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Fan-fiction, shipping, Cherimon and OJ.. when did it get so popular?! ..and normal click here to tweet this video - *******clicktotweet****/og2F4 :D GO GOLDEEN!! just fyi this video is not meant to be taken seriously. fan-fiction isn't creepy, i'm creepier than you anyway, we're all meant to chuckle at this together and the thorki joke is just a joke, thou canst do what thou wantst on the internet :D Starring: *******youtube****/charlie & *******youtube****/nerimon and of course *******youtube****/amazingphil in the words of super nanny, the fact this took two weeks is UNASSEPTABLE (but i think it was worth it to have charlie and alex. don't you?) enjoy! *******twitter****/danisnotonfire *******facebook****/danisnotonfire *******danisnotonfire.tumblr****
27 Jun 2012
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