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Nilus Mattive reveals one of his current recommendations for Income Superstars subscribers, a classic value investment in the retail sector that demonstrates that there are still bargains to be found in today’s challenging market environment.
24 Oct 2012
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Nilus Mattive is pursuing a strategy incorporating covered call writing for his dad’s income portfolio. He explains the approach, discusses when to use it and when to avoid it and tells you how to implement the strategy in your own portfolio.
1 Feb 2012
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Tom Essaye fills in for Nilus Mattive. He says to ignore the daily news headlines that move the markets, and instead focus on the fundamentals. He names two heating oil pipeline companies that will benefit from increased demand and dwindling supply.
7 Dec 2011
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Nilus Mattive offers three moves to make before the end of the year that can really help come tax day – harvesting your tax losses to offset your gains, making charitable contributions, and establishing or making changes to your retirement accounts.
23 Nov 2011
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Nilus Mattive discusses naked call writing, and why it is such a dangerous options strategy to pursue. However, he says that naked put writing can be an effective strategy for income generation, if it’s done carefully and correctly.
29 Jun 2011
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Un omaggio a Osvaldo Cavandoli realizzato da 30 firme del fumetto umoristico. Bruno Bozzetto: Minivip e il Sig. Rossi Silver: Cattivik, Enrico la Talpa e Lupo Alberto Leo Ortolan: Ratman Giorgio Rebuffi: Tiramolla e Pugacioff Gino Gavioli: Vigile Concilia, Trinchetto, Cimabue e Caio Gregorio Squillante: Gennarino Tarantella Andrea Valente: Pecora Nera Joshua Held: Gino il Pollo Alberico Motta: Nonna Abelarda Sandro Dossi: Braccio di Ferro e Geppo Franco Origone: Nilus Athos Careghi: Fra Tino Carlo "Perogatt" Peroni: Skull, Gianconiglio e Slurp Nedo Zanotti: Bill & Bull. Sergio Ponchione: l'Obliquomo Hurricane Ivan: Puck Laca: Pasol Danilo Loizedda: Wonder Pig Francesco Natali: Topounto Piero Tonin: Cavandoli, la Mucca, il Cronovisore, scenografie di Cartoonia e il Paradiso degli Umoristi. Lucio Tomaz: le tettone Mauro Gariglio: Mr. Linea Roberto Mangosi Fernando Caretta Silvio Camboni: Walt Disney e Topolino Giuseppe Festino: Vinícius de Moraes Claudio Acciari: i coccodrilli
13 Jan 2010
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From an old show called Nilus The Sandman. Episode "Shop Til You Drop" A very rare TF find
24 May 2009
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From Nilus the Sandman, episode The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas. This is the evil Toymaster, created by Santa to help with the workload making toys, but it eventually takes over. Sorry about the awful quality! Old, old, old VHS + camera = pretty terrible quality. Guest stars Zachary Bennett (Felix on Road to Avonlea)
16 Feb 2009
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From Nilus the Sandman, episode The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas. Sorry for the terrible quality and the shortness of the clip! This was an extremely low-tech method of getting the clip on youtube. Guest starring Zachary Bennett (Felix on Road to Avonlea)
16 Feb 2009
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