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Brother compares the NIV version of the bible to the King James Version. Which one is the best? it will surprise you.
10 Jun 2017
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NIV Archaeological Study Bible - ********biblebookmark****/collections/bibles-for-sale-kjv-niv-study-bibles/products/niv-archaeological-study-bible-hardcover-an-illustrated-walk-through-biblical-history-and-culture/ - This bible is written in different versions and editions and has been around for a long time. It provides great source of information and is packed with excellent images about the archaeological and historical context of the Bible. The NIV Archaeological Study presents fascinating theories and useful maps of the ancient world, showing why key events occurred and where they occurred, as well as several customs, items, and other elements based on archaeological evidences. It comes in various editions like the hardcover edition and features different leather types that are available in several colors like European Leather, Top Grain Leather, Bonded Leather, Italian Duo-Tone, and Renaissance Fine Leather. Available in compact size and in large print, the Bible Cover (known as “The Archaeological Bible Cover”) is made from sturdy khaki woven material innovatively designed in a safari style with a spine handle, 2 exterior flap pockets, and a leather-look trim.
25 Aug 2016
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NIV Military Edition Bible - ********biblebookmark****/collections/bibles-for-sale-kjv-niv-study-bibles/products/niv-military-edition-holy-bible-compact-paperback-digi-camo/ - The NIV (New International Version) Holy Bible, Military Edition features the official military digital camouflage design and is definitely the perfect gift for military personnel. This compact and handy version of the NIV Bible can be easily bundled with other necessary military provisions and is mostly carried by U.S. troops around the world so that they can keep God’s Word close at all times. The NIV Holy Bible, Military Edition, includes the complete text of the New International Version Bible. Other features of the NIV Military Edition Bible include: "Basic Spiritual Training" ; “Living the Script” useful application page 6-point font size; Book introductions ; Comprehensive text of the NIV Bible; Introduction to the Bible in six acts & a graphic chronology biblical timeline; Maps of the Old and New Testament; Psalms, hymns, prayers, and liturgy for personal and group worship; and Table of Contents of the Biblical Books in their historical groupings.
25 Aug 2016
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NIV - Large Print Bible (Bibles) - ********biblebookmark****/collections/bibles-for-sale-kjv-niv-study-bibles/products/niv-the-bible-large-print-paperback/ - For readers who want larger and clearer print, BibleBookmark**** offers the New International Version large print Bible. The font size is between 16 and 24, which is bigger than the compact type with a font of 6 point. It includes maps, dictionary concordance, references, and a 2-column text. Although large enough to read, this Bible is also compact enough to carry, making it possible to comfortably read the Word of God wherever you happen to be. We offer a huge selection of NIV large bibles to choose from so you will be able to read the Word in a clearer and more focused NIV print.
25 Aug 2016
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Tout dépend de votre situation, mais pour faire simple : un niveau de chinois ou d'anglais n'est pas requis pour vous inscrire. Cependant, si vous souhaitez vous inscrire par vos propres moyens, "le chinois est un plus" comme dirait l'autre! L'avis de Yoni, du blog Kung fu Tradition (******* Retrouvez moi sur facebook : *******www.facebook****/chine.chinois Et bien sûr aussi sur Twitter : *******twitter****/lachine La newsletter : *******www.du-chinois****/formations-gratuites/ Vidéo extraite de *******
5 Oct 2013
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An interim report in 60 flags by Ori Niv
17 May 2008
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Hozan Beşir'in 'Ka Ew Kene Teyi Xwes' adlı parçası eşliğinde 'Kaplumbağalar da Uçar' adlı filmin ünlü yönetmeni Bahman Ghobadi'nin 'Niv 'heyv' filminden sahnelerle hazırlanmış bir video. Müziğin ve görselin uyuşumuna örnek bir video çalışması. :)
7 Sep 2009
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Corinthians Trailer *******www.CorinthiansTheMovie**** Corinthians is a dramatized narration of 1 & 2 Corinthians, recorded in a variety of interesting locations, and includes engaging background music. It is a word-for-word narration in the New International Version (NIV), which is well-known for its accuracy and ease of understanding. This movie is perfect for Bible students, teachers, preachers, and anyone else who desires to gain a deeper understanding of Paul's letter to the Corinthians. This is the official trailer of Corinthians The Movie. To watch all of 1 & 2 Corinthians on DVD, visit: *******www.CorinthiansTheMovie****/buy_dvd.php letter to corinthians scripture dvd sauder movies corinthians the movie official trailer dramatized niv bible jonathan hostetler second corinthians paul's letter to the corinthians corinthians trailer gavin sauder niv bible on dvd letters of paul
3 Oct 2009
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קליפ החתונה שלנו
22 Aug 2007
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199. And indeed, among the People of the Scripture are those who believe in Allāh and what was revealed to you and what was revealed to them, [being] humbly submissive to Allāh. They do not exchange the verses of Allāh for a small price. Those will have their reward with their Lord. Indeed, Allāh is swift in account. anytime Allah says 'people of the book" He is referring to jews and christians
8 Oct 2008
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Hello, Here is a super funny video!! I show you that I can kill the soldiers of Basch in 1 blow! Besides, it is super funny because it makes a chain(channel). Auron, embodiment of the power!!! An alive divinity!!! Salut les biloutes, Voici une vidéo super marrante!! Je vous montre que je peux tuer les soldats de Basch en 1 coup! En plus, c'est super marrant car cela fait une chaîne. Auron, incarnation même de la puissance!!! Une divinité vivante!!!
13 Aug 2009
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hello, This is the last video of the challenge of Reks which I post because I found a new work which takes me all day long and I thus am in the incapacity to continue my record (challenge) of Reks. I have no more the time(weather). I am going to make a commitment in this work for a long lasting then it is very likely that I made no more Reks before plusieures years. If later I have the possibility of continuing my record, the game(set,play) will maybe be even more famous and more nobody will be interested in it. I ask you for forgiveness but it is not my fault. Here we are, this is thus the end of my challenge at the moment. Thank you. I would post no more videos on Reks... Thank you for vore compréhention. I am tempting a record never made a success all over the world: make Reks level 99 rise!!! This record is possible although very long because it is enough to return behind after Basch explained you the utility of a crystal of protection(saving), you can kill soldiers and gain(win) points of experience only. It is all the same rather long bus soldier give only 24 or 44 exp. I thus am making my record and if I puts this video, it is to prove that I make him(it) réelement go(take) up myself without cheating nor replay action(share). You can verify that it is true grace has my gils, my hours of game(set,play), my total of step, etc.... The video is not of very good quality because I filmed him(it) with my digital camera and it is the first one(night) which I make myself (before, I made(did) it only with my pals). If something does not go, say it I, I would stain to improve there. Auron, embodiment of the power!!! An alive divinity!!! Salut les biloutes, Ceci est la dernière vidéo du challenge de Reks que je poste car j'ai trouvé un nouveau travail qui me prend toute la journée et je suis donc dans l'incapacité de continuer mon record (challenge) de Reks. Je n'ai plus du tout le temps. Je vais m'engager dans ce travail pour une longue durée alors il est très probable que je ne fasse plus de Reks avant plusieures années. Si plus tard j'ai la possibilité de continuer mon record, le jeu ne sera peut-être même plus célèbre et plus personne ne s'y intéressera. Je vous demande pardon mais ce n'est pas ma faute. Voilà, ceci est donc la fin de mon challenge pour l'instant. Merci. Je ne posterais plus de vidéos sur Reks... Merci pour vore compréhention. Je suis en train de tenter un record jamais réussi dans le monde entier: faire monter Reks niveau 99!!! Ce record est possible bien que très long car il suffit de retourner en arrière après que Basch vous ai expliqué l'utilité d'un cristal de sauvegarde, vous pourrez tuer des soldats et gagner des points d'experience seul. C'est quand même assez long car les soldat donnent seulement 24 ou 44 exp. Je suis donc en train de faire mon record et si je met cette video, c'est pour prouver que je le fais réelement monter moi-même sans triche ni action replay. Vous pourrez vérifier que c'est vrai grace a mes gils, mes heures de jeu, mon total de pas, etc... La video n'est pas de très bonne qualité car je l'ai filmé avec mon appareil photo numérique et c'est la première que je fais moi-même (avant, j'en faisais seulement avec mes potes). Si quelque chose ne va pas, dites-le moi, je tacherais d'y améliorer. Auron, incarnation même de la puissance!!! Une divinité vivante!!!
11 Jan 2010
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