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Its our pleasure to invite you on March 19 at the Blue Gold expo organized by AF IRFF ONLUS in Chisinau, Moldova, Eastern Europe. Dedicated to World Day for Water, the expo will be held from 10.00 AM-16.00 PM. The event focuses on last hours news from water industry, services and products. The exhibition is open to all providers of products and services active in this area: Companies, related businesses, NGOs and other national and international organizations which are interested to make a presentation about: water filtration, bottled water, water for a healthy lifestyle, water treatment, water structure, water storage, water ecology, etc. The event is organized to provide a comprehensive source of relevant information and its a perfect place to cooperate with different people from this industry, invited are business people, youth, amateurs and the general public. The exhibition offer: For presenters: a) A table for a day to display their products and services, b) 30 minutes to present their products and services in the conference room. Registration fee: 100 Euros For visitors: a) Participation in all presentations during the exhibition. Entrance: 1 Euro Please confirm participation by sending the registration form to: irffpisem**** or Fax: +3732273-83-30, Skype: irffmd. Registration form: Name: ____________________ First Name: _____________ Phone: ____________________ E-mail _________________________ Organization or institution you represent: ______ Occupation / Position: ______ Source where you learned about the exhibition ____________________ What attracted you to participate in exhibition? ____________ Register as: - Presenter: Please briefly describe what products or services you want to present the exhibition. - Or visitor: Date: _________ Signature: ___________ Expo will be held at FFUPLM: Chisinau, MD-2025, str. Constantin Virnav 13, Malina Mica region Map: *******4.bp.blogspot****/_pMdJVrH1rTU/S44dQHU_4-I/AAAAAAAAAvw/c4PMN5UC2gM/s1600-h/harta+Federatiei.gif For more information, partnerships and sponsorships, donations to the event, please contact us at Tel. +37369 006 351, www.irffmd**** See you at the Blue Gold expo!
3 Mar 2010
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Pearls Wave NGO working for the rights of women supports the harassed and abused, is looking to provide a platform for such women ill-treated in the hands of their partners or families. Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan and Hurman Baweja came together in a press meet to show their support for the cause.
4 Mar 2010
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Pranaadhika is a unique young woman who not only started her own NGO but also runs a tattoo studio. This is her first video for the WAVE project (www.waveindia****), her video profile.
8 Mar 2010
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Anandi is a mid-wife in rural Uttarakhand and works with an NGO called Aarohi.
17 Mar 2010
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Emarine volunteers with Impulse NGO network and is looking forward to discussing issues about Shillong on the WAVE platform.
9 Mar 2010
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Florussel works for an NGO in Hyderabad and loves photography. She takes us through aspects of her life and dreams through pretty still images...
9 Mar 2010
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Sulochana works in the area of women's health with a well reputed NGO called Sangath. She comes from Siolim village that has a long bridge overlooking a beautiful river landscape.
10 Mar 2010
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Seli has a mass communications background and decided to work in the NGO world after meeting people who lived in urban slums. Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Mar 2010
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Vandana lives in rural Himachal Pradesh, and tells us about the NGO she works with there, her hobbies and thoughts about WAVE. Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 Mar 2010
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Vinitha is a young girl that lives in a home sponsored by a wonderful NGO called Odanadi which works towards rescuing women from trafficking. In this video, she tells us about life at Odanadi. Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Sep 2010
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TERRA MADRE PEOPLE - Short version - 8' ENGLISH Produced by BODA' www.terramadre**** by Paolo Casalis, Stefano Scarafia Italia, 2008, MiniDv,16, col. Every two years over 8000 farmers, cooks, fishermen, students, educators and food producers from around the world meet in Turin, Italy to discuss food, environment, biodiversity and local development. This meeting is called Terra Madre. realized by Stefano Scarafia / Paolo Casalis (regia/montaggio/camera) / Fabio Mancari (camera) / Federico Bertoli (fotografia) / Pietro Jona (suono in presa diretta) / Damiano Gravili (produttore esecutivo) PRODUCTION: BODA' Actually, this team is working at a feature lenfght documentary film about Terra Madre. Terra Madre The Food Communities Network Terra Madre brings together those players in the food chain who together support sustainable agriculture, fishing, and breeding with the goal of preserving taste and biodiversity. Find out more about the Terra Madre 2008 event. Terra Madre is a project conceived by Slow Food, the philosophy of which evolved over the the organizations history and crystallized at its realization that eating is an agricultural act and producing is a gastronomic act. Slow Food had always stood for the pleasures of the table, for the importance of good-tasting food, and for the defense of cultures facing growing homogenization as a result of todays so-called modern rationales regarding production, distribution, and economies of scale. It was where these rationales were leading that brought Slow Food to realize the need to protect and support small producers, and to change the systems that put them in danger by bringing together those players with decision-making power: consumers, educational institutions, chefs and cooks, agricultural research entities, NGOs, etc. It became clear that it is only through repeated, cumulative, local action, following a guiding global vision, that a significant impact can be achieved. Thus Terra Madre was born: To give voice and visibility to the rural food producers who populate our world. To raise their awareness, as well as that of the population at large, of the value of their work. To sustain their ability to work under the best conditions, for all of our good and for the good of the planet. For these reasons, constructing a global network—with information-sharing tools, the means to learn from each other, and opportunities for collaboration in many ways—seemed invaluable. We must continue to have fertile lands, lands on which sprout and grow plants and animals appropriate to those environments, rather than needing to be pumped full of chemicals to make them thrive artificially. And we must also continue to have the people capable of stewarding these lands, to have their know-how, so we can have food that still carries the tastes of our youth. The inaugural gathering of Terra Madre launched the network in 2004 in Torino, and was on an unprecedented scale. This first edition brought together 5000 producers from 130 countries and shone global media attention on their crisis. The second edition was in 2006, and incorporated an additional 1000 cooks, from renowned to modest, but all aware of their role relative to high-quality food producers. Also in attendance were 400 researchers and academics, seeking to bridge the theory of their work with hands-on practice. A project of this scope could never have come into being without a dedicated core of partners. Slow Food rallied public institutions as well as local, regional, and national bodies to collectively form the Terra Madre Foundation, further partnering with private companies and numerous like-minded networks, some of which were established specially for the event. Parts of the shooting for this movie has been included in "Terra Madre", by Ermanno Olmi, presented at Berlinale
16 Mar 2010
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CPAA better known as Cancer patients Aid Association a well known NGO had yet another Fashion show to promote the Social Organization. The fashion show was an initiative by Shina NC and the event was attended by Abhishek Bachchan.
18 Mar 2010
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*******www.CelebNETmedia**** * Angelo Giordano of Giordano World Entertainment www.GiordanoEntertainment****) along with Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray of the Las Vegas based talk show, THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! (www.TheStripViewLive****), hosted and produced the REACH FOR ME Movie Red Carpet Premiere inside the Las Vegas Hilton. From the red carpet, The Rat Pack from Las Vegas showed their support for this very funny, emotionally charged, inspirational movie. Click on the link to watch the trailer and receive a FREE one-time special offer. Please share your reviews of this movie using this sites rating and commenting tools. Call your local theatres to request this movie at a location near you. Thank You! Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Mar 2010
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How can you keep your food fresh and your drinking water cool in a hot third world country? The pot-fridge is the latest in a range of savvy inventions for the poor in the developing world. An idea revived by NGOs working in Africa, this nifty invention is now being used by farmers and their families in warm climates to preserve their food and keep the insects away. This desert cooler does not require electricity or any power source, apparently making it ideal for poor rural villages and sustainable living fans. According to the NGOs, a pot-fridge will keep your tomatoes fresh for almost three weeks and all it takes is some sand, water and two pots. Is it time to give up on ‘white goods’ and get earthy? The programme shows us how to make one.
31 Mar 2010
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www.tradereader**** is a Government Tender and public tender information portal where Tenders, Auctions, RFPs, RFQs,EOIs, Contracts,Tender invitation, tender notices, bid information, notifications, procurement notices published by various State government, Central government, Boards, PSUs, NGOs, corporate and private companies are published. These tenders and procurement notices are compiled from newspapers and thousands of government tender Websites on daily basis. The Tender information is further classified in to 18000 plus product categories, State, Tender Cost, Tender issuing Authority etc. such that the tender information that reaches the government contractors, government suppliers and manufacturers of his interest only. This tender information reaches the registered users and subscribers via daily email alerts and Web access. This tender information portal comes with a large database of government contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers and service providers globally for the buyers to promote their procurement notices to a target audience and hence bring in better competition in a particular tender.
18 Apr 2010
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In Pavagada Taluk the government implemented the Rain Water Harvesting System through a NGO named BAIF to tackle the issue of fluoride in the ground water. The film is about this has brought a change to the lives of the people in the Taluk.
19 Apr 2010
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