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The clip developing kung-fu from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) with Robert Wagner, Jason Scott Lee If he came from hong kong, he'd end up in san francisco. I don't wanna do the urban thing. we helped with the railroads. how about the wild west? okay, great. the wild west. okay. chinese immigrant wanders the land. he's a good guy, a hero. of course, he's a hero. he's the star of the show. he wanders the land solving problems. every week he solves a problem. with no gun. just his hands. that's good. that's great. no gun. he's looking for something. his father. he lost his father who came ahead of him. no, no, not the father. the father thing has been done to death. he's searching for his brother. good. searching for his brother. he never finds him. not until the fifth year. he wanders the land, searching for his brother... solving problems with no gun. and he has something no one else has ever seen. kung fu! starring bruce lee. kung fu! uh-huh. he remembers what he was taught in the old country by his teacher... and teaches people his culture. after he's kicked the shit out of everybody. fantastic! we've got action, culture! It's a western! but it's an eastern. It's an eastern. right. It's an eastern. they're gonna love it. this thing's gonna run forever! kung fu! kung fu! easy, easy.
28 Oct 2011
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The clip discussing the campaign in new york from Primary Colors (1998) Hey, amnio man! God, how in the hell did you find out? Loretta talked to a schoolmate. "A Current Affair" just offered the McCollisters $250,000. Fat Willie threw them off the property. I stashed them in another county. I could kill Jack. He says he's not the father. He's probably not. It doesn't matter. Shit begets shit. Cashmere made anything possible. Didn't she? I'm a good consultant and I know New York, but I'm not a magician. The rumor's about you and the black girl... Say I gave blood to disprove the charge and... we're waiting for the results. Too defensive. And look at the contrast between why you gave blood and why Picker did. I agree. But it might be good to get on some TV shows... like "Oprah" and "Geraldo". You mean strip away those last annoying shreds of dignity... and wallow in trash. Why campaign in New York at all? You can't skip New York. They'll kill me. No, it'll just feel like they have. But you'll survive. We all find a way to survive. That's why I'm so happy to be New York... to have the opportunity to...
11 Nov 2011
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The clip stanton's alleged bastard child Part 2 from Primary Colors (1998) They're good people, but not sophisticated. I want them to know. Why pick me? Because I'm black? No. Because Willie picked you. You don't have to talk. Howard knows to say. But you should be there, because he came to you. Governor, if I'm doing this, then there's something I need to know. I am not the father of that child. Henry, you will never have to be ashamed to be part... of this campaign. Understand. You'll never have to swallow it, duck it or apologize for it. I'll make sure that doesn't happen. Guys?
11 Nov 2011
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Get You Some PhillyD Merch HERE: *******forhumanpeoples**** Check out the Vloggity: ******* FACEBOOK: ******* TWITTER: *******Twitter****/PhillyD Philly D OFFICIAL APP: ‪*******‬ ---------------------------- ALL of today's Stories: Oh... So he's Not the father? ******* Doctor Who Movie (in development) ******* Obama Re-Election Strategy: ******* OMG Intel 50 Core Processor: ******* Britney Spears Marilyn Manson Video: ******* Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive: ******* Joe Paterno Sold His House? ******* ---------------------------- If you're a graphic designer I wanna see your stuff! Shoot me an e-mail: philipdefrancogmail**** music by: Ronald Jenkees: ******* hagemeister urbandelights
18 Nov 2011
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The clip Listeneing to the 911 call from Mystic River (2003) -I think the kid is lying about the gun. -Absolutely. I told you three times already. -What about the father? -I don't know. Maybe Just Ray is still alive. Eighty grand. I mean... ...who else is gonna send that kind of money if not the father? Listen, go home, have a drink. -Let it go for a while. -Yeah. Hey, anything good on the 911 ? -I thought you listened to it. -I thought you listened to it. 911, police services. What's the nature of your emergency? There's, like, this car with blood in it, and the door's open. -What's the location of the car? -Sydney Street. It's in the Flats by Pen Park. Me and my friend, we just found it. -Son, what's your name? -He wants to know her name. -Your name, what's your name? -We're so fucking out of here. Good luck, man. That about cracks the case, don't it? Let's get a burger or something. Her. -What? -The kid on the tape. -Son, what's your name? -He wants to know her name. -He said, "Her name." -She's a dead girl, you refer to her as a she. How does the kid know? Girl's dead in the park. How does he know the blood in the car came from a woman? Play it again.
23 Nov 2011
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One of my favorite tracks offa Dedication 2 Lyrics: Cover my tracks like butter so where the bread be I say beef is dead meat who that the president yeah me No one scare me, and you ain't gotta double dare me Hear me loud and clearly rats aren't near me wiretap niggaz get blood in they earpiece I'm from New Orleans nowhere near peace Pure Beast, Fear Free, Dear Grief Catch up bitch I'm in gear three zoom gone, see ya peace drop one finger Fuck 'em and whoever made 'em I will hurt whoever love 'em cause I hate 'em Lookin' for a lady, high and sedated Got her to the pad, I 'on't know how a nigga made it She gave me relations, so now we related The morning comes, the picture faded Awaited on my turn to burn, can I get a light Little dog, bigger bite, Jackson Five, Little Mike Can I get a mic or a mic and a half That's Source OWE ME (homie), shout out to the editing staff I'm all grown, so much better with math I need a spread in the Forbes takin a Benjamin bath yeah I'm servin' this track like, Stephen Graph yeah Roger Federer, there's no competitors Niggaz know my rhetorhic, bitches know my preference Young God baby, all them other niggaz reverends Sittin in my big house surrounded by my weaponries I keep them away like I got leprosy Chopper right next to me loaded up wit pepper seize Got an extra clip but that's only for my especiallies (Dramatic, Dramatic) This is especially for you Disrespect a nigga game what kinda referee is you Swallow it slow, make a nigga ride wit the pistols Cuzz the fakest niggaz ride wit the pistols Even if I die old, I'ma die with the pistols And if you stand over my body I'll probalie kill ya Yeah, now I feel it, Weezy the realest I wear a lot of Bathing Ape cuzz I be wit gorillas He what they talkin bout topic of the conversation product of determination stop playin you are not up in my situation I get money like a caucasian, the car red so the car cajun Stop hatin, y'all ballers I'ma sports agent Wait a minute lemme translate it, It's Weezy not the father motherfuckin Baby HEY ♕ ︻╦╤─
17 Oct 2012
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Lil Moco & Grasshopper rap about hynas and getting faded in the hood ;) Download the song *******qbanguy**** Moco (Meeee) - *******facebook****/spacejelly & *******twitter****/spacejamgardenz Grasshopper (Jonathan) - *******youtube****/QbanGuy - *******twitter****/qbnguy *******facebook****/qbnguy Goggles (Derek) - *******youtube****/theboogshow - *******twitter****/derekdeso - *******facebook****/derekdeso Cricket (Danny) - *******twitter****/cricketspad (Lil' Moco) fuck gringos, give a bitch little pito
talking shit snorting lines like Al Pacino
It wasn't me tho, I aint kill em, R.I.P though
I last long in this life Don Fransisco
Wanna start some shit, pop you like a fucking pringle You cant dodge these bullets you're not Neo
New Clip, au-au-automatic reload
Hotter than a fucking cheeto, tapatio
In my hood fuck up your evening
I spray up and tag walls, Initials in the cement
Don't believe it, walk you out the hood bleeding
We love Selena, Bidi Bidi Bam fever
You better fucking not, put it in park
Steal your car, leave u stranded on the block Every puto in my hood got a couple tear drops U don't wanna fuck with us while bumping lil rob Aye puto I'm borracho (x389025) que uvole wassup cripwalking in my chucks man its been a bad year cuz the raiders fucking suck were talking on the partyline trynna bang some sluts trynna meet a hyena up and get my verga touched ewww my vergas hella nasty, been around the block foo i might be a daddy roll me up a fatty, wish they'd free the homie scrappy i put money on his books but i banged his hyna last week Young chola, ram her in my moms caddy Below average, f-face Id never marry Her breaths caca, t-throw some chickle at her I'm Machete, put you in the casket Huevos in the air, no condom on cant feel nothing there It aint no fun if the homies don't share pour beer for the putos that we lost this year im borracho (hook) (Grasshopper) mija, toma salchicha abracadabra magic squinkle no im not the father ur a homie hopper live at moms house there no fuckin hot water my ferias really skinny dine n dash at dennys i asked if she got change can u break a penny Feed him that shit pregnant mom titties im on probation x the judge said im guilty shot with a semi, tagged him in a picture i shot that puto dead, i think his name was richard Prior to me running, I had to check his pockets and I asked one time wheres the money from the wallet those lebron hornets, the shoes fit i worn it I took his jacket off, cant fit it stoled it Murder, manslaughter thats what they call it Red flag warned him, i killed him, condolence (hook) Written by: Spacejamgardenz & Qbanguy Follow me *******twitter****/spacejamgardenz and make sure to add me on facebook :) *******www.facebook****/spacejelly EXTRA TAGS: CHOLO FADED PARODY CORONA DRUNK CERVEZA COMO ME DUELE SELENA BIG HUEVOS STINKY VERGA GET OFF MY TAGS
13 Nov 2012
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PrankBros & Scary Snowman Behind the scenes ***********/user/ripfilms In this webisode we're back on Thayer St with an abandoned zombie baby prank. Watch as these unsuspecting people fall for " I'm not the father I'm leaving the baby here, come and get it". Then when they go to check the baby they get a little surprise. Exclusive behind the scenes content Facebook *******www.facebook****/ripfilms Facebook *******www.facebook****/prankkbros twitter *******wwww.twitter****/ripfilms music by *******incompetech****/
31 Dec 2012
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the husband thinks him and his wives baby is black, but the father discovers hes not the father
7 Jun 2013
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*******jennamarblesblog****/shop/ *******jennamarblesblog****/shop/ *******jennamarblesblog****/shop/ *******jennamarblesblog****/shop/ Get them get them get them! There there there! Where where where? Am I. HAHA ALIENS! #furrychildren on twitter and instagram so i can see your real furry children or your new Kermie Worm and Mr. Marbles furry children when you get them. Or them all together. Or how your real furry children destroyed my furry children. Or just a quesadilla. That's where you adopt my little angel puppies, get yours for your friends, sister, cousin, brother, mother, uncle, dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, dog, your other dog, your neighbors dog, that italian greyhound that lives down the street, the chihuahua that looks like Mr. Marbles on instagram, mexican kitties, wildebeests, aunt, streetcar named desire, the person that drives your bus, your garbage man, the guy that brings your mail, that little kid that never shuts up on the airplane, your favorite taco maker, your boss, your daughter, your niece, your mouse, your drinking buddy, your coworker, your kid that's totally not yours but you got served paternity papers and now you have to prove that you are NOT the father, Liam Hemsworth, Jerome, the person that sanded your table down, spiderman, the water boy, your lacrosse team, dinosaurs, bud light, your coconut lotion, that rug that sheds all over your house and you're like, why did I even get this rug, the paper or plastic guy that puts your groceries in bags so nicely, much more nicely than you do when you offer to put them in yourself and help out and just be a helpful person but you are in fact not being helpful at all, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your transgender friend, your dick, your other dick, your third dick, hahhaha nobody has three dicks, that cheese you like, the person that sells shoes at the sporting goods store that always asks you if you need help but you never do because you're a simple person with simple needs and sorry but I can already find the sock by myself and that's all I came here for I wish I could break up your day a little better and give you something to do but I'm not gonna pretend I need shoes just so we can chat it up for a little because I actually have to go home and feed my cat after this HES REALLY HUNGRY ALL THE TIME OKAY DONT JUDGE HIM, your adopted 27 year old man son baby, your ex wife, your guitar, your shelf, your pita bread palace, the roll that holds your aluminum foil, your ice maker, your car tires, your snowblower, your kite, your kayak, your razor, or just about anyone else you could ever possibly think of, would probably love to get a Kermie Worm or Marbles toy so you should just get them one and feel so good on the inside. Or if you're selfish like me you could just go and get them all and give them to yourself for your self party about self things and celebrate yourself for being so selfy and be like yaayyyyy look at all the doggies I have and now I'm covered in puppies, just like how my life is supposed to be. TITTTIEEEEEEESSSSSS ARE NOT THE SAME AS TAINTS! But they are the same as saints. Cacti uniform. Please subscribe to my channel and my vlog channel! I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life. JennaMarbles JennaMarblesVlog Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Jenna-Mourey/311917224927 Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/Jenna_Marbles Jenna_Marbles CharlesMarbles Kermit_thedog T-Shirts (so far, sorry we're working on more!!) *******www.districtlines****/jennamarbles Blog: *******www.jennamarblesblog****/ Tumblr: *******jennamarbles.tumblr****/ Instagram JennaMarbles
15 Jun 2013
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Almost Last words Spoken by Nathuram godse Banned by Indian Govt. Translation of monologue in English by a fan: I was born in a Brahmin family and that's why I was attached to Hindu Dharma. After studying the Hindu Dharma deeply, I felt proud to be a Hindu. I have always fought against castism and other such orthodox practices, be it in any religion. Dadabhai, Vivekananda, Gokhle, I have have read them all in depth, but If I have read anybody most deeply, it is Gandhi. I had learnt only one thing from my childhood, that I am a Hindu, that I have to fight for the improvement of the society. I have to fight for 20 crores... 30 crores Hindus. Congress was fully under control of Gandhi and his motto of "Non-violence". Any intelligent person could have fallen to the lure of "Non-violence". But Gandhi was not giving any new concept. Humanity always takes the side of non-violence. But I can't agree that violence is a sin. Rama had killed Ravana. Krishna had killed Kansa. There was violence in Mahabharata against atrocities. I have firm belief that they wouldn't have regretted any of that violence. Even in recent history, Shivaji had fought, to oust Afzal Khan. Guru Gobind Singh, Ranapratap, they all had fought. Everyone was proud. Nobody had done anything wrong. But no, for Gandhi, violence was a sin. Gandhi had become so enchanted with non-violence that (unwillingly) his stance caused more violence. Gandhi was responsible for all the problems being faced by the country. He alone was responsible. For the last 32 years Gandhi supported Muslims only. I couldn't tolerate that and hence I decided that he will have to depart. If his wish was not carried out, he used to sit on a fast. Whole Congress and all of India then had to bend to his wishes. Gandhi believed that Satyagraha could never lose. When to start Satyagraha and when to finish it, this was known to him only. The definition of Satyagraha was also known to nobody but Gandhi. Nobody really understood what Satyagraha was. But nobody went against Gandhi Nobody. Gandhi himself was the judge as well as the court. Gandhi alone was responsible for all the problems being faced by the nation. Gandhi alone. "Fasting" was an efficient weapon for him, very efficient. Influence of the Muslim League had grown in spells and bounds from Karachi to Bengal. Millions of Hindus were being slaughtered. Gandhi never sat on a fast for them. Never. But how can I forget that he sat on a fast when a few Hindu refugees had taken shelter in a Delhi Mosque? Only because they were Hindus seeking refuge in a mosque? Gandhi never sat on a fast for the Hindus. How can i forget that? Gandhi knew that Hindi was our national language, he himself advertised it. The Muslims did not like this and they opposed it. They proposed instead that the national language be called 'Hindustani'. (laughs sarcastically) But there is no word called 'Hindustani' in the Hindi dictionary. But Gandhi accepted that too. Gandhi understood that what he was doing was wrong He was doing wrong to the Hindus repeatedly. I could not be just a bystander to this. Congress. Congress used to call itself a nationalist party. Muslim League had already brought down the government once and the Congress had understood that formation of Pakistan was inevitable. Jinnah had brought down Congress to its knees. 30th June, 1948 was the day when we were to get independent. Ten months earlier. Ten months earlier. Ten months earlier, on the day of one third of the country was made a foreign land. I could not tolerate that, simply could not. Sir Lord Viceroy Mountbatten became the greatest Viceroy in the eyes of the Congress. Even though he removed a third of the country, people call him the greatest viceroy. I could not tolerate that either. So this is what Gandhi had achieved in the last thirty years! Divided the country! The decision was signed upon in presence of Nehru. Gandhi was responsible for d I know what I have done. I know that I have destroyed my present. I understand that I have destroyed my future too. People will abuse me for all eternity. Don't be sympathetic to me. I have no guilt, no regret because I believe that Gandhi is not the father of my nation. He gave birth to Pakistan. He is the father of Pakistan. Any person, any figure, even Gandhi, can't be larger than the nation. Can't be(Shakes his head). End of monologue. ivision of the country 15th August 1947
6 Jul 2013
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26 Sep 2013
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Family Name A family longing for a child has finally had a son. Shortly after the boy is born the husband learns he is not the father. He wants to leave the family but stays out of pity to his fragile wife and a helpless child.
20 Oct 2013
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Click "Show More" For links, lyrics & Music Download ******* Music Download *******reverbnation****/hartbeat *******ihartbeat.tumblr**** *******instagram****/ihartbeat *******twitter****/hartgotbeats (Gag Reel) ******* WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT MY TACO SHIRTS! *******www.districtlines****/hartbeat INTRO Cao Cao ( *******youtube****/xxcoacoababiexx ) Chelsea Sky ( ***********/user/skittlez0889 ) Jansu ( ***********/user/guitarplaya519 ) Christa Dasiy Asondra Skype Sessions (In order of appearance) *******youtube****/arielleishamming *******youtube****/foxyhotmess *******youtube****/SassiBob *******youtube****/Veepa *******youtube****/LizzyTheLezzy *******youtube****/StudzLife101 LYRICS Why do lesbians do the same shit first comes love then comes marriage and then move into an apartment? What? You been together for a month im sorry enough is enough if you think love is what you found im gonna need you to sit the fuck down No mother fucka, that aint how it goe We really need to learn how to take shit slow Just cause yall kissed that one night DOES NOT make her your girlfriend, aight! Date, take her out, have fun sooner or later you'll fall in love No need to move all fuckin quick thats it im done next subject What's wrong? You moody? Me TOO What's bleedin? Yo Choocie? ... Shit I dont want no argument Im bloated. are you? Girl?!? why you ask all of them questions? why all these bitches gotta play with me they lie up until a sertain point you see i talked to a girl shit was extravagant come to find out this bitch was preg-nant WE'RE GAY! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN I KNOW! I DONT UNDERSTAND IT EITHER the only thing i could say to myself was Hart... You are not the father... Ok... lets move on can we talk about stap ons just because you bought your dick does not mean that you HAVE it Studs... you know what i'm talkin bout your a woman! stop tryna act out I know! Dom is hot but what the fuck is a "touch me not"??? I can understand prefrences but this is what I have a problem with in front of your hommies your all like (Grunt) but in the bed your all like (moan) Don't be fake! Just be you! don't mind me do you boo boo if your not happy being a women then good luck with your transition Girllll, let me tell you! Imma fem and dis my point of view i sent a stud and she was hella cute Who would have known she was fuckin me and you?? Now im not all incompitent But I need to get out dis relationship She beats me... and pulls my herr and even steals money up out of my purse! Girl, i dont know what to do I wanna break up but thats my boo I can't see myself wit no one else Now pass me that vokah up on the top shelf Whaaat she dipped into yo wallet? She even turning you into an alcoholac?? Ladys... you know what to do why be with someone who beats you? Thats somehting i dont understand leave her then run as fast as you can Hell naw! You finna leave me ima stud but i still have woman feelings GIRL! I did so much shit for you I paid yo phone and ya car note too! cant nobody eat cho coochie like i do HUMPH! Really? Thats why your with her? Because you ate her from time to time during winter? OK! Hope we learned something today Bitches be cray And now that my statement been heard its time to go watch reruns of the L Word... Wanna send something? Hartbeat P.O Box 6033 Lancaster, CA 93539 Front me *******
9 Nov 2014
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