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*******BigMarketingOnline****/RAW MySpace marketing is dead claim gurus who fail at it. Is it MySpace or is it them? This is part 1 of 3 where Steven Isser proves that it is them. *******www.bigmarketingonline****/myspace-marketing-is-not-dead.html
28 Oct 2007
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"Punk's Not Dead" is now available on DVD only at: www.punksnotdeadthemovie**** Punk's Not Dead takes you into the sweaty underground clubs, backyard parties, recording studios, and yes, shopping malls and stadium shows where punk rock music and culture continue to thrive. Thirty years after bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols infamously shocked the system with their hard, fast, status-quo-killing rock, the longest-running punk band in history is drawing bigger crowds than ever, "pop-punk" bands have found success on MTV, and kids too young to drive are forming bands that carry the torch for punk's raw, immediate sound. Meanwhile, "punk" has become a marketing concept to sell everything from cars to vodka, and dyed hair and piercings mark a rite of passage for thousands of kids. Can the true, nonconformist punk spirit still exist in today's corporatized culture? Featuring interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes journeys with the bands, labels, fans, and press who keep punk alive, Punk's Not Dead dares to juxtapose pop-punk's music and lifestyle against the roots in the 70s and 80s, resulting in unexpected revelations. A DIY search for the soul of a subculture and a celebration of all things loud, fast, and spiked, Punk's Not Dead shows punk is stronger and more relevant today than it's ever been.
15 Jun 2009
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Web 2.0 is not dead
26 Nov 2008
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Web 2.0 is not dead - Web 2.0 Expo Berlin
10 Feb 2009
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miley is not dead
6 Dec 2009
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sombody dance on the table , Amazing , Funny Accident , The Mam ist not dead! funny like this i dindn't saw , the crazy woman what i saw , what a idiot , how can she dances on so a lit'l table , she is so fatt!
4 Feb 2010
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Watch Weeds Season 6 Episode 13 "Theoretical Love is Not Dead" online here: *******tinyurl****/3yklyql Nancy faces difficult choices; Andy attempts to calm Shane and Warren; Silas considers staying behind.
17 Nov 2010
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Watch Weeds Season 6 Episode 13 "Theoretical Love is Not Dead" online here: *******tinyurl****/3yklyql Nancy faces difficult choices; Andy attempts to calm Shane and Warren; Silas considers staying behind.
17 Nov 2010
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Music video by Newsboys performing God's Not Dead (Official Music Video). (P) (C) 2012 Inpop Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,
23 Feb 2012
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Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet is the extraordinary story of guitar prodigy Jason Becker and his fight with the degenerative disease ALS. The film charts the life of Jason Becker - from his early years learning guitar, to wowing fellow students with his prowess at the talent show, to being chosen as guitarist in David Lee Roth’s band, to the diagnosis, and to where he is now, twenty years later, still making music, still very much alive. With the help of his devoted family and an army of friends, Jason now communicates and makes music using his eyes to guide a cursor and create in his mind (and on computer) the music he used to make on his guitar. Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet is a story of dreams, love and the strength of the human spirit.
17 Nov 2012
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When you can see through the night, you have the advantage in war. This video is crazy and shows you how the Marines can see at night. The people
12 Mar 2007
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Trailer party trance goa old school belgium
20 Mar 2007
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Not quite yet. We’re back from the 7 corners of the world and we’re ready to love you long time.
23 Oct 2007
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Kids made a bet who too see who can stay on the couch the longest, Funny
27 Oct 2007
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This is a follow up video to: "I want to sleep like this now" I am going to catch "Chance" the little white kitten playing too! But I just never seem to have the camera ready. Keep checking back.
9 May 2008
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What has the internet meant to you so far? Some funny videos? A divorcee getting revenge. "Amateurs" with an unusually large budget and production. Here's a chance to make a real difference. Support this little project. Pass along or actually buy a print. No 2 are ever alike...all signed and numbered. Do you have things from the mall on your wall? Here's your chance. Imagine the possibilities. *******web.mac****/jasonfontaine
13 Feb 2009
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