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Nilam Auntie + Batman = LOVE! In this video, Nilam shows her school-girl-crush side when she sends a video message to Christian Bale, the Hollywood hunk known for his most recent role in "The Dark Knight."
13 Apr 2009
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AGORACOM - The Small Cap Epicenter reports on the day's best small cap and micro cap press releases before the opening bell. Today's show features: Nilam Resources - OTC BB:NILR, FSE:3NL $0.26### Titan Energy - OTC BB:TEWI $0.28### Colossus Minerals - TSX:CSI $2.68### Active Control - TSX-V:ACT $0.38### Tenajon Resources - TSX-V:TJS $0.42###
12 Jun 2008
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AGORACOM - The Small Cap Epicenter reports on the day's best small cap and micro cap press releases before the opening bell. Today's show features: Silver Eagle Mines - TSX:SEG $0.55### Halo Resources - TSX-V:HLO, FSE:HRL $0.21### Nilam Resources - OTC BB:NILR, FSE:3NL $0.29### International Northair Mines - TSX-V:INM $0.12### Strongbow Exploration - TSX-V:SBW $0.28###
26 Jun 2008
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3 Apr 2011
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Search & Awie - Nur Nilam Sari
11 Sep 2009
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two baby elephants have been kidnapped by noted Diyawadana nilame from Pinnawela elephant orphanage... UPDATES WILL FOLLOW
2 Nov 2009
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Nur Nilam Sari - Awie - Search (HD/Karaoke/HiFiDualAudio) Upload By Team Group Thanks For Plays This Music Video.
15 Oct 2013
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The annual Esala Pageant popularly known as the Esala Perahara, held in the month of Esala (July - August) in Kandy needs no introduction to the Buddhist world. Originating from Indo-Aryan traditions, Esala festivities signify the victories of the mythical Hindu God Indra over the demon Vritra who prevented the burst of rain clouds. In fact Esala Perahara was originally a ritual invoking the blessings of the Gods to cause rainfall in the dry month. Later the Sinahla kings who possessed the sacred Tooth Relic coupled that event with the procession in honour of the sacred Tooth Relic, maintaining some of the ancient rituals of yore. The sacred Tooth Relic was brought to Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, from Kalinga during the reign of the King Kitsiri Mevan (A.D. 303 - 331). That was about 500 years since the arrival of Theri Sanghamitta and the planting of the sacred Bodhi Tree. The Chinese Buddhist traveller Fa Hien given an account of the rituals associated with the sacred Relic when it was taken to Abhayagiri vihara for the annual festival during the month of Esala. The fourteenth century Sinhala text "Dalada Sirita" gives a vivid description of these rituals. There was a strong conviction particularly among Sinhala Buddhists that the legitimate claim for the Sinhala Throne could be made by the possessor of the sacred Tooth Relic. The belief that the sacred Tooth Relic was a harbinger of rain never diminished even after the British occupation of Kandy. When the perahara was suspended by the British rulers in 1815 a severe drought and a crop failure followed. Due to public protest the perahara was allowed. It was reported that torrential rains followed the initiation of perhara rituals. The author of "Dalada Sirita" gives a vivid description of that event. The perahara rituals begin with the planting of kap poles (about 60 cm in length cut from a lactiferous tree) within the premises of each dewale at an auspicious hour. Kapa symbolises god Indra and it is cut from a lactiferous tree to signify fertility and prosperity. When the kap-poles are brought to each Dewale they are placed on a clean mat where fresh mango and margosa leaves are spread. That ritual is associated with the Pattini cult. Goddess Pattini, according to mythical literature, was born out of a mango and her husband was killed under a margosa tree. When the kap poles are installed in each dewale premises the officiating priest (kapurala) circumambulates the kap pole on three consecutive days carrying the insignia of the respective deity. At the beginning for five days the procession is confined to the dewala premises. The second stage of the perahara is the Kumbal Perahara. Here the relic casket along with such regalia traditionally associated with the ancient royalty of Kandy are taken out. The Relic Casket is taken out amidst the blowing of conch shells. A gaily decorated elephant carries the casket. A gun is fired when the Diyawadana Nilame takes his place in the procession. The Diyawadana Nilame, according to historical traditions was the minister who supplied water to the King. The title "Nilame" was given to a Minister of the royal court. However a contrary view was held by some writers with regard to the duties of the Diyawadana Nilame. He was required to do everything within his capacity to ensure rain at the correct seasons. This conclusion was arrived at because there was another official in the royal palace with the title Ulpange Rala who made bathing facilities for the king. The third stage of the perahara is the "Randoli" symbolizing the participation of the royalty in the procession. Randoli was the name of a special palanquin in which the Queen was taken. The perahara parades with full splendour at this stage
26 Aug 2008
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Vaaranam-aayiram Mundhinam- paarthaene- lyrics- Hi malini..I am Krishnan…naan idha solliye aaganum..nee avlavu azhagu.. Inga evanum ivlo azhaga oru… Ivlo azhaga paarthurka maattaanga…and I am in love with you… Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene.. Saladai kannaaga..nenjamum punnaanadhey.. Ithanai naalaaga…unnai naan paaraamal… Engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe.. Vaanathil nee vennilla…yekkathil naan theivadhaa.. Ippodhu ennodu vandhaal enna…oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna… Ippodhu ennodu vandhaal enna…oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna… Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene..saladai kannaaga..nenjamum ponnaanadhe.. Ithanai naalaaga…unnai naan paaraamal… Engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe.. (MUSIC) Kaadhale…swasame… Thula thottil unnai veithu…nigar seiya ponnai veithaai… Thora varam thorkaadhoo..perazhagu… Mugam paarthu pesum unnai…mudhal kaadhal sindhum kannai… Anaikkaamal povenoo….aaruyire… Ohhh…nizhal pola vidaamal unnai…thodarvenadii… Pugai pola padaamal pattu…nagarvenadi… Vinaanooru, kanaavum nooru”…vidai solladi… Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene.. Saladai kannaaga..ullamum ponnaanadhe.. Ithanai naalaaga (oh my love)…unnai naan paaraamal (yes my love)…engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe.. (MUSIC) Kadal nilam angum neram..alai vandhu theendum thooram.. Manam sendru muzhvenoo…eerathile.. Thalai saaikka tholum thandhaai…viral korthu pakkam vandhaai… Idhazh mattum innum yen dhoorathilee.. Pagal neram kanaakkal kanden, urangaamale…uyirendum uraaiya kanden, nerungaamale… Unai andri enakku yedhu…edhir kaalame… Mundhinam paarthene…paarthadhum thotrene.. Saladai kannaaga..nenjamum ponnanadhe.. Ithanai naalaaga …unnai naan paaraamal… Engu thaan ponaeno..naatkalum veenaanadhe.. Vaanathil nee vennilla…yekkathil naan thevadhaa.. Ippodhu ennodu vandhaal enna…oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna.. Ippodhu ennodu vandhaal enna….oorpaarkka ondraaga sendraal enna.. ……Vennilaa….…vennilaa…….vennilaa………………….
25 Apr 2009
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Attaullah Khan With Happy Tabla Player Tabla Player is Salamat Ali he is the brother of famous Pakistani singer Shaukat Ali **************************************** **** Atta Ullah Khan was Born on August 19, 1951, ESAKHELVI was given the family name Atta Ullah Khan Niazi. He was brought up in Esakhel. He got his basic education and done matric from Esakhel. For higher education he got admission in Faisalabad and done intermediate from there. Then he got his Graduate degree from Mianwali. After coming to the music profession the first radio program he signed with Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur in 1972. The same year he done his first stage show in Mianwali. Then he performed in his first T. V. Program at Nilam Ghar, Karachi in 1973. After his success in homeland he won hearts of his fans in England in 1980 in his first foreign concert. His first film as a singer was Siren in Punjabi. While Dil Lagi was his first film as actor. Atta has a number of films on his record, he appeared in three (3) movies as main character or a Hero and sung for about eight (8) movies. Esakhelvi sings in 5 different languages including Saraiki, Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto and Sindhi. His first professional cassette was recorded by RGH Faisalabad in 1978.
8 Jun 2009
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"उत्तर अमेरिकाका नेपाली कबि र कबिता" संग्रहका कबिहरु: Kalpana Satyal, Kishor Dhungana, Krishnamurari Dhungel, Ganga Legal, Geeta Khatri, Gopi Krishna Kafle, Gobardhan Shrestha, Govindasingh Rawat, Govinda Giri 'Prerana', Dr. Taranath Sharma, Tirtharaj Pandeya 'Ansu', Dr. Tulshi Dharel, Dipendra Bista, Devnath Bhattarai 'Darpan', Nagendra Neupane, Namrata Guragai 'Acharya', Nilam Karki 'Niharika', Palpasa, Pratibha Paudyal 'Acharya', Pramila Sharma, Prem sangraula, Bitu K.C. Baral, Bharati Gautam, Bhupendra Mahat, Manju Niraula 'Hada', Mani Bangdel 'Sagar', Mankaji Shrestha, Madhavraj Dahal, Mukti Gautam, Murari Naral, Rajani Shrestha, Rabindrabhakta Shrestha, Rajab, Rajesh Karki, Basanta Shrestha, Basu Dhakal, Basu Shrestha, Bikas Devkota 'Nayaghare', Bijayaraj Sharma, Binod Roka, Shiva Gautam, Shivaprakash, Shekar Dhungel, Shyamkaji Shrestha, Sahadev Paudyal, Harihar Bhattarai, Hemanta Shrestha, Homnath Subedi, Homraj Acharya र Gyanendra Gadal
20 Sep 2009
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layan jer... (✿◠‿◠) (♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪‿♥) skodeng2 k nilam punye pro5.. jgn lupe tapau milo beng tabur so..... ̿̿̿ ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿
5 Aug 2011
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*******www.facebook****/NurNilameiza .. -nilam- GET THE Ringback Tones " Sesaat Kau Datang" Ramlah Ram feat SleeQ DiGi Untuk Mendaftar SMS: - Taip CT ON dan hantar ke 2000 - Pilih no. 1 dan hantar ke 2000 Untuk Muat Turun: Taip CT BUY [kod lagu] dan hantar ke 2000 (kod lagu: Verse 0132450, Chorus 0132453, Rap 0132451) MAXIS Untuk Muat Turun: Taip *131 [kod lagu] # dan hantar (kod lagu:Verse 100232470, Chorus 100232472, Rap 100232468) Celcom Untuk Muat Turun: Taip CMT ruang (kod) hantar ke 22990 (kod lagu:Verse 128634, Chorus 128635, Rap 128636)
20 Jan 2012
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*******www.facebook****/NurNilameiza ..-nilam-
9 Feb 2012
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Singer: Kumar Sanu Movie: Diljale (1996) Starring: Ajay Devgn, Sonali Bendre, Madhoo ______ LYRICS ______ Jiske Aane Se Rango Mein Dub Gayi Hai Sham Soch Raha Hoo Kisase Puchhu Us Ladkee Ka Nam Rang Hain Sona, Rup Hain Chandee, Aankhe Hain Nilam Honthh Hain Kaliya, Dat Hain Motee, Julfe Hain Resham Jaise Gajal Hai, Jaise Kanwal Hai, Jaise Chhalakata Jam Soch Raha Hoo Kis Se Puchhu, Us Ladkee Ka Nam Palko Kee Chhanw Sans Kee Khushaboo, Baho Ka Sandal Mathe Ka Suraj Tan Ke Ujale, Chal Kee Yeh Halachal Jism Sunahara, Chand Sa Chehara, Dil Ke Liye Aaram Soch Raha Hoo Kis Se Puchhu, Us Ladkee Ka Nam Husn Kee Malika, Rup Kee Ranee, Khwabo Kee Shahajadee Jab Se Milee Hai, Dil Me Huyee Hai, Khwabo Kee Aabadee Jis Ke Liye Mai Iss Duniya Me Le Loo Har Iljam Soch Raha Hoo Kis Se Puchhu, Us Ladkee Ka Nam
3 Oct 2012
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Attaullah Khan Essa Khailwi ( عطااللہ خان عیسی ء خیلوی) is a well known folk singer and poet of Pakistan. He has the world record for the highest number of audio albums ever released by a singer. He is traditionally considered a Seraiki artist but mostly he has recorded albums in Punjabi and Urdu. The reason behind his astonishing success is that he sings only for the poor, desperate and afflicted. His voice has a healing effect and is considered one of the best folk singers Pakistan has ever produced. He has dominated the folk music scene of Pakistan for over thirty years. He gathers thousands in his audiences whenever and wherever he performs. He hails from the famous Niazi tribe of the Pashtun people. Other famous Niazi people are Imran Khan the cricketer, Majid Khan (cricketer) and Muneer Niazi (Urdu poet). He has released smash hits such as Qameez Teri Kaali, Raatan, and Mahi Wasey Mera. He has become one of the most well known singers in Pakistan. In his early years, the love of his life left him for another man and he turned to alcohol, but since then he has changed his ways. History Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailvi was born on 19 August 1951 in a town called Isakhel. This town is situated in the district Mianwali of Pakistan. He belongs to the famous Niazi Pathan tribe, therefore he was named in his childhood as Atta Ullah Khan Niazi. His showbiz fame got him known as Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailvi. Right from his childhood he had inner learning towards music and used to practise singing stealthily behind his parents back. The moment they found out there was trouble for Atta. It resulted in him having been expelled from home. Instead of getting down it provided him an impetus to struggle make a mark in life and came to conclusion this could only be achieved through education, so he worked in bits and pieces and continued his education and eventually graduated at Mianwali, at the same time. He kept nourishing his childhood love of music which had contributed toward his familys anger and revulsion and made his name to the extant that he was invited to do a show on Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur in 1972 and did a stage show as well in Mianwali the same year. These events made name for him and appeared on Pakistan Television in a very famous TV Programme called Nilam Ghar from Karachi. These performances projected him as an icon in music field especially his Saraiki style of singing appealed to young and old alike. His followers were spread all over the world and demands were growing for him to be heard. Therefore his first foreign concert was organised and presented in England in 1980. After 20 years ruling of the hearts of Pakistanis and Saraiki speaking people all over the w Across the border Ataullah Khan (as he is commonly known in India) became very famous in India following the use of the lyrics of his songs in the Indian movie Bewafa Sanam, by T Series. Sonu Nigam sang his music where he went to become a huge singer. The songs of the movie were quite popular in India and played a big part in the success of the movie. It is often said that the story of the movie was based on the life of Ataullah Khan himself.
1 Nov 2013
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