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GNoTECon - Dave Nielsen 7:22 12/18/06 Dave Nielsen is a director with StrikeIron. StrikeIron is marketplace for web services and is available to both buyers and sellers. Dave talks about the increase in Technology Evangelists and how Evangelism is different from Marketing.
6 Mar 2007
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* NIELSEN to fight piracy with Digital Media Manager. * ADOBE adds H.264 support to Flash. * SPRINT to soft launch WiMax service soon. * THE FCC faces Senate opposition to media ownership vote. * NOKIA giving away free UNIVERSAL music. Get the Story at Media30****.
6 Dec 2007
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* WAL-MART closes video download service. * WARNER MUSIC to sell unprotected MP3s on Amazon. * MTV NETWORKS hits 1.2 billion online video streams in 2007. * NIELSEN says Google search market share hits 57%. * GOLDEN GLOBES broadcast in doubt as writers plan pickets. Get the full story at Media30****.
29 Dec 2007
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* VERIZON announces that FiOS TV has over 1 million subscribers. * NIELSEN will use HeyNielsen**** to record Super Bowl ad feedback. * SPECTRUM BIDDING has passed $6 billion. * NBC acquires LX.TV for increased local media production. * VISIBLE MEASURES acquires Vidmeter and Vidmetrix. * LIBERTY MEDIA tries to remove Diller from IAC's board. * PLUS: The Grammy's WGA deal and more. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****.
29 Jan 2008
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* NBC asks Nielsen to move February 2009 sweeps. * KEVIN MARTIN wants to force cable to carry Class A stations. * THE BIG FOUR's new music venture goes under scrutiny. * YAHOO launches new live video service. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****.
9 Feb 2009
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* NIELSEN conducts study of online viewing patterns. * GOOGLE sees large number of searches from iPhone users. * KEVIN MARTIN asks cable to carry low-power stations. * COMCAST acquires PLAXO. * APPLE unleashes HD rentals. * CLEAR CHANNEL sale for $19 billion approved. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****.
14 Feb 2008
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* HULU opens for business. * YOUTUBE release new developer API's. * NIELSEN to offer second-by-second ratings. * CBS brings commercial-free March Madness to JOOST. * JEFF BEWKES talks about the future of AOL. * JEFF IMMELT says GE will keep NBC U. * PLUS: Google, Doubleclick, SAG and more. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
12 Mar 2008
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* NIELSEN study, 10 million unprepared for DTV. * MICROSOFT previews Windows 7, touch-screen. * SONY, Cable companies to eliminate set-top box. * DELL guilty of unlawful conduct. * TIVO to offer critic's picks. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
28 May 2008
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* NBCU, NIELSEN team for sales metrics. * YAHOO rejected a MICROSOFT offer a year ago. * H-P and MICROSOFT strike Live Search deal. * FACEBOOK code to be open source. * TW CABLE developing web video set top box. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
3 Jun 2008
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Music video for Nilla Nielsens song Shellshocked www.myspace****/nillanielsen
3 Jul 2008
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Nielsen Answers C360 Video - Produced by Richter Studios, Chicago's video production, interactive CD-DVD, web site development and presentation services company. *******www.richterstudios****
12 Dec 2012
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Nielsen Answers Commercial - Produced by Richter Studios, Chicago's video production, interactive CD-DVD, web site development and presentation services company. *******www.richterstudios****
17 Sep 2012
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******* October was a record breaking month for video views on CNN**** and other sites. CNN had 134 million videos streamed by 8.3 million unique visitors, according to the latest numbers released by Nielsen Online. Yahoo! registered the most uniques with 9.9 million, but had only 61 million views. msnbc**** beat CNN in uniques with 9.5 million, but had a few less videos streamed. See the full numbers below. CNN's video streams were up 179 percent over last October. A CNN spokeswoman told Beet.TV that this was the most video streamed in one month. We assume the growth in traffic is largely attributable to the presidential election. We would anticipate a drop-off after Election Day. TechCrunch reported yesterday that traffic to the Huffington Post dropped dramatically after Election Day. On Election Day, I visited the New York newsroom of CNN where I interviewed Susan Grant, Exec VP of CNN News Service. She shares the extraordinary streaming numbers that day. I've republished the interview tonight. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus U.S., Home and Work Period: October 2008 Top 10 Current Event & Global News Sites Ranked by Total Streams for October 2008 Site Total Streams (000) Unique Viewers (000) CNN Digital Network 133,643 8,263 MSNBC Digital Network 120,264 9,539 Yahoo! News 60,748 9,877 ABCNEWS Digital Network 19,314 3,058 AOL News 12,556 3,871 WorldNow 11,083 2,554 Fox News Digital Network 10,709 2,141 CBS News Digital Network 4,420 888 Fox Television Stations 3,390 1,100 BBC 3,120 925 Includes progressive downloads and excludes video advertising.
12 Dec 2008
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******* Accurate monitoring of online video consumption across multiple platforms is not an easy task. But for publishers and advertisers hoping to make a business of this, complete metrics is essential. Nielsen Online is developing new system to track online video consumption on multiple sites by identifying the distinct "audio signature file" which is specific to particular shows. Last month, I spoke with Jon Gibs, VP of Media Analytics at Nielsen Online about future developments in online video metrics. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
24 Jan 2009
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AC Nielsen Homescan Review conducted by Tim at theguruseye earn points to convert into prizes such as digital cameras, lcd t.v.'s and much more scan in your consumer goods and upload your purchases weekly.
20 Sep 2009
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******* Small blogs with an audience of 10,000 to 20,000 viewers might have a difficult time selling advertising, but advertisers should sure be listening to what they're saying, according to Jon Gibs, VP of Media Analytics at Nielsen Online. Nielsen's BuzzMetrics services can help turn the collective influence of the blogosphere and other social media channels into data similar to measurements for an ad campaign. "So we believe that audience metrics for smaller, social media sites, for smaller blogs--10,00, 20,000 people--we shouldn't care that much about unique audience, we should care about influence," he told Andy in this interview. "We should care about how influential that person's voice is in the overall marketplace. We think that within social media you have this core of influencers, [and] that we can quantify those influencers through a Buzzmetrics data set. And we can talk about how those people are influencing other people's behavior. So we think that's really the core element for social media measurement." The next part of the challenge is finding out who what is creating buzz and who the audience listening to that buzz is, according to Gibs. Then "we can produce the number of GRPs that are produced by social media, the number of its demographic reach, things like that, in a very similar way that you would think about advertising campaign measurement," he says. You can see the first segment of Andy's interview with Gibs here. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
24 Feb 2009
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