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Microsoft Office is a powerful product from Microsoft and also having a large number of users. Home, Office and Professional it has many variants according to user need. However, it may cause problem while using it like lose data due to not responding for this there is a Microsoft Word Support Number available that is +1888-613-7444
30 Jun 2017
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There is some issue are raised up while we connect the brother printer to mac os (apple devices) , due to this we are unable to connect the printer or it create a interrupt in our frequent working. So here is the solution of this problem in just simple steps or you guys can call us at our helpline (1-844-260-7869) for instant support. Regarding relevant issues you guys can also contact with us : brother printer wireless setup mac hl-2270dw how to connect brother printer to mac without cd download brother driver brother printer not showing up on mac brother printer not connecting to mac brother printer quick setup guide how to scan from brother printer to mac wireless brother printer not responding mac
15 Jul 2017
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1. Start => Run. 2. Type regedit. 3. Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop 4. Find line WaitToKillAppTimeout. Default number is 20000 = 20sec. 5. If you ask to change the time just change it 10sec = 10000 ; 30sec = 30000 6. Reboot and see the effect;)
27 Jul 2008
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Tired of wondering why your keyboard is not responding? Well you have come to the right place. In this tutorial I will explain how to fix keyboard problems easily. Simply visit the website: *******www.driver-update-software**** Download the software, run a scan, and you will be well on your way!
17 Sep 2009
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this will help alot, i use this i use this work.
25 Aug 2007
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Electronic Music
3 Feb 2013
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CCleaner not working, is this the same problem you people are struggling with? If your answer is YES!! Then you you really need to go through this. We are an independent Ccleaner technical support we do not claim any affiliation from CCleaner or its brand managers but we are her to provide free tech support over all kind of Ccleaner problem, errors, issues etc Not working condition of your piriform product that is Ccleaner can be shorted out her for any complaint, help, inconvenience with your Ccleaner professional or Ccleaner free you can contact us any time. Technician with ove 4 5 years of experience are here helping people with one time free service. Ccleaner sometime stopped working, hard to start it again, display some popups messages and customers are unaware of how to make it run again? how to resolve issues? CCleaner software is a trending software but the problem with this software is not easy to handle and not everyone know how to fix. So a online is support is here. We are providing support over phone for all kind of cccleaner issues Contact us . This video is uploaded the CUSTOMERS for CCleaner Profession and all versions. This video is provide technical support for ccleaner customer for any troubleshooting in the software. Any problems like ccleaner Pro unwanted popups, generate errors, updating issue, upgrade problems, license key forget, expire license key, ccleaner has stopped, ccleaner is not working, ccleaner is not run, ccleaner not work on windows, ccleaner not clean junk file and not clean browser files, key activation issue. The allover technical issues or problems we are handle when a customer cannot resolve. So to fix such issues you definitely need a technician or a Norton Antivirus specialist who will help you to get rid of all these kind of problem. We are an independent company, we do not claim any affiliation from any brand or brand managers. We are helping people, who are having problems, issues with there computers, software, other
9 Jun 2017
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Shut down that stubborn program
22 Sep 2009
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Is the installed Microsoft® Office® 2010 suite on your computer not working? Call iYogi Certified Technicians on 1-877-524-9644 and get our remote help immediately to help you understand the steps remotely by which you can enable the smooth working of this suite again. Once you correct the technical problems hampering the working of this software, then you can enjoy maximum usage of various software applications like Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Outlook® and more. iYogi warrants that the content in this video is provided on an "as is" basis with no express or implied warranties whatsoever. Any reference of any third party logos, brand names, trademarks, services marks, trade names, trade dress and copyrights shall not imply any affiliation to such third parties, unless expressly specified.
1 Feb 2011
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Here in this PPT slide we will discuss all issues related to QuickBooks and provide better way to resolve your issues related to QuickBooks. Here we also provide our web address and contact number to resolve your QuickBooks related problems.
31 Mar 2017
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Up to 40% of domestic pet dogs in Europe could be overweight or clinically obese, according to veterinarians; some US vets say the figures are very much higher. It is a hidden problem for many owners -- they simply do not realise that their dog is heavier than it should be. UK practitioner Andy Green from the Pennard Veterinary Practice in Kent says: "They are not aware of gradual weight gain until they bring their dogs in for check-ups and see over time how much their dog has gained weight." Excessive weight can shorten a dog's life by up to two years, impair its quality of life, and contribute to medical problems such as heart and lung disease, arthritis and joint problems, as well as diabetes. Owners who are concerned about their dog's weight are being encouraged to visit the vet. Vets say that excessive weight is a clinical issue; owners are usually advised to reduce the animal's weight, through a combination of exercise and diet. For those dogs, which do not respond to diet and exercise, clinical help is now available through the vet in the form of a weight loss product. The product works by decreasing the dogs' appetites, making it easier for owners to introduce new long-term diet and exercise behaviours. The drug was introduced to the US eight months ago and is just being launched in Europe. Dr. Scott McComb DVM, one of many US veterinary surgeons now using the drug as a weight loss aid, said: "Pet owners need to see the benefits of their efforts, see the benefit of weight loss, or their owner behaviours will never change." Produced for Pfizer
17 Jan 2008
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Jortal.TV is launching the ChannelMe.TV users group in response to the following circumstances: 1. Major misrepresentations of facts by ChannelMe.TV 2. Serious bugs being ignored by ChannelMe.TV and enom's development group. 3. Brian of ChannelMe.TV invites customers to email him, but he does not respond. He won't respond to phone calls or voice mail. Chris Sheritan, VP, will not respond. 4. ChannelMe.TV has not conducted conferences with customers recently, and customers who have submitted major bug reports have NEVER been invited to participate in conference calls.
2 Jul 2011
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VARIED PROPHET HADITHS - PART-1 : MERCY IN ISLAM: Mohamed ordered not to imprison animals without food till death and a woman would enter hell 4 doing that with a cat and a man would enter paradise 4 giving water 2 a thirsty dog , Muslims with high morals will be beside the prophet on judgment day as nothing s heavier in your scale than good morals, a Muslim with good morals reaches the degree of the fasting and night prayer. Allah willnot mercify those who don't mercify others, the prophet used2 shake hands with children while walking in streets, the prophet says also that mercy beautifies matters while cruelty worsens them. Keep away from polytheism and harming people. the bankrupt r those who come on judgment day with great accepted deeds but they call others bad names,hit others, robbed others, ill spoke about others so all those will take from his good deeds till he has zero good deeds deeds and be thrown in hell. those who help in killing( even with half word ki-instead of kill-) without right will be desperate of Allah mercy on judgment day . Some of PROPHET MOHAMMED TEACHINGS(HADITHS): Reasons that lead 2 paradise: if u lose your son and be patient ,then Allah will build u a palace in the heaven. if u lose your eyesight and be patient, if u have 3 or more daughters and bring them up well, they will be a screen 4 u against hell. if u control your anger, Allah will marry u the virgin u wish on judgment day, praying alfagr and alasr(first and third prayers) guarantees paradise, saying allah i ask u4paradise and protection from hell 7 times after fagr and maghrib(first and fourth prayers)guarantee paradise if u died in the time between these prayers, only the clean will enter paradise,fagr (morning)mosque prayers r in Allah harbor , an easygoing person will not enter hell . what hinders from paradise : parents abuse, wine addicting, not joining your relatives, arrogance, slandering, being on bad terms with those u know 4 more than 3 days and if this continue 4 more than year, it s as if u shed his blood, polytheism and hypocrisy s minor polytheism and the first people 2 start hell r martyr, generous and scholar as their good deeds were 2 get reputation(hypocrisy) not 2 satisfy Allah . women r men brothers and those who honor then r generous but those who insult them r mean .Best people r those who treat their wives well like the prophet and satisfy people needs . Allah people r Quran readers. prophet says that the least people in heaven will have 10 as much as the whole universe or 15 as much as what a king owns or will be seated and asked what he wants and he will be given what he wishes and as much as it, people in heaven don't urinate or spit or excrete and their sweat s like musk . virgins in heaven don't get old or die or leave u or give birth or excrete or urinate and they sing sweetly.Mosque prayers r Allah guests and he will honor them, they r also Allah neighbors. when u don't guide others , Allah will not respond to your supplication and u r deprived of the virgins that r made mainly 4 those who spread Islam facts like aynaa(with wide eyes). in the paradise s a virgin called loaba(toy in english)on her chest s written those who wanna virgin like me should satisfy my lord . if u know what s in the darkness and morning prayers(final and first prayers),u will go 2 pray them in the mosque even by crawling and they r the heaviest prayers on the hypocrite.Allah will harbor and respond 2 those who harbor and satisfy the needs of others. those who feed humans or animals will be in heaven. prophet says also that what overtakes your heels from your clothes s in hell and Allah will not look at u while praying if your do this.
5 Sep 2009
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Hello I Took some video of a recent lightning storm and added some music. Please be honest in you critic. But rudeness will be ignored and I will not respond to it. but I will report it to the administration of this site
22 Nov 2008
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***CLICK*** Our Peps in the video ItsBreant Panda Boy CARL kidnapped Davedays cuz he was a little BRAT not responding to his dear fans. We hope he learned his lesson. Love YA Davedays = Douche :) OUTTAKES links Official Website Blog :) TV Live Shows Tuesdays 8pm PST Saturdays 3pm PST Me
19 Jul 2008
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14 Oct 2008
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