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King Creosote (aka Kenny Anderson) plays a lush acoustic version of There's None of That in a basement flat in Ísafjörður during the Aldrei fór ég suður Festival. You can find the original version on his Bombshell LP from 2007. KC was made the 8-hour drive up from Reykjavik in the hopes of getting a last minute slot on the festival bill. When that avenue was thwarted KC jumped the bus ferrying punters back to town and played his songs to a surprised but ecstatic mob on a couple of journeys to and from the venue. Shot and edited by Stuart Rogers with sound recorded by Kamilla Einarsdóttir.
24 Sep 2009
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29 May 2009
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meteora music 4 none blondes what's going on
2 Jul 2009
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*******shop.happyhardcore****/View/27263/ Project Omega & Endymion - None To Give on Enzyme Records. This is the A2 side of ENZYME031
21 Jul 2009
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7 Oct 2009
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*******blog.successwithchris**** - It's none of your business what other people think of you!
11 Jan 2010
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Music and Lyrics by None Like Joshua © 2010. Another song off of the new album, Maniac Devices, coming 10.10.2010 everywhere online. Be Sure to Subscribe and comment! Thank you! facebook****/nonelikejoshua myspace****/nonelikejoshua twitter****/nonelikejoshua Lyrics at youtube****/nonelikejoshua
6 May 2010
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Music and Lyrics by None Like Joshua © 2010. This is a preview for the first song on the new album, Maniac Devices, I'll be releasing everywhere on the internet October 10th, 2010 . Please subscribe and comment! facebook****/nonelikejoshua myspace****/nonelikejoshua twittter****/nonelikejoshua Lyrics at youtube****/nonelikejoshua
7 May 2010
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Music and Lyrics by None Like Joshua © 2009. A song off the new album "Maniac Devices" coming 10.10.2010. Let me know what you think and please comment and subscribe. Lyrics: Hello there Allow me to introduce myself - My name is Josh . I am but a common man attempting to convey one message. That there is hope there is beauty and there is life Beyond what we can hear in this natural realm Allow me to elaborate. It goes 1, 2, 3. Whatcha gonna do? If theres none like me, then theres none like you. Call me a gentleman, gentlemen, when chivalry is dead. When there isnt any company and miserys a friend. When you cant admit mistakes, cause you know that I give mad shit. Answers to the labyrinth, and secrets to the magic tricks. - You could make an excuse, or take the abuse, But I choose to break all the rules, the snakes and the fools. Im not a perfect person, but you know Im nothing worse than something You could ever be. But cleverly the words dispersing From my mouth are better than the thoughts that I could be cursing. First and foremost, let me explain my itinerary Workout on Friday, and sleep in on Saturday Analyzing sine waves, exposed to gamma rays. - My favorite weather is the cold air with a hot sun. Think Ive got emotions? Well guess what Ive got none. - I keep the fortunes from the fortune cookies Anything portentous looking like a horoscope to see how long it took me To fulfill the prophecy. couldnt fall asleep to save my life. Obnoxiously I climb trees to stay alive. I dont really like rapping, I just say how I feel And it happens to rhyme with the last line that I said Okay except that Chorus: 123, whatcha gonna do? If theres none like me, then theres none like you. Now Im not an atheist, I believe in a god that doesnt exist. But wait a minute arent you implying that god exists by acknowledging that the concept of god exists? Well shit, I guess we should reevaluate this and Let me set the record straight, I Never need a second take Dont beckon me for heavens sake , cause my posi
14 May 2010
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Music and Lyrics by None Like Joshua © 2010. A song off the new album "Maniac Devices" coming 10.10.2010. Please comment and subscribe! Thank you! Lyrics at nonelikejoshua.bandcamp****
14 May 2010
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Music and Lyrics by None Like Joshua © 2010. Song off the upcoming album, Maniac Devices, available 10.10.2010. Lyrics at *******nonelikejoshua.bandcamp****
27 May 2010
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This is track 5, ‘Precog’ - taken from Trafik’s third studio album, ‘None But the Brave’. The entire album is now available to stream for your listening pleasure. Track listing: Dark Times Changes Paid Up In Full Favoured Nations Precog Leave Town Move Around Recovery Position Ascension The Difference The Great Un-named Opus Magna Light Up The Sun Flashback ‘None But the Brave’ is released via Global Underground and is available to order from: ITUNES ******* BEATPORT ******* HMV ******* AMAZON – PHYSICAL ******* AMAZON – DOWNLOAD ******* PLAY.COM ******* JUNO ******* The album cover and physical artwork was designed by the highly acclaimed artist Jahan www.ja-han**** Keep in touch: *******www.trafikmusic****** *******www.facebook****/trafiklive *******www.twitter****/JohnTrafik *******www.myspace****/trafikmusic
21 Jun 2010
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