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Trust can permit its beneficiaries to pick committee or committees from among themselves for the effective and smooth running of any specific branch of its activities. They can form guidelines and policies for that specific branch under the offered condition. The managing committee may according to such terms as it will select from time to time confess as consumers those people who are more than likely to aid in furthering the objective and factors for the trust either with their professional understanding and experience or with monetary support. The objectives a charitable trust are to do financial and social upliftment of the downtrodden individuals of the society. The basic goals of Trust are: - 1. To improve cultural, academic and social condition of the people, undertake multidisciplinary programs and work for democracy, great governance, realisation of human rights, around the world peace, justice and cooperation. 2. To work for the elimination of corruption in our nation India. To organize conferences and workshops to expose the corrupt individuals in the nation and enlighten the youth about genuineness and integrity so that we have the capability to establish a much better society. 3. To work for the rehab of beggars in India. To assist them to lead a much better life and leave asking and bring them to the mainstream society. To cost-free kids who has actually been trafficked unlawfully into the dark world of asking. 4. To do such programs which helps in education people about the black money of India present in international banks and emphasize jobs which helps to revive the black money into India. In general, those who wish to include relative also in trust can apply for trust registration.
19 Dec 2017
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phong su gay trong nha nghi tai da nang, nan nhan binh ngo va chung gay , thu pham quang bim
27 Jul 2007
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马总统出席“2008台湾NGO环境会议”开幕致词,到场和离开的时候,都有环保团体针对要求核四公投等不同的诉求,当面陈情,马英九表示,环保团体的声音大,是本性流露。 出席环境会议,马总统没穿西装,没打领带,休闲的T恤,不做电梯,还爬了三层楼梯,展现节能省碳的诚意。不过,看在环保团体的眼里还有进步空间,还有更多深层的环保政策该重视,高举抗议标语,要求停止核一核二、核四公投,马总统有风度微笑以对,开始大谈新政府的环保政策,从节能减碳讲到温室气体效应。 只是听完了马总统的高见,环保团体还是有话要说,不管是当面递交陈情书,还是抗议的诉求,政党轮替,环保团体的监督不会因人而异。 其他推荐: 2008新唐人电视台全球系列大赛(小提琴,声乐,舞蹈,武术,钢琴,汉服设计,油画,厨技,摄影) *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 热点话题:周永康操纵海外特务制造事端 *******big5.soundofhope****/topic-92-1.htm 缅甸灾民称遭军政府开枪射杀 *******
4 Jun 2008
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欧洲议会邀各路NGO商讨中国人权 *******ntdtv****/xtr/gb/2008/12/02/a229084.html#video (新唐人电视台记者萧然、孙华比利时布鲁塞尔报导)12月2日,欧洲议会召开会议,邀请各路非政府组织代表参加会议探讨中国人权问题。包括国际大赦、记者无疆界、人权观察等国际知名非政府组织代表到场发言。请看从布鲁塞尔发来的报导。 上午的会议分为两阶段进行,主要探讨言论自由,人权,劳工权益,一胎化,死刑及在华北韩难民问题等。 会议主持人匈牙利欧洲议会议员伊斯提万.森提万尼先生表示,欧盟一直在关注中国的人权状况,本希望奥运能给中国带来变化,可是看到的却是倒退。但所幸有一样事情正在改善。“欧盟、成员国以及公众越来越意识到中国目前的情况非常严重。外交政策制定者们正越来越关注中国人权。” 谈到中国的言论自由问题森提万尼先生说:“我知道任何独裁政府的谎言都是通过信息垄断来实现的。中共政府也在尝试这么做,但做不到完全。感谢上帝幸亏还有你们新唐人,还有香港、台湾等其他媒体的存在。我知道中共独裁政府正在搞什么‘金盾工程’,这绝对是对中国人的信息封锁。但是我肯定,也确信,他们终将失败。” 其他推荐: 神韵晚会-神韵艺术团全球巡演 *******www.DivineArts****/ 退出共产党(首页) QUIT CCP *******tuidang.epochtimes****/ 中共阻拦欧洲议员探望胡佳妻子 *******
3 Dec 2008
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Israel Miller of *******www.PremierRedevelopmetGroup**** and Luan Ngo of LN Estates & Marketing (*******www.buymyhouseinbaltimore****) partner up to complete a wholesale deal. Luan Ngo is a up and coming super star real estate investor in the Baltimore area. If you are an investor that need help selling a property, contact Israel Miller at 443.502.0205 or *******www.PremierRedevelopmetGroup**** and he will get it sold.
3 May 2010
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ngo khong
24 Aug 2010
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This video features the most downloaded African American male model Ngo Okafor, working out in a tank top, doing a leg workout at Peak Performance NYC. See more of Ngo at www.getingo**** Shout out to Matt Townsend for shooting the video. Ngo is working hard with muscles popping. I finally got my flip camera working, so the quality of the videos will be much better.
16 Jun 2011
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an uong hoang ta trang
12 Nov 2007
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an uong hoang trang
12 Nov 2007
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28 Nov 2007
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sinhn hat
12 Nov 2007
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sinh nhat
12 Nov 2007
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