." Awfully depressing way to end a newscast, isn't it Boomers? But Walter Cronkite and other news anchors have some of the bleakest signoffs you've ever heard. That reminds me, I need a good signoff, something that doesn't bring you down like these famous newsmen. but that keeps you coming back for more. Check out more episodes of The Boomer File at
1 Oct 2008
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A video newscast from The Cullman Times in Cullman, Ala.
13 May 2008
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How could the other rider not see him?!!? Newscast is in Portuguese.
9 Feb 2009
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Leanne and Felicia newscast plus king kong
14 Feb 2012
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