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Learn How To Execute A b/s noseslide nollie- kickflip out, over the rail Right Here On Sk8rstv****
20 May 2008
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This is a noflip tut with english titles (comment in czech)
25 Jul 2010
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Scott Love stepping up the game with some clean nollie flips.
27 Sep 2011
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These are some lines,at my opinium these are best,..****ment 8.Wade Desarmo-nollie flip to bs crooked; nollie hell; nollie to bs nosegrind revert; halfcab kickflip 7.Tony Silva-flip to bs noseslide; 360 flip; nollie kickflip; flip to bs tailslide pop shove it out 6.PJ Ladd-fakie ollie to ss fs crooked grind; ss flip to tailslide 270 ollie out 5.Nick Trapaso-ss hell over the bench; ss 3 flip; ss fs ollie; bs wallride; lazyest 360 flip; bigspin shove it to fs blunslide to fakie 4.Jimmy Carlin-flip to fs tailslide fs bigspin shove it out to fakie; nollie hell bs crook(he's little bit touch to the bench,I know); nollie bs hell; cab kickflip 3.PJ Ladd-fakie ollie:D; caballerial varial flip(or fakie 540 bigspin 360); fakie to ss tailslide ss 270 hellflip out; ss bs hell; 360 flip 2.MIke Mo-nollie fs down 9; ss 3flip, fakie 3flip, ss bs hell; 3flip; nollie 3flip; fs flip; ss hell down Chevy's high school And best line ever(it's a contest name dropdead 2006) 1.Felipe Gustavo-kickflip to bs 5-0 on the big box; Kickflip to backsmith down big rail; flip nosemany on the box; ss tailslide ss 270 out down big rail; flip to fs crook!; ss kick over pyramid; bigspin to fs boardslide; kickflip bs tailslide on the big rail,(OMG) should already know this name Felipe Gustavo(best line ever)
8 Jan 2012
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