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The clip norman bates is mother Part 2 from Psycho (1998) with Robert Forster And that still wasn't enough. She was there, but she was a corpse. So, he began to think and speak for her. At times, he could be both personalities... carry on conversations. At other times, the mother-half took over completely. He was never all Norman, but he was often only "Mother. " When he met your sister... he was touched by her and aroused by her. He wanted her. This set off his jealous mother. And "Mother" killed the girl. Whenever reality came too close... when danger or desire threatened that illusion... he'd dress up... even to a cheap wig he'd bought... and he'd walk about the house, sit in her chair... speak in her voice. He tried to be his mother. And now he is. And the $400,000? Who got that? The swamp. These were crimes of passion, not profit.
30 Nov 2011
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