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Night Stalker review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room reviews NIGHT STALKER for IntelliVision from Mattel released in 1982, played here using the Intellivision II video game system. Fight realistic antagonists like killer robots, evil spiders and poison bats in this awesome 80s arcade style classic which is like Berzerk meets Pac-Man in a future space dungeon!
8 Dec 2012
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Under the Texas stars Capt. Red Van is the man to call - what a guide - what a trip - check this out RD
17 Sep 2007
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a long night in the ocean of life. or one bored man?
16 Nov 2007
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an evening with americas most beloved stalker.
25 Nov 2007
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Wake up you guys!! Lets steal this 07 Caliber! Come on now... Sleeping is for the birds!! Chirp chirp RepoRich the "Az Night Stalker"
12 Apr 2008
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Army Night Stalker pilot Shane Garrett knew his chances were not good. Not for keeping a relationship during times of war. And not especially good to make it out at all. And though he left the Army after he was injured during a mission, the Army never really left Shane. It was a part of him. And so was Dr. Kirby Campbell. Now Kirby needs the Phoenix Team to help her find a kidnapped colleague in Central America. A team Shane is on. Together they will fight for their country, their friend, their lives and ultimately their hearts.Shattered by JoAnn Ross. Find out more at *******www.joannross**** Genre: romantic suspense Find out more here *******www.joannross**** Buy it here now ******* Shattered by JoAnn Ross Book Trailer
26 Jan 2009
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Gabrielle Union interview with *******www.ExploreTalent**** Gabrielle Union talks about her first breaks with 7th Heaven and Bring It On. Gabrielle has appeared in many television shows and films including 10 Things I Hate About You, Night Stalker, City Of Angels, and Life.
21 Aug 2009
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A tortured soul finds relief after the night stalker redeems his soul.
2 Nov 2010
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Classic Game Room HD reviews INTELLIVISION LIVES! for Playstation 2, also available for Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. This collection of more than 60 classic, retro Intellivision games is a winner with excellent emulation, menus and additional information about the games. Games included in this Intellivision collection for PS2 are Armor Batle, Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber, Backgammon, Buzz Bombers, Frog Bog, Hover Force, Magic Carousel, Space Armada, Shark! Shark!, Night Stalker, Space Spartans and many more. Hitting the select button pulls up the replica Intellivision controller and many of the games even replicate the Intellivoice. A must have for those interested in classic games but without the room or will to buy 30 year old electronics. Intellivision Lives! for Playstation 2 PS2.
10 Aug 2012
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A Jail House Conversation with Serial Killer Richard Ramirez--The Night Stalker--Reported by Mike Watkiss
27 Jul 2012
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:::::::READ THIS BEFORE POSTING:::::: POPWELLMAN sub to me and ill sub back also US military might go back home in 2009.It depends on new president.Send me a friendd invite.And comment on my page US special forces in Iraq maybe Navy Seals The United States Special Operations Forces is the official category which the United States Department of Defense lists the U.S. military units that have a training specialization in unconventional warfare and special operations. The Department refers to such units (and similar foreign organizations) as Special Operations Forces (SOF). Counter-Terrorist Units 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D) "Delta Force" (United States Army) Navy Special Warfare Development Group "DEVGRU" (United States Navy) (formerly SEAL TEAM 6) 24th Special Tactics Squadron - United States Air Force Intelligence Support Activity (known under various codenames since 1989, including Centra Spike, Torn Victor and Gray Fox) Special Operation Forces [ United States Army 75th Ranger Regiment ("Rangers") 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) ("Night Stalkers") United States Army Special Forces ("Green Berets") 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne) United States Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land) Special Boat Teams United States Air Force 352d Special Operations Group 353d Special Operations Group 720th Special Tactics Group which includes Air Force Special Tactics members consisting of all Pararescuemen, Combat Controllers, and Combat Weathermen. United States Marine Corps Marine Force Reconnaissance (Reconnaissance and Direct Action) Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) Radio Reconnaissance Platoon Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams (FAST) Special Reaction Teams (SRTs) United States Coast Guard Port Security Units (overseas port security for U.S. Navy and allied civilian installations) Law Enforcement Detachments Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSST) [edit] Intelligence Community Special Units Strategic Support Branch (SSB, DIA) Special Activities Division (CIA) Special Collections Service (SCS, joint NSA - CIA) Proactive and Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG, DoD)
19 Nov 2008
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Mastiff - Edie's dog C-Section 5-17-07 - Edie delivered 13 healthy Mastiff puppies via cesarean. There are 9 boys and 4 girls. The sire is CH Night Stalker Prairie Buffalo Geronimo. www.epiphanymastiffs****
24 May 2009
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***READ THIS BEFORE POSTING*** Sub to me and ill sub back USA special forces m6 little bird attack helicopter Night Stalk more of my videos ***********/watch?v=RK0TcPG0RF4 Two special operations versions of the OH-6A are the AH-6C "Little Bird" armed variant, and the MH-6B transport/utility version, which can carry up to six personnel for quick insertion and extraction missions. The MH-6 Little Bird is the only light assault helicopter in the Army inventory. It provides assault helicopter support to special operations forces and can be armed with a combination of guns and folding fin aerial rockets. It has an unrefueled range of 250 nautical miles. This special operations gunship variant of the MD 500/530 is operated by the United States Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (The Night Stalkers). The MH-6H assault transport version of the Little Bird fleet is nearly identical to the AH-6, except that it is designed to carry troops and has no provisions for armaments. Two or three troops can be carried internally and up to six externally on fold down platforms. Can also be fitted with a fast-rope system, caving ladders, STABO rigs or a winch. MH-6J / MH-6M Mission-Enhanced Little Bird [MELB] The aircraft are being upgraded under the same Mission-Enhanced Little Bird [MELB] program as the AH-6s. The MH-6J insertion and extraction transport, based on the MD-530F, feature a more powerful engine and improved avionics, including an embedded GPS/inertial navigation system and forward-looking infrared (FLIR). The AH-6J has a maximum takeoff weight of 3,950 pounds. The MH-6M mission enhanced little bird has a gross weight of 4,700 pounds. The stretched Little Bird combines the six-bladed rotor system of the MD600 commercial helicopter with a noise-reducing four-bladed tail rotor and a mix of engine and transmission improvements. The concurrent weapons and digitization management upgrade includes a 1553 databus and single-point data entry for navigation, flight plans and weapons management. The new AH/MH-6M (Mission Enhanced Little Bird, or MELB) helicopters are equipped with the system direct from the modification production line. Although the Army wants to expand its elite helicopter fleet, it is trying to reduce the overall number of aircraft it operates. The Army is on course to concentrate on three aircraft: the MD MH-6M Little Bird, the Boeing MH-47G Chinook and the Sikorsky MH-60M Black Hawk. Currently, units operate six types of aircraft. The Army plans to keep the fleet size for the A/MH-6 Little Birds constant at 45 aircraft. Goodrich's Engine Control Systems facility in West Hartford, Connecticut, is the prime supplier of the Army's fielded Full Authority Digital Engine Control Systems (FADEC). Goodrich systems are flying today on the Chinook, Kiowa Warrior, and A/MH-6M Little Birds helicopters.
24 May 2009
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Alien Vampires or DNA Lab Creature gone bad and escaped... Creepy Crawlies, Vampire Alien, Chupacabras, Texas Alien Encounters, DNA Cloned Menace, Scientists create Strange Creature in labs and then it escapes and runs amok ??? vampire freaks freaky beasts legend of boggy creek yeti bigfoot sasquatch skunk apes mothman skunk ape skunkape el chupacabra chupacabras alien vampires aliens vampire freaks strange creatures scary spooky creepy night stalkers scariest et dewitt county texas monster hairless beast urban legend legends dash cam footage videos video
3 Sep 2009
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DOTA FANS!!! I did it again! This time it's a lot better of song! If you want the mp3 just message me and I'll e-mail it to you. Enjoy! LYRICS: Warcraft 3 Frozen Zone Im a soldier// Play my favorite game online thats DOTA// Battlenet Eastcoast gotta find a game// With the letters D O T A in the name// Leavers are lame.. gotta find a good game quick// Make yo choice.. maybe play all pick// Maybe all random maybe do select draft// Maybe DM.. that means death match// Let the games begin I got 5 on a team// Watch out I play this game to win// Ready pick.. so many heroes// So many houses to choose before the time goes// Bristleback and I attack with spikes// Spiritbreaker with the nether strike Maybe night stalker.. run fast at night// Maybe fat Pudge he can take a bite// NAIX.. life stealer for the win// Morphling.. change the colors on my skin// Prophet.. teleport.. almost here// Void time talk then the chronosphere// Zeus.. its hammer time// Techies.. suicide bomb plus lands mines// Naga.. 3 clones.. so fake// Rasta.. shackle then snakes// Bat rider.. grapple and run through flames// Doombringer.. levels that blaze// Lion.. tearin out ya flesh// Impale voodoo finger of death// Bloodseeker.. please dont move// Everytime you walk HP you lose// Windrunner.. attackspeed psycho// Tiny.. look how big I grow// Priestess.. moonlight shadow// Trax Drow with the frosty arrows// Venomancer.. poison like a snake// Sacred warrior with a life break// Troll warlord attackin so fast// Ogre magi with that multi cast// Lycan.. he can change forms// Fly across the map with the blue panda Storm// Ok.. change up.. time to shop// You get weapons with the gold you got// Boots of travel.. treads and phase// Broadsword claymore different type of blades// Buriza critical strike// Spot invisilibty, gem of true sight// Aghanims scepter make a better ult// Maelstrom perfect for lightning bolts// Sange and yasha.. chance to maim// If you need mana.. make an arcane// Guinsoo.. aka sheepstick// Mask of madness.. move and hit so quick// Desolater.. slice through armor// Battle fury, perfect for the farmer// Manta style.. make some clones// Boost ya soul with a red bloodstone// Divine rapier.. damage so high// evade and attack fast with a butterfly// horns go off.. creeps come out.. click on the map and my hero runs out// killing spree.. time to get godlike// play so much dota.. see me up all night// switch on.. just incase people leave// host with a list checker called LC// no time to stop cant even take a pee// game starts in 5-4-3// 2.. 1 let it load// fortify so much trees dont explode//
11 Sep 2009
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The elite Scout Rangers, are the pride of the Philippine Military. They are the most celebrated breed of fighting men, the most admired by the citizenry but dreaded by the enemy. Clad in black fatigues, berets and balaclavas depicting the skin of the panther whose image appears in every ranger patch that they wear with pride. It is the emblem of the jungle fighter, the night stalker, a strike-anywhere force, the cunning, agile and fearsome commando. A rumor of their coming alone can even send the enemy scampering to safety. They'd rather evade these deadly hunters than leave themselves denied of any chance of surviving at all. These commandos are known as the strike anywhere, day and night, all weather, all terrain, RANGER all the way fighting force that made them legends in the Army. Formed in the 1950's by the former AFP Vice Chief and Defense Secretary Gen. Rafael "Rocky" Ileto, the "Father of the Scout Rangers", they were the heroes of their time who sealed the fate of the Hukbalahap guerillas. Their commanders, names like Ileto, Sang-laan, Brawner, Blando, Javier are legends in the Army. This group of commandos was tasked to counter the extremely violent Hukbalahap Guerillas in the 1950's, there had to be a compact and hard-hitting unit to match the rebels' agility and mobility. Intrepid and highly-skilled, the members of this unit had to infiltrate stealthily and strike with deadly effectiveness and withdraw as swiftly as they came in. They have to be specialists in small, highly selective strikes, raids, ambuscades, reconnaissance patrols and other offensive actions. The times called for a new breed of soldiers who had to have the skills of a consummate warrior, the stamina of an indefatigable hunter and the do-or-die spirit of a winner. On November 25 1950, The Scout Ranger was born. Today, the Men-in-Black continues to do its performance of its multi-faceted mission, they will always be ready to take the challenge of any unscrupulous individual or group that will dare to destroy the Filipino way of life. The First Scout Ranger Regiment, Special Operations Command, Philippine Army was awarded in year 2000, the highly prestigious "Presidential Streamer Award" for combat achievements from the President of the Republic of the Philippines.
22 Dec 2009
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