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4 Oct 2008
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Peppers designed to be perfect as poppers, Microsoft brings OneNote to the iPhone, 100 photo filters from Trey Ratcliff, Nintendo tells us when we can start playing their new #DS system, and wall sockets are growing USB ports!
20 Jan 2011
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Host Jessica Frasher presents's GZ News Vol. 2, covering such game industry topics as console ownership, the Nintendo Wii, and Guitar Hero to name a few. Hosted by Jessica Frasher; Produced by Spencer Striker; Stories by Justin Swing and Chad Quandt; Music by Chris Bates; Edited by Jessica Frasher
30 Oct 2007
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12 Mar 2009
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*******www.dsdownloads**** presents: Stay Away From Free DS Download Sites - Over 80% of Free DS games are infected with viruses!
4 Oct 2009
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24/09/09 - JSG Television elaboro esta promo institucional como un llamado de emergencia a todos nuestros canales venezolanos tanto reales como ficticios: la Comision Nacional de Telecomunicaciones de Venezuela anuncio que a partir de 8 dias (contando desde hoy) aparecera en Gaceta Oficial una norma que obligara a diversos canales de cable o satelital, es decir, a RCTV Internacional, Sport Plus, TVR, ATEL, Venevision Plus y Sun Channel, entre otros, a transmitir Cadenas y Mensajes Presidenciales. Esto es en serio y si no me lo creen les dejo el enlace: *******www.noticias24****/actualidad/... Esta norma tambien afectara a los canales de cable ficticios como este (JSG Television) y entre otros como Mariwix, Ninten, Super Plus y Vene TV. ESTA ES UNA MEDIDA INJUSTA, ya que los suscriptores NO disfrutaran de sus novelas, shows y eventos deportivos, ni estaran informados de lo que pasa en Venezuela y el Mundo de forma directa porque el pedazo de loco que tenemos de presidente quiere encadenarse hasta en el cable, o sea, ¿vamos a tener a Chavez hasta en la Sopa?, no me lo calo mas. Este es el comienzo, solo seran para los canales de cable que dedican un 70% de su produccion hecha en casa y pronto vendran por los que no son: CNN, Cartoon Network, MTV, ESPN, TNT, HBO, etc. ¡¡NOS PUEDEN REGULAR, PERO CALLARNOS... JAMAS!! © 2009 - Juan Sebastian Gonzalez ULTIMA NOTA: Venezuela prohibe, bajo amenaza de sanción, la emisión de Family Guy: *******www.noticias24****/actualidad/...
25 Sep 2009
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Exclusive From Nintendo Metroid Prime Trilogy Trailer Nintendo Wii GLOBAL VIDEO GAMING NEWS Santa Barbara Arts TV Cliff Baldridge YouTube Partner is Distinguished Credentialed Broadcast Press Media in the Global Video Gaming Industry and Attends E3 ESA and CES each year. Covering Comic-Con San Diego 2009
10 Mar 2010
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ChuggaaConroy tells us the story of the alien infant Giygas and how he becomes the "Embodiment of Evil"!! Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! ******* Follow us on Twitter! *******www.twitter****/thegamestation More Lore here ******* Written by Phil ***********/thegamestation Voiced by ChuggaaConroy ***********/chuggaaconroy Edited by Schroeder ***********/thewarpzone Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross ***********/vghangover *******www.vghangover**** Transcript: LORE - Earthbound Lore in a Minute! Our story begins in the small town of Podunk when a ominous black cloud appears over Mt. Itoi. Along with the cloud returned people who had abruptly gone missing with no recollection of what happened. The editor-in-chief of the Mothersday Times, George, set out to investigate these incidents and the day he published his findings, he and his wife, Maria, vanished from Podunk. But more accurately; they were abducted by aliens! The alien race that abducted the couple entrusted them with raising an infant alien known as Giygas because humans make excellent extraterrestrial babysitters. Maria raised Giygas as one of her own, doing motherly things like singing him lullabies, while George studied the aliens' PSI powers without permission. He then inexplicably returns to Podunk two years later, leaving his family behind. What a terrible father. George, having stolen the secrets of PSI, is now a wanted man. A matured Giygas is tasked with killing George so humans may never know the power of PSI, but George and Maria are his only family. He gets over his moral dilemma remembering that George was the worst dad ever. Giygas happens upon the Apple of Enlightenment which foretells Giygas' defeat at the hands a child named Ness. To disprove this prophecy, he attacks Earth 20 years earlier than was prophesied and is defeated by... other children. More specifically: the great-grandson of George and Maria, Ninten. So he retreats and vows to return when nobody can grasp the true form of Giygas' attack! Have fun! Want more TGS? Find us here: Facebook - *******www.facebook****/thegamestation Twitter - *******www.twitter****/tgstation Tumblr - *******thegamestation.tumblr**** Google+ - *******
1 May 2013
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