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My journey to becoming a writer began the day I learned to hold a crayon. I didn 't immediate realize that writing was a perfectly respectable use for my degree in English. Becoming a writer is one decision that I 've never had occasion to regret. Writing is not just making money, it is also telling the stories of life from different perspectives. I am much more than just a writer though keep reading to learn a little more about the person behind the words. These are a few of my favorite things: knitting, riding (horses and bicycles), swimming, sailing, sewing, cooking, reading, playing computer games, watching movies, and stargazing. I believe that writing comes to me so naturally because I am always seeking out new experiences. My favorite writers have a very profound impact on my writing and also serve to help me develop interests in writing subjects. For a glimpse of some of the wonderful writers that have caught my eye along the way check out some of these great writers: James Patterson, David Ba