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Learn how to make a no sew fleece scarf with Jenny T. This quick and easy steps will have you wearing a stylish and warm fleece scarf in less than 15 minutes.
3 Jan 2009
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*******www.HowToMakeTutus**** - Free tutu instructional video. Learn how to make a beautiful no-sew tutu.
29 Dec 2010
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*******www.easycurtainideas****/no-sew-curtains.html Find out how to make these super easy now sew curtains. also find other great curtain ideas for your home. Great tips and advice on iterior design.
26 Jul 2011
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*******www.easycurtainideas****/no-sew-curtains.html Find out how to make these super easy now sew curtains. also find other great curtain ideas for your home. Great tips and advice on iterior design.
26 Jul 2011
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*******www.easycurtainideas****/scarf-valances.html find out how to make these super easy scarf valances. Also find lots of other great curtain ideas for you to make. Plus interior design tips and advice.
26 Jul 2011
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WWW.HAIREXTENSIONAIRES.COM FACEBOOK: hairexaireshotmail**** Micro rings are so small thay they give nothing away! Instead they make your hair look mighty realistic and beautiful!!! We are based in London.
18 Aug 2011
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Micro rings are so small thay they give nothing away! Instead they make your hair look mighty realistic and beautiful!!! We are based in London. FACEBOOK: hairexaireshotmail****
18 Aug 2011
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This easy no-sew, no-knit hand-printed scarf project makes an easy and expensive custom gift for everyone on your list.
15 Dec 2008
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This video is an animation of what happens with the laser assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) to treat gum disease. Dr. Scharf was the first Long Island Periodontist trained and licensed to perform this conservative FDA approved no cut no sew method of treating gum disease. Call (631)661-6633 for an appointment or visit us on the web at *******LILaserPerio**** Dr. Scharf treats patients on Long Island from Nassau and Suffolk County as well as Queens. His office is in Babylon NY. Dr. Scharf is a Board Certified Periodontist.
8 Jun 2009
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Perfect Fit Button *******www.asseenontvhq****/perfect-fit-button/ is the revolutionary solution for just about everyone - men, women and kids too. So if those pants are getting too tight, or they're too loose, no problem, just pop on the Perfect Fit Button™ and push the lock tight cap and you're ready to go. It takes just seconds and guarantees your jeans, pants or skirts fit perfectly every time. So don't spend hundreds replacing your wardrobe, when you can wear your older clothes that didn't fit anymore and make it a perfect fit. It's great for kids and hand me downs, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit. Best of all, there's no sewing needed because it attaches in seconds! Everyone needs Perfect Fit Button™ and you can get it now with this special internet offer! Get yours now!
31 Jan 2010
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Opening scene of Tie Dye 303 - shows how to make an incredible range of tie-dyed mandalas, stars, suns, lotus blossoms and more - no sewing required!
27 Apr 2010
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What is LANAP? www.LaserGumDentist**** LANAP is an acronym for Laser assisted New Attachment Procedure LANAP is the no cut no sew laser alternative to Flap Osseous gum surgery The procedure is for people who have gum disease also known as Early, Moderate and Severe Periodontitis. How do you know you have Gum Disease? Some signs of gum disease are bad breath, bleeding when brushing or flossing. For an accurate diagnosis. See a dentist and they have to take a full series of x-rays and evaluate the bone support around your teeth. Then, and this is critically important, you need to have your gums evaluated and 6 measurements per tooth need to be made with a periodontal probe. The instrument is placed between your gum and your tooth and a measurement is taken in millimeters. Healthy numbers are one, two, and three millimeters. Anything greater than three and bleeding then this is a sign of gum disease. If your dentist does not take these measurements it is time to find a new dentist. Gum disease is responsible for being the number one cause of tooth loss. Consider in the United States one third of Americans over 65 have no teeth most of them lost their teeth to gum disease. LANAP has FDA clearance to reverse gum disease The laser procedure unlike traditional gum surgery requires no cutting or amputating of the gums Since the tissue is not amputated nor pealed off the bone no sutures are needed Patents who have gone through treatment usually say the day after and a week after that they have about a two on a pain scale of one to ten. To see several video testimonials visit LaserGumDentist**** and click on the testimonial tab Lanap is done with the periolase laser. Don't be fooled by anyone that uses a different laser and claims to do LANAP. BUYER BEWARE To see some remarkable cases visit our web site and click on the before and after page. We have also included the cost to have the procedure done. Visit us at www.LaserGumDentist****
23 Jun 2013
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Revolutionary New Process Absolutely No-Sewing, No-Glue No Combs, Clips or Chemicals No Interlock or Fusion and it not Tree Braiding For pricing &other information goto:*********** or *******www.flexistrand**** Just Comb it in and braid it up Complete application with just 5, 8 or 13 braids When you're finished with the braids you're finished with the weave!!! Apply in about 2 hours Crown Only Application 5 braids 1/2 hour Partial Head Application 8 braids 1 hour Full Head Application 13 braids 2 hours Natural, undetectable look Lays flat as bonded extensions More secure than a sew-in weave Wear parted or in ponytails or updos Healthy for the natural hair Wear with or without relaxer or color Great for covering natural hair or alopecia Promotes healthy hair growth Comfortable, no stress or tension on the hairline Low Maintenance Many beautiful, low maintenance styles Swim, shampoo or change hair styles during wear Remove in 30 minutes without scissors or solvents. Flexi-Strand Product Training are sold directly to Licensed Hair stylist and Professional Braiders.
27 Jan 2010
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How to make a hat out of fleece material. no sewing involved. follow me on twitter: *******twitter****/dani062185
27 Jun 2010
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Contest closed for bracelet. Check out my new online store: *******www.sweetextensions**** This tutorial shows how to make a tutu with no sewing skills! The materials you will need are: ribbon, tape measure, scissors, and tulle (about 5 yards). Please subscribe to both my channels for more great craft and beauty tutorials! Facebook: *******www.facebook****/sarasweetextensions Beauty and Hair Channel: ***********/sarasweetie99 Blog: *******sarasweetie99.blogspot****
27 Apr 2012
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Subscribe for more: ******* How to make your very own IGGY Moshling pillow! Do-it-yourself with a simple no-sew project from the Community Team at Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters is a free and highly innovative new virtual world and online game, where people adopt and care for their very own pet monster. Adopt a Moshi Monster: *******MoshiMonsters****/ Like: *******Facebook****/MoshiMonsters Follow: *******twitter****/MoshiMonsters The Official Store: *******Store.MoshiMonsters****/ Get the Moshi Monsters Album: ******* Watch Moshi TV: *******MoshiTV****/ Moshi Monsters⎢Moshling Pillow No-Sew DIY⎢Free Online Virtual Pet ***********/user/moshimonsters
20 Oct 2012
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