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Night of the Living Dead Live
23 May 2018
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Trailer for "Night Of The Living Dead, 3D." Lenz Films provided the Gaffing for this project.
19 Jan 2010
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7 songs from 1968, enjoy
4 Jul 2009
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You are the zombies
1 Aug 2011
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Check out a video review that features best and worst scenes and quotes from the movie Night of the Living Dead. Bob, grab a fork and stop eating that brain like an animal!
11 May 2008
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Night of the Living Dead- Listen to Tom’s movie review of Night of the Living dead, which is a movie of 40 years! This is a classic that you can watch on www.OVGuide****.
14 Jun 2008
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WATCH THE MOVIE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD FOR FREE AT *******jmdf15122.flynetwork.hop.clickbank****/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Feb 2009
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Imagine this happening in real life movie
28 Jan 2007
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A shockingly overlooked mistake (I've hardly heard anyone mention it) in which a crew member's hand is briefly visible in front of the camera. Note that this movie is public domain and can be downloaded legally and used freely (in fully DVD quality) at: *******www.archive****/details/night_of_the_living_dead If you haven't seen the movie, download it and watch it right now!
23 Dec 2007
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Chaos descends upon the world as the brains of the recently deceased become inexplicably reanimated, causing the dead to rise and feed on human flesh. Speculation rests on a radiation-covered NASA satellite returning from Venus, but it only remains a speculation. Anyone who dies during the crisis of causes unrelated to brain trauma will return as a flesh-eating zombie, including anyone who has been bitten by a zombie. The only way to destroy the zombies is to destroy the brain. As the catastrophe unfolds, a young woman visiting her father's grave takes refuge in a nearby farmhouse, where she is met by a man who protects her and barricades them inside. They both later discover people hiding in the basement, and they each attempt to cope with the situation. Their only hope rests on getting some gasoline from a nearby pump into a truck that is running on empty, but this requires braving the hordes of ravenous walking corpses outside. When they finally put their plans into action, panic and personal tensions only add to the terror as they try to survive.
8 Mar 2008
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A fake movie trailer with legendary music, gripping terror, and screaming girls. What more could you want this time of year? Sex? Sorry, no sex here.
31 Oct 2010
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After Hurricane Andrew pases over, the coomunity of Homestead emerges from the ruins of their homes to survey the destruction.
21 Oct 2009
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