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Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey and south Indian actress Snigdha took time off their busy schedules to attend the Miracle fest hosted by Treasure jewelery. The fest was in aid of the NGO Nanhi Kali foundation which supports education initiatives for the girl child.
5 Jan 2010
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Shahid Kapoor graced an event to promote his movie Kaminey and watch a small documentary film made by Amole Gupte with the help of underprivileged childrens of an NGO in Mumbai.
5 Jan 2010
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Cravath partner Minh Van Ngo, who represented ACS, says the Xerox deal won't necessarily be an easy sell.
18 Feb 2010
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Pearls Wave NGO working for the rights of women supports the harassed and abused, is looking to provide a platform for such women ill-treated in the hands of their partners or families. Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan and Hurman Baweja came together in a press meet to show their support for the cause.
4 Mar 2010
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CPAA better known as Cancer patients Aid Association a well known NGO had yet another Fashion show to promote the Social Organization. The fashion show was an initiative by Shina NC and the event was attended by Abhishek Bachchan.
18 Mar 2010
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Daria came from Moscow to do her Marketing Internship in Beijing China. She was really pleased to see how everything was arranged by Get in2 China company. Beside the 2 internships, one in Travel Agency and Another one in NGO, Daria took an intensive language course for the period of 2 months. It was a great experience for her. She met a lot of new friends and planning to come to Beijing, China in the future. In Moscow she was studying Chinese for 2 years so she felt quite comfortable here. Get in2 China really wish her all the BEST and hope to see her again in the near future. For more information please visit: *******www.getin2china****
16 Jul 2010
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11 Dec 2010
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See this package holiday on *******www.traveltocare**** Grow crops, take a class, build skills and work with NGOs - make a direct positive impact with rural and ethnic communities on this 17 day trip in some of the remote highlands of Western Orissa. Chilka Lake, Ethnic NGO Project, Kolkata, Konark, Puri, Rural NGO Project, Visakhapatnam India
1 Jan 2011
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On January 11, 2011, the U.S. Chamber BCLC and InterAction launched the Haiti Aid Map. This online system gives simple, fast and accurate information about who is doing what, where. It has become a valuable tool for NGOs working in Haiti and has helped them to better use resources and not replicate what others are doing.
14 Jan 2011
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BY YIQIAN ZHANG ANCHOR AUSTIN KIM You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy. Over the weekend, several thousand Syrians gathered to demonstrate against the government, and at least five people were killed when the military broke up the protests with gunfire and tear gas. The protests were sparked by the arrest of 15 children for writing revolutionary slogans on walls. (Video: euronews) Mourners called for “revolution” at the funeral of slain protesters. What will happen now? A writer for the Israeli paper Haaretz says Syrian protests could lead to reforms, but the government could also squash the uprising before it gains steam. “Contrary to what Assad has boasted, his country is not immune to the cries for change that have already toppled leaders in Egypt and Tunisia. But Syria's leadership, like that of Libya or Yemen, has no intention of relinquishing power. The question is how quickly the security forces will act…" A journalist from the region writes in Time Magazine- it will be difficult for Syrians to force the government to change, but there’s hope. “Syria was always going to be a tough nut for pro-democracy activists to crack. It is a country where NGOs and political parties … have long been banned; and where dissent, however mild, is viciously crushed … The barrier of fear Syrians must surmount is significant … but then again … so too are the opportunities.” An American Thinker blogger suggests the US challenge Syrian leader Bashar al Assad and lead a push for reform. “…from the standpoint of U.S. strategic interests, Assad's Syria … is arguably a bigger menace than Qaddafi's Libya.” The Syrian government is using a carrot-and-stick strategy to quell the protests -- following brute force with concessions, such as releasing combination the 15 arrested children and cutting the length of mandatory military service by three months. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
22 Mar 2011
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BY ALLIE SPILLYARDS ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy It was an inspiring best seller. Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea gives his account of getting lost in an effort to climb the world’s tallest peak. After being rescued by Pakistani villagers, he builds an astonishing 170 schools for young girls. But then the twist. A 60 Minutes special includes interviews with several sources that say- it’s a big fat lie. According to Louisville’s WHAS- “The CBS news magazine reports that the book is filled with inaccuracies and that Mortenson is taking credit for building schools to this day that don’t exist.” Apparently CBS isn’t the first party to be suspicious of Mortenson’s feel-good story. A blogger for Discover Magazine calls the book- “ predicated on contemporary biases about the basic universal goodness of human nature. I hoped everything was true, but it seemed too good to be true. Other people who worked in Afghan NGOs tended to tell a more gritty and gray story, so either Mortenson was embellishing, or he had a special magic touch.” According to critics, not only are Mortenson’s claims about his rescue and the number of schools he built false... but so is another traumatic encounter. A writer for Time says- “Even Mortenson's claim in the book that he was captured by the Taliban in Pakistan in 1996 might be debunked. After analyzing a photo of the captors...60 Minutes found that at least one of them was a Pakistani scholar, not a terrorist. Whoops.” CBS News says Mortenson did not respond to requests by “60 Minutes” for an interview. But according to CNN, he later responded with a statement saying he stands by the book. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
19 Apr 2011
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Are you willing to give a ray of hope to help the poor and needy people? Bandhoo provides a reliable platform for donors to support charity initiatives and programs that are being undertaken to improve the lives of people in India. We raises funds from donors to provide financial assistance to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
5 Aug 2011
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