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Atmospheric air contains 78 % of nitrogen & 21% of oxygen. Nitrogen in PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Method is generated by Physical separation of oxygen from atmospheric air and outlet the Nitrogen is collected for use. The compressed air is passed through PSA Tower which is interconnected with automatic changeover valves. In this Process, We can provide separate /Desiccant air Dryer. This has tendency of adsorbing moisture from compressed air. After that Dried compressed air will now come in contact with bed of carbon molecular sieves (CMS). Carbon Molecular Sieves are special grade of adsorbent which have the property of preferential adsorption of oxygen molecules. At a time one tower remains under nitrogen production cycle, whereas the other tower undergoes regeneration which is achieved through depressurization of the tower to atmospheric pressure. The two towers of PSA modules are inter-connected with automatic changeover valves through pneumatic signal given by solenoid valve which in turn get the electrical signal from the timer provided in the control panel. The changeover time cycle will be 1 + 1 minute. The outgoing nitrogen gas is sent to a surge vessel where the minimum nitrogen pressure will be maintained with the help of Back pressure Regulator. The product nitrogen will now be sent to the consumer point through a pressure reducing valves at required pressure.
1 Sep 2017
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Is nicotine bad for you? what is nicotine ? Nicotine is a drug! Do you know nicotine use in cigarettes! If you want to know more things about nicotine? Today I am going to tell you some hidden and interest things about nicotine in my channel world of women sima. What is nicotine? Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical – an alkaloid, which is made by a number of types of plants, counting the tobacco plant. Nicotine is also formed synthetically. Nicotiana tabacum, the type of nicotine found in tobacco plants,comes from the nightshade family. Red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes are examples of the nightshade family. Where is nicotine use ? The primary therapeutic use of nicotine is in treating nicotine trust in order to get rid of smoking with the harm it does to health. Prohibited levels of nicotine are given to patients through gums, dermal patches, lozenges, electronic/substitute cigarettes or nasal sprays in an attempt to wean them off their addiction. Studies have found that these therapies increase the chance of success of quitting by 50 to 70%, though decreases in the population as a whole have not been confirmed. Those who say that nicotine is not a drug are probable trying to say that it is not a tough drug like cocaine or PCP. But it is absolutely a drug, as a drug is distinct as any spirit that has a physiological effect on the body when ingested or otherwise dropped into the body.
7 Sep 2017
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Dry Ice has nothing on this. Mentos and diet coke doesn't come close. This is liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen explodes a soda bottle in just a few seconds. Enough to send a bucket a few hundred feet into the air.Check out the other movies-Sodium, Potassium, Peroxyactetone Exploding, Hydrogen, Underwater Fireworks, Flammable Ice and Many more.
25 Dec 2006
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See what happen to the air filled balloon when contacted with nitrogen
8 Jan 2007
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Small group of Physics students waste some extra time and extra liquid nitrogen after a conference.
1 Apr 2007
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Fun had while wasting liquid nitrogen.
1 Apr 2007
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Fun had while wasting liquid nitrogen. This is REALLY fun part.
1 Apr 2007
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Cocktail of the racer of computers (Liquid nitrogen)
22 Apr 2007
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Chemistry experiment with nitrogen.
8 May 2007
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Every Spring we apply Nitrogen to the corn fields. The old Duetz tractors get a workout!
7 Jun 2007
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Cool effects with nitrogen! Very cold! brrrr
10 Oct 2007
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When doing deep dive divers can be drugged of the nitrogen level, but even this dive was after an deep dive, we was well within the limits. This video was made as an joke in the end of the dive, and is absolutely not any effect of nitrogen narcosis, just an effect of crazyness! :)
18 Oct 2007
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Video 11 - CPU 5Ghz + Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
10 Dec 2007
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nitrogen triiodide experiment test
24 Jan 2008
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