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13 Jun 2018
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Eggs are non vegetarian, as the spirit is present in the egg, it is living and growing. One just has to decide that I don’t want any non vegetarian items, then he will surely find vegetarian ones. For spiritual progress one must be a vegetarian.
16 Mar 2018
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Eggs is non vegetarian food. Eggs are dormant stage of chicken and one can only eat living things so as to get energy and not non living things. Non vegetarian food gives obstructions and low grasping on a spiritual path.
16 Mar 2018
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8 Nov 2010
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Do you all know the adverse effects of non vegetarian food? especially for a spiritual life? when we kill the living beings, they feel fear and pain, so the atoms of fear and pain also come along with the body and we consume that.
9 Dec 2017
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If one wants to stop eating non vegetarian food, first thing to do is to change your opinion that eating non vegetarian food is not good and decide strongly to be a vegetarian person. If one eats non vegetarian food, one's spiritual grasping decreases.
16 Mar 2018
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18 Oct 2006
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Chicken Manchurian recipe with videos & step by step instructions - the simple homemade recipe that gives you great ways to cook at home.
29 Aug 2017
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18 Aug 2011
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5 Oct 2017
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What is non-violence? Why should one not eat non-vegetarian food? Pujya Deepakbhai asks one to introspect, would you like to catch and hold a chicken? Then would you like it if you had to hold on to it tightly and cut it open? Would it be a pleasant exercise? Have you ever wondered why one eats non-veg food when there are so many options in veg food? There are two types of losses in eating non-veg food: 1. It limits our spiritual progress and understanding and 2. It is a crime of violence One may argue that vegetables are also living organisms, but Pujya Deepakbhai explains that these are organisms with only one sense developed, whereas a chicken has all five senses developed. So, the loss you incur is far greater if you consume non-veg food. Listen to this video to understand why one should avoid non-veg food.
1 Feb 2018
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Eating cake made of eggs will reduce our spiritual development. One should not enjoy eating other non-vegetarian food either because something has to be killed in order for us to eat it. In addition, the animal experiences fear and pain when it is going to be killed, which in return you will experience.
5 May 2018
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